Recap: SMIRNOFF’s Master of the Mix: Episode 6; ‘Half & Half Challenge’…

Last night on America’s Premier DJ Competition, SMIRNOFF’s Master of the Mix on VH1, the 8 remaining DJs hit the turntables to battle it out with a twist for the half & half challenge. This week the DJs faced the toughest challenge of the season: working together in pairs. DJ duo Chris Karns and Jayceeoh blew away the competition, while other partners struggled to execute a set while working as one.

Guest judges The EC Twins ( a huge presence on the Electronic Dance Music scene) provided valuable expertise and insight on how difficult it is to spin together.

Unfortunately, DJ team Tina T and Brian Dawe couldn’t keep up and were sent home last night.

Our favorite DJ, DJ Loczi was one of this weeks winners, as EDM is his genre and he showed and proved on the turntables!

Be sure to tune in next week as the competition continues to heat up and drama unfolds as DJ Tina T returns to the show for a second chance after being previously sent home. Rapper Lil’ Jon stops by as a guest judge. Which DJ will wow Lil’ Jon and be one step closer to crowning the title Master of the Mix?


Stay Tuned!

-Stay Fly!


Recap: SMIRNOFF’s Master of the Mix: Episode 5; ‘Ode To Miami’…


On this weeks episode of Vh1’s Master’s Of The Mix, surprise guest judge DJ Irie arrived to take the DJs on a tour and journey around some of Miami’s most cultural parts of town. DJ Irie wanted the DJs to use what they learn on the tour as inspiration for their sets, and the DJ’s showed UP!


SFPL Recaps: Love & Hip Hop NY, Season 3, Episode 3: “GIRLS BE TRIPPIN”…

Wherever there’s conflict, you’ll find Erica.


SFPL RECAP: Love & Hip Hop NYC, Season 3, Episode 2, “Drugs and Other Bad Things”…

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[SFPL RECAP] Love & Hip Hop:ATL, Season 1, Episode 7, “LOVE AND NEWPORTS: AWAKENING” …

“When I saw Joseline jump up and WWF his a—, what was I supposed to do? I’m just scoot on over and let you whack him. Get him again. Get him for me. Ahhh!” At least Mimi and Joseline can seem to agree on one thing. Therapy never hurt nobody! Mimi and Stevie J‘s therapy session last week got real when Dr. Jeff got Stevie to admit he was a liar, and both of their abandonment issues were laid on the table. To get things back right with Mimi, Stevie J heads to the park with her and their adorable two-year-old daughter. Of course enjoying the time with their baby led to a discussion about Stevie J’s ways. “I don’t want you to think or get so comfortable that you think I’m so cool that anything goes,” said Mimi. “I’m not that cool.” Stevie drops the bomb on Mimi that he wants Mimi and Joseline to go to therapy together with him so they can move forward. Not a good look, Stevie. Going to counseling with your main chick and side chick is a bomb waiting to explode. “I’m in a relationship with Stevie, not Joseline. So why in the f— would I have Joseline at my therapy session?” Karlie Redd is ready to make music.   In order to work with Stevie J she has to make a song with Joseline, so why not invite the chick you have to work with to lunch? Joseline is not in the least bit moved by Karlie’s attempt to reconcile. “Ok, well your manager can’t agree with my manager if he’s no longer my manager,” said Joseline. “You don’t have to do a song with me, you can just work with Stevie.” Karlie, not knowing how to leave the past in the past wants Joseline to admit she was right about Stevie J and Joseline messing around. But Joseline’s not having it. “Why was you so worried about me messing with Stevie anyway? You must want to mess with him.” Karlie uses this as an opportunity to tell Joseline she’s messing with Benzino instead.

And again, Joseline really couldn’t care less, but she plays along for entertainment’s sake. Scrappy‘s in the studio listening to music while Shay dances for him. He wants Rasheeda to listen to the track and possibly collaborate on, but when she arrives she’s perplexed as to why Shay is there. “What’s up with all that?” asks Rasheeda. Rasheeda’s not buying his “that’s the homie” answer. She lets him know Erica is hurt over their breakup. Scrappy’s shocked because both he said he’s never seen her cry, but Rasheeda told him Erica has shed a few tears. He tries to convince Rasheeda he’s done, but she doesn’t believe him.

Benzino hooked Karlie up with a photo shoot for Hip Hop Weekly. When he comes to the shoot he wants Karlie to clear everything up with her label since they think dating him is a bad idea. Karlie assures him that situation will never happen again. “You are the pieces to my puzzle,” she says before handing him a puzzle piece dog chain. How sweet. The ladies — Ariane, Mimi and K.Michelle — meet up with Rasheeda to support the track she did on Scrappy’s song. “Can you make room for K.Michelle’s ass, please,” said Ariane. “It’s its own little contrampment,” Rasheeda adds. We don’t know what a contrampment is, but we do know K.Michelle has a nice donk. Rasheeda’s a bit sad that Kirk didn’t show up. Changing the subject since talking about Scrappy is too much for Rasheeda, she tells the girls about Scrappy kissing Shay in the studio the other day.

“He done moved on the next hot pocket, huh?” says K.Michelle. Speaking of the devil, Scrappy walks in with Shay and silence commences. “My whole left leg is doing the Elvis Presley, I feel some type of way,” proclaims K.Michelle. She’s going to tell Erica about Scrappy’s new boo, but the other women don’t think that’s the best idea. Mimi comes clean to Ariane that she and Stevie are in counseling. “I thought it was just going to be a wrap because the last time we spoke, you were packing up his all of his s—,” Ariane responded. It’s safe to say Ariane thinks the counseling is pointless. And she’s actually irritated. “It’s a never ending story.” That doesn’t keep Mimi from venting about Stevie J wanting Joseline to come to one of their counseling sessions. “He’s really thinking he’s in a three-way relationship,” said Ariane. Mimi explains that Stevie’s not going to stop working with Joseline so he wants her to feel comfortable with it, but Ariane doesn’t see the point because Mimi admittedly is never going to feel comfortable. Mimi tells Ariane that Joseline called her and said, “I know you guys have a family, I know you guys been together a long time, but I’m not gonna stop f—ing him ’cause he’s got good d—.” Ariane is appalled. She wants the relationship to be over already, and wants Mimi to have no parts in this three way therapy session. But Mimi is convinced Joseline in therapy with them will get everything on the table.

“At first I thought it was asinine,” said Mimi. “But now that I think about it, let’s go ‘cause everything’s going to come out.” Who needs everything to be “laid on the table” when it’s already filled with clutter? Lawdhavemercy. As promised K.Michelle tells Erica that Scrappy was at his mixtape release event with Shay. Erica is speechless and obviously hurt. “I’ve been dealing with Scrappy for years. He cannot be by himself. Period. He’ll meet a b—h at the gas station and they buddy buddy.” Erica knows Scrappy so she knows this is all for show. She says she’s not going to be hurt in the end because he’ll have to come crawling back to her. Erica and K.Michelle cry about not having the family unit they want for their children, which is the really the bigger picture. To heal from being abandoned by her mom, Mimi makes good on her mom’s last wishes. (And conspiracy theorists, take note: Mimi’s mother’s middle name was Eva, hence her daughter’s name. It’s not some weird Stevie J. plot to name his daughter after Eve. Give Mimi some credit.) Mimi’s mom passed nine years ago and her last wish was to have her ashes spread across a body of water. Mimi takes Ariane with her to meet her brother to fulfill that wish. Benzino hits up his jeweler to repay her for the jewelry she got him. He also wants her to know how special she is to him. When the jeweler pulls out what looks like an engagement ring Benzino says, “I wasn’t expecting this. I got goosebumps.” Is there an engagement in the near future? Rasheeda takes Kirk to Deb Atney, the manager she went to see behind Kirk’s back. Deb tells Kirk it’s a problem that he was not happy with her seeking outside management without telling him. When Deb mentions that Kirk’s entertainment company is the common denominator in her failure, Kirk sets the record straight. “First of all, Rasheeda sells more records today than she has in her entire career.” Deb isn’t impressed. “This is some sick a— s— right now. You’re acknowledging the part you’re playing in this,” she responds. “It’s about coming from under the ground. She’s dirty. She’s stinking. She wanna come up for air. Gotd—it,” said Deb. She certainly has a way with words. Rasheeda chimes in that it’s time to separate business from personal. Deb makes it clear that her door is open for Rasheeda, but without Kirk. When the married couple leaves the session Kirk lets Rasheeda know he’s hurt that she sat by quietly while Deb attacked him as if he’d never done anything for her career. Rasheeda is all about moving forward. “You’ve taken me here, now let’s pass the baton and run this race.” Rasheeda apologizes, hostile like, but still apologized. Whether or not Deb will manage her or not is still a mystery. Stevie J stops by Benzino’s house to let him know he got Mimi and Joseline to agree to counseling…together. Like, Ariane, Benzino thinks it’s stupid. “At the end of the day, it’s about who you choose. And they know that,” said Benzino. Benzino said he’ll give Stevie J props if he can pull it off. And if he can’t? “It’ll go down in history as one of the most bumbling f— ups you ever did.” Mimi and Stevie J land back in therapy to work through their number one issues, Joseline. Dr. Jeff can’t even believe Stevie wants to do the three way counseling session. “Take a look under your shoe. I think you just stepped into some stuff again Stevie, and I think you’re trying to moonwalk your way out of this,” Dr. Jeff says. When Joseline shows up she says she didn’t know anything about Mimi the first three months she spent with Stevie J. “To me she was just like the baby mom,” she said. As if all of Stevie’s other shenanigans weren’t enough, Mimi has reached her boiling point when…wait for it, wait for it. When Stevie wipes the sweat off of Joseline’s nose while Joseline is talking Mimi loses it. Wait …. “Are you f—ing serious?” Mimi asks. Stevie J doesn’t see the problem since he always wipes her nose. When Joseline hears Dr. Jeff tell Stevie J that was wrong to do in front of the woman he’s trying to continue a relationship with, she checks for clarity. Mimi interjects, “I’m living with him Joseline.” Joseline asks Stevie, “You guys living together?” Of course Stevie never answers the question, but Mimi does. That’s all it took for Joseline to swing on Stevie and hit him repeatedly. Mimi stood by and watched and eventually Stevie J runs out. Looks like Benzino was right about this going down as one of his bumbling mess ups in history. Stay tuned to see how this will all play out. -Stay Fly!


[SFPL Recap] Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Episode 5, “OH, SO YOU SHAKIN TABLES NOW?!?!”

After the big brawl between Stevie J, Scrappy, Erica and Joseline, Erica keeps her promise by meeting with Joseline to talk it out. Erica jumps right in asking Joseline about her accusations that she’d slept with Stevie J. Joseline apologizes. “So you telling me this whole altercation went down because you confusing me with another b—h?” Erica says in her confessional. Actually, the whole altercation went down because Erica tattled on Stevie for disrespecting her. Although the two were able to sit down to talk face-to-face as women, Erica wasn’t happy with Joseline’s apology.“I still don’t like you just on the strength of what you did,” Erica told her. Eventually Joseline left after seeing the conversation wasn’t going anywhere.


Joseline’s pregnancy was the proverbial final straw for Mimi. To prove she’s moving on she’s packed all of Stevie’s stuff. “The bottom line is as long as he keeps f—in’ with Joseline, I’m not f—in’ with him. Period,” she tells Ariane.

But don’t be confused.

She admittedly still loves him and would rather work it out. Ariane is not moved by Mimi’s speech.

“I just know you. I know your a— will fall victim to the manipulation,” said Ariane.

Mimi jokingly teases her bff for not having any faith in her. Can you really blame her, Mimi? She’s been down this road with you more times than she’d like to remember.

Scrappy had an asthma attack that nearly scared him to death. Momma Dee is not happy when she finds out Erica went to work instead of staying with her son. “She want me to do something, I do it. When it’s up to her and I need her to do something she put work first,” Scrappy lamented.

Since Momma Dee was already rooting for Shay “Buckey” Johnson (that name has quite a ring to it) this was just the ammo Momma Dee needed to persuade her son to leave Erica for good.

At the spa K.Michelle tells Mimi Stevie J’s not going to “react too good” to having to come get his belongings packed in boxes. “I didn’t react too good about him getting the next one pregnant,” Mimi retorted. To add fuel to Mimi’s I’m-packing-his-stuff-party, she says Joseline has been sending her threatening texts.

Yet Mimi doesn’t understand why Joseline is so mad when she’s the side chick. K.Michelle has Karlie Redd on the brain because she’s sick of the drama. “I am over Karlie,” K.Michelle says as she raises from her massage chair. “

She’s too old for this.

Senior citizens should not act like that.”


K.Michelle gives Mimi the go ahead to set up a sit-down between the two. But K.Michelle warns that if she starts having flash backs of everything this woman has done, everybody needs to clear the room.

Shay hasn’t seen Scrappy since he was released from the hospital. While Erica believes she’s in a relationship with him, Shay is also under the impression Scrappy’s girlfriend. “What’s the extent of y’all relationship right now?”she asks. “Baby mama, baby daddy, you feel me?” he responds. Oh, really. Is that what Erica thinks?

Karlie Redd meets with Stevie J to plead her case as to why he should work with her, but Stevie hasn’t forgotten about Karlie stirring the pot between the him and Mimi. But since she’s managed by Cash Money he’s willing to put their differences to the side.

It’s all about the Benjamins, baby. While Karlie is auditioning for Stevie, Joseline walks in irritated to see Karlie there.

Not only will Stevie be working with Karlie, he wants the two to do a song together. “What is the good business of me doing a song with a 40 year old that really is not doing what I’m doing?” Joseline snaps. Joseline is not impressed by who she’s managed by. “Who is she? She can be with them,”she replies. “

Why she don’t go do a song with Nicki Minaj?

Ain’t she down with Cash Money? Why she gotta do a song with me?”



She eventually agrees to do one song with her because it’s for Stevie J, but not without letting him know she’s ticked.

And after Stevie’s had enough he puts his foot down, “Life ain’t fair. Chalk it up as business. Let’s do what the f— we gotta do and keep it moving. You understand what I’m saying? And that’s that.” Then he tells her to “come on, come here” like he’s her Dad.

Momma Dee talks to Erica woman-to-woman about leaving her son during his asthma attack. What starts off as a calm conversation about how the couple are doing turns into an intense interaction.

Momma Dee tells Erica at the hospital Scrappy put the doctor and friends out of the room just to pull her to the side to vent about Erica abandoning him.

In Erica’s eyes she didn’t do anything he hasn’t done to her. Erica says when she lost their first child he left her too.
“You don’t get it. When you love somebody boo, you don’t leave them,” Momma Dee says.

“You don’t check me, boo,” Erica responds. “I’m not your child,” Erica warns her. “You left him for dead. You left him for dead. You left him for dead. You left my child for dead!” Momma Dee yells.


Scrappy invites Erica to lunch to break up with her. Of course he doesn’t spill the tea about his new beau Shay, instead he blames her for not having any emotions and abandoning him.

And she makes a good point that he did get drunk the night before, he has asthma attacks all the time and she still has to go to work to support their daughter.

She questions him about why he’s come back off and on for 10 years if she’s so emotionless like he claims. Scrappy storms off. We’re guessing that wasn’t a good time to tell her about his new girlfriend best friend Shay.

Mimi drops off Stevie’s boxes. Literally. “I’ve been on some reckless sh–,”Stevie admits. “But it doesn’t take away from the fact I still love you.” Mimi accuses Stevie of spending more time with Joseline than he does his own daughter. Of course he says it’s all business.

“You do way more than just work with her. You manage her, you manage her f—in’ pussy, her a— and everything under the f—in’ sun,” she said.


That’s a whole lot of managing. It doesn’t take long for Stevie’s natural charm to come out and he tries to kiss Mimi. Mimi has a moment of vulnerability, but quickly pulls it together. She leaves and on her way she rolls over his clothes.

Erica meets up with Rasheeda and K.Michelle to talk about her breakup with Scrappy. Poor Erica. She doesn’t even realize there’s another woman. When K.Michelle asks her if she thinks that’s what it is, she says no. The women blame Momma Dee for babying him too much.

“Teach him how to look at your butt and say goodbye,” K.Michelle advises.

K.Michelle and Mimi meet up with Karlie to address her messiness. Mimi can’t get her calm thoughts out because K.Michelle is too fired up. “Why would I be jealous? You old as s—,” K.Michelle declares. “You’re a 40 year old aspiring singer without a Wikipedia page.”

This isn’t going to end too well. K.Michelle shakes the table knocking the drinks on the floor. “Oooooh, this b— is shaking the table,” K.Michelle taunts her. When Karlie tells Mimi she has her on tape having sex with guys in the industry, K.Michelle throws her utensils at Karlie’s face. K.Michelle is escorted out before things get more ugly than they already are. Karlie’s is enraged with tears and yells, “I need to beat this b— a— right now.”

You wasn’t gonna do shit Karlith. Have a seat. _

Mimi tries to explain why K.Michelle has a problem with her. Karlie doesn’t want to hear it. “Once you put your hands on me, I will be at your house,” she yells. “You gotta arrest me today. Trust me, trust me you gotta arrest me today.”

No one gets arrested, thankfully. That doesn’t mean the next time these two see each other there won’t be drama. Mimi vs. Joseline, Erica vs. Joseline, Karlie Redd vs. K.Michelle.

Can’t everyone just get along?

Not in the fast life of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

Stay tuned to see if the women and men keep their promises of settling scores and staying broken up.

-Stay Fly!


[SFPL RECAP] Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Episode 4 “YOU DON’T WANT NO PROBLEMS [PROBLEMS]”

Welcome to The Dirty South, where the players play, get into fights and wear Baby Phat rompers to the club.

Things got real last week when Joseline met up with Mimi to tell her she was pregnant by Steebie J. Mimi meets up this week with K.Michelle, Ariane for girl talk and Mimi recounts her meet up with Joseline. “What the f— are you mad about? B—h, you pregnant by my dude?”

Mimi, she meant exactly what she said. She had sex with steebie and she pregnant.


Mimi said. When Mimi gets to the part of the script  where Stevie pulls out the pregnancy test, the resounding thought is, ‘Oh, hell naw!’ although no one said that. What K.Michelle did say was, “Girl that is nasty. That is piss on a stick.”

So maybe the Georgia education system isn’t at fault.

Precisely! After the ladies cry with Mimi about heartbreak, Mimi says the words Ariane has been praying to hear for years, “I want to better myself, and I want to move forward for me and my daughter. Period.” Much easier said than done.

Momma Dee comes over to approve of Scrappy’s new “house” and chat with him about the status of his relationship with Erica But Momma Dee is more concerned with if her son and his best friend, Shay “Buckey” Johnson (you may remember Shay from Flavor of Love),

are going to cross over from platonic to romantic. “Have you hit it yet?” Momma Dee asks, hoping he’d reveal if he and Shay are knocking boots. “That’s when I come back and I say, ‘Ma stay in your lane.’ You stay out my business you feel me?” replies Scrappy. This has to be a mother/son relationship for the history books. When Scrap tells Momma Dee about Stevie J disrespecting Erica she doesn’t calm Scrappy down or steer him toward letting the situation fizzle. Instead she tells him, “You teach him to never disrespect the prince of the south ever again. Go at him. Make him answer. Check him!” she growls.

How long has Scrappy been the “Prince of The South”?

Does Mama Dee use Black’N’Mild residue as a facial cream? She is glistening hunty!

Stevie J shows up at Joseline’s apartment two days after she’s had an abortion.

Did we mention that he dropped her off at the abortion clinic? Who drops someone off at the clinic? It’s not a prescription. You know what Steebie, you are so insensitive.

What a gentleman. Joseline is not happy that he didn’t acknowledge her baby in front of Mimi. But Stevie doesn’t have time to worry with frivolous things like abortion. He’s got money to think about. Joseline is annoyed that she’s in bed taking medicine post-procedure while he’s talking about getting “bread.” “The first thing you do when you get up in my room is say we got to get back to work in a couple of days,” Joseline said. “You’re not worried about me taking care of myself, you not worried about my health.” But since he cooked her breakfast, it’s all good in Stevie’s eyes. Although we’re thinking Joseline knew the answer to the question, she still asked,

“Did you ever love me like you said you did?”

Of course he beats around the bush only half answering the question, which causes Joseline to cry.

And in typical fashion Stevie pops up over Mimi’s house to make things right. He’s such a charmer — from Joseline’s straight to Mimi’s — he has to make sure the women in his life aren’t mad at him. Mimi’s ticked that he didn’t defend her in front of Joseline. Mimi, girl, that should be the least of your concerns. “Don’t f— c’mon ma me,” she says. Mimi is fired up, and Stevie, for once, is speechless. “You not trying to argue because you don’t have no f—-n’ argument.” After Mimi has lit into Stevie’s behind with a litany of curse words she tells him to leave. “You stay in the gutter with all that s— and trash. You got that?”

Since Stevie’s charm isn’t working this time on Mimi he asks his friend Benzino, rapper and founder of The Source magazine, for advice. “If you want Mimi happy you got to be monogamous, my brother. The word of the day is monogamous,” said Benzino. The two repeat the word several times hoping it sticks in Stevie J’s head. When Stevie J says he just wants to get back to the days Mimi trusted him Benzino slightly goes H.A.M. “Then you gotta keep your motherf—ing d— in your pants,” Benzino said. Let the church say amen.

Oh, boy. Scrappy looks like he’s going to get himself in a world of trouble when his best friend Shay shows up in a scantily clad yellow two piece bathing suit. Although the “best friends” chat about the paws Scrappy wants to put on Stevie J, they also engage in a little rubbing down of lotion where Scrappy’s hands roam to Shay’s derriere. What kind of best friends are they? Scrappy kind of, but not really, reveals they’ve become “a little bit more than friends,” but he wants the “dust to settle with Erica” first. Erica, perhaps listening to your mama isn’t such a bad idea after all. Mamas always know best.

At the dance studio Joseline is back to work when Stevie stops by to check on her. Although she plays hard to get for a few minutes the game he spits weighs her down. He tells her he’s rocking with her to the wheels fall off and she gives him a hug. “Stevie is the only man, the only person in the world that motivates me like this.” What better way to make up than a private booty rolling session featuring Joseline and her lovely assets?

Erica and Scrappy are outside waiting for Stevie J when he walks out of the studio with Joseline. Everyone is calm, and Stevie attempts to be the bigger man by apologizing for calling Erica a “b—h.” Everything goes left when Scrappy calls Joseline a “b—h” and Joseline accuses Erica and Stevie J of having sex. The two women argue while Erica continues calling Joseline irrelevant. Within a blink of an eye everyone is rumbling on the ground. Scrappy’s hitting Stevie J, Erica’s being pulled from Joseline. After a few more rounds of fighting and yelling it’s hard to tell exactly what happened. “Ain’t nobody getting a check in the A now. Y’all better go to New York with that bulls—,” yells Scrappy.

The ladies — K.Michelle, Rasheeda and Mimi — meet up for lunch to talk about the fight. When Mimi tells them Stevie J called Erica a “b—h” and had never met her before Rasheeda says, “That’s why Scrappy a— went gotd— ham. You can’t say nothing about somebody disrespecting somebody baby mama.” When Erica shows up she gives the brief run down of what happened. And in her eyes, “It’s really all because you had a ho with you that didn’t know nothing ’bout nothing and running her mouth.” Yes, Erica. It had nothing to do with you telling Scrappy about Stevie J’s disrespect.

Meanwhile Joseline cooks Stevie J breakfast so they can talk about what went down. “What really threw me off is when you was like I was smashing shorty,” said Stevie J. Of course Stevie says he doesn’t remember smashing her. Does Stevie remember half the women he’s smashed?

Lawdhavemercy. Now there’s just unnecessary beef between Erica and Joseline. Why in the world would Joseline be compelled to fight for Stevie J after everything they’ve been through? One thing for sure is this has to get resolved because a sizzling hot beef that is not simmered turns out bad for everybody.

-Stay Fly!


[SFPL RECAP] Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Episode 3, “Swagga McDaddy”



Seems like Stevie and Swagga have much to learn.

“I’m pregnant by yo’ man,” Joseline says to MiMi  in the third episode of  Love And Hip Hop: Atlanta. No woman wants to hear that, but you know what makes it even worse? When the man is carrying the pregnancy test around in his pocket.

That pregnancy test must smell like struggle and insensitivity.

Joseline dropped a bomb, or shall we say baby bomb on Stevie J that she’s pregnant with his child. He questions if the baby is even his. “Believe it or not, I’m very stingy with my kitty cat,” said Joseline. Joseline lets him know she’s not to be played with. “I’m gonna bring you the 50 percent paperwork,” she says referring to the contract Mimi drew up asking for 20 percent profit from his business. Stevie J stands up to grab his private to let her know that’s all the 50 percent she will get. Wow. Apparently when you’re Stevie J this is the appropriate response when a woman tells him she’s pregnant by him. “He just disgusts me,” says Joseline. Smart woman.

But we have an even more important question:

Did Stevie replace her fur furur?

The one that was purchased at Niemans?

Did he buy her another one?

Exactly what are you holding on to Steven? Denim? You need to chill.

K.Michelle is in the studio with super producer B. Cox about her upcoming showcase. When she left Jive records she says she had no money to record a label because it was already spent. She went up to label and yelled, “Who’s responsible?” like a mad woman and everyone ran into their offices and locked the door. “I wanted to know. I wanted the receipts. I wanted to know who did it,” she says. Because of this she is now known as a crazy woman, and says labels are scared to sign her. Brian Cox gives her some advice and reassures her that they want to work with her, but “they’re absolutely terrified.” Ms. K.Michelle is going to have to show and prove with that voice.

Scrappy found his own place to live and goes to talk to the matriarch of the family, Momma Dee. We all know Momma Dee is going to support whatever her son does, and “as long as he doesn’t drag in another woman like Diamond, mama down with that,” it’s all good.

Mama Dee’s hair is laid like a Teen Beat mag from 1984. You can’t take her sickening looks!

Kirk is still ticked off about Rasheeda was two hours late for the video shoot. Why doesn’t she just hire an intern who can get college credit and run the errands to get her clothes since they eliminated the budget for a stylist? Hello, you don’t have to pay an intern. “I’ll be there when I f—in’ get there. That’s how I was feeling,” said Rasheeda. Apparently money doesn’t mean a thing to Rasheeda. She was not fazed over the $300-$400 she assumed being late costs. Kirk lets her know her lateness results in $2,000 wasted.

He then tells her he believes for what she wants as an artist she should probably sing to a label. Rasheeda is not feeling signing to a label and not owning the masters to her work. Kirk doesn’t care.

He just wants peace in the marriage.

Erica is having second thoughts about Scrappy moving out so she puts on some lingerie, lights some candles and keeps the massage oil close. “What?” Scrappy says with a laugh when he walks in. “I really feel like Prince Hakim right now. I done came back to America,” he says before she rubs his feet. But, why did he have to tell her he found an apartment? Erica kept her cool and got him to tell her their relationship is still on the up and up. But we think Scrappy could be on a different page despite what he told her. “If Erica was the kind of person that could give me that umph in love, not just the L and the E, but the OV in the middle, I’ll mess with that.”

K.Michelle invites the ladies to her showcase where Stevie J walks in buzzed. K.Michelle delivered a goosebump inducing performance. “I left the haters with their face on the floor,” she said. Meanwhile Karlie Red was spilling some tea, again, telling Mimi about yet another woman that has allegedly slept with Stevie J. “Karlie drops another bomb at another K.Michelle event, like, is this becoming a pattern or something?”

Mimi asked. Stevie J can feel Mimi’s wrath already. “I want to feel some type of affection when I see my girl, but when I look up Mimi’s giving me some kind of stink eye,” said Stevie. We wonder why. The battle of the kiss begins.

Stevie J demands a kiss, Mimi won’t comply and pay him homage, he continues to pry, she doesn’t budge.

Erica mocks Stevie when he walks away, but he walks up on her and gets mad that he was being mocked. Erica’s impression of him was hilarious. But Stevie wasn’t laughing. Erica wasn’t afraid and held her ground. “Baby, you don’t intimidate me. I’m sorry. You all bark no bite,” she said. Drama escalates when he calls her a “bitch” and “slut monkey” before walking off. Really Stevie? That was beyond low.

When Mimi meets up with Stevie in a parking lot the next day he says he wants to apologize to Erica and that he’d been drinking. She takes this time to address the rumors of him sleeping with the woman Karlie pointed out at the showcase. Stevie denies, denies, denies. “I don’t recall,” he says. Oh, Mimi. You’ve got your hands full.

Joseline tells her best friend that she’s pregnant. She tells him, “When me and Stevie met it was just a connection that happened so fast.” “Even if he is a bad man, he gave me a chance. He gave me opportunity,” she said. “At the end of the day I love him.” We finally get a backstory to Joseline’s life. She grew up poor as one of six kids, and her mom was on drugs for 25 years. She ran away from home at 12 years old and eventually ended up stripping to survive. “Stevie used to always tell me, ‘you tell people that we’re having sex your career is over,’” which is why she kept it a secret. Her friends suggests she has a chat with Mimi.

As Scrappy packs to move out Erica tells him about her encounter with Stevie J. “Yo ma, give me kiss,” Erica says as she reinacts the story. We can’t stop laughing at Erica’s impression. But when she tells Scrappy Stevie called her a “bitch” Scrappy’s whole demeanor changes. “Bitch?” he asks with a perplexed look on his face. “I wanna rough him up, you feel me? I wanna put them paws on him,” Scrappy says. We didn’t know Scrappy had poodle paws. We kid, we kid. Now Scrappy is mad.

K.Michelle know Ariane will keep it 100 with her about her showcase so she goes to her place for some girl chat. It doesn’t take long for her to tell Ariane that Karlie is stirring up mess. Again. Apparently K.Michelle approaches Brian Cox (the producer K.Michelle is working with) and says, “You’re messing with the wrong artist.” Karlie must not care about having no friends. “Honey, last time I checked people ain’t throwing out record deals to 50 year old aspiring artists without even a Wikipedia page,” says K.Michelle.

We think K.Michelle is one person Karlie doesn’t want it with. “I hope somebody give her some kind of job, the National Enquirer or somebody gives her a check because she’s in everybody’s business but her own,” said K.Michelle.

Let the church say Amen.

K.Michelle’s battle to save her music career is heartbreaking. Her voice is beautiful, but as she says, “Singing good is only half the battle.” She meets up with music manager Jeff Robinson to see what she can do about shaking this bad reputation. He holds no punches with her telling her one of the former employees of her label told him she was “crazier than a bag of hammers.” Jeff wouldn’t promise her he’d work with her, but he gave her the tough love talk she will most likely be thankful for in the future. It will be interesting to see how her career progresses.

Or, if there’s any progress at all!

On the other side of town Joseline meets with Mimi face to face. Something told us this wasn’t going to go too well. Joseline jumps right in, “You and I know that when I first met him back in December he didn’t come home for three months,” she tells Mimi. “I know whose baby I have in my stomach, and you know too.” Forget the small talk they went straight for the hardcore stuff. “As far as you are concerned, you’re a stripper who’s trying to get on,” Mimi responds. Mimi’s defensive response is of course to question whether Joseline knows who she’s pregnant by. “I’m pregnant by your man,”


Joseline said which quieted Mimi. As they’re talking Stevie J texts Joseline. Mimi is forced to deal with the situation and suggests Joseline invites him there.

Stevie J shows up with the pregnancy test in hand. Ewww. That has pee on it, y’all. “I don’t know any man in their right f—- mind who’s gonna carry around the next b— pregnancy test in their pocket. Who does that?” says Mimi. Your man does, girl.

Stevie J is close to 50 years old. 50 years of doing wrong, and producing ehhh music songs should open your scope of knowledge, but as the saying goes.. YOU CAN’T TEACH AN OLD DOG NEW TRICKS.

Now Mimi wants all the details and asks, “When’s the last time y’all f—?” Joseline says five days ago while Stevie says a month ago. Mimi walks out and things get ugly. Stevie J threatens to send Joseline back to the strip club and throws a drink on her. Who throws a drink on a pregnant woman? C’mon now. Luckily Joseline has decent reflexes.


Joseline and Stevie J argue in the back of the building where he tells Joseline, “I got papers on you.” What does that mean? She’s not a dog. “I gave you another life,” he reminds her as if she didn’t already know. “All you do is tell me, when I don’t do what you say, ‘oh I’m send you back to the strip club.’” “You know what you tell me, ‘I gave you your life.’ If you gave me my life, if you gon’ take it back every chance you get I don’t need you to give me no f— life,” she says through tears. When she tries to end the conversation he tells her, “You’ll never be finished talking to me. Understand that. Watch how you speak to me Joseline. You look nice by the way,” he says.

Drama is the name of this game. What will Joseline do about the baby, Will Mimi hold on to him, where will K.Michelle’s career go and what will happen when Scrappy confronts Stevie J?

Stay tuned.

-Stay Fly!


[The Daily Word] Kim Kardashian’s Ass Is A Joke/ Evelyn Lozada & Jennifer Williams Kiss and Make Up/ Tami is STILL a Bully & Shaunie O’neal feels ‘Responsible’ …

Ok … Since you asked…

First Off,

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian staged a weird prank last night on Twitter. Kanye decided it would be a great idea to tweet a naked pic of Kim. Only, it wasn’t Kim.

Although it was deleted immediately, the damage had already been done as it was re tweeted millions of times and ‘Kim Kardashian’ became a trending topic.

Coincidence … we think not.

Bye Kimye.

The Reunion of the fourth season of VH1’s Basketball Wives Miami, became an episode of The Maury Show, this past week. Step on in, and see what I mean …


I was pretty shocked (well maybe not completely) at the ending of the reunion special as season long enemies, Jennifer Williams and Evelyn Lozada shared a tearful moment of embrace after admitting during a polygraph test that they missed each other’s friendship.


The test also revealed that Jennifer is  a bit jealous of the relationship and upcoming wedding to Chad Ochocino.

But we think it was a different type of jealousy, a more I’m jealous that you are in a relationship and I’m not sort of thing. Because no one would ever really be jealous of Chad.

But with the ups comes the downs … and none of the cast members are lower than Tami Roman.


Tami, Your Still a BULLY.

And Lastly, the protaganist behind this entire franchise, Shaunie ‘Get Money’ Oneal, has turned over a new leaf.

Wait !!!!! Don’t get hype YET! Now she feels responsible for the negative events of this past season, by putting all these irrate women together.

No, Really? Your fault???? Nooooooooo …

*Files Nails*

Shaunie, I’m gonna give you a dose of your own medicine.

The Daily Word is here for you DAILY! We’re here all week ….

-Stay Fly!


[Recaps] Basketball Wives, Season 2, Episode 10

At least Tami got a souvenir from the big fight?

“This is a hot-ass f—ing mess,” Tami says as the Jennifer-Evelyn-Nia fight plays out. After Nia slapped Jennifer and Evelyn leaped over the table, they both had to be restrained, but the fight didn’t end there. The women continued to scream at each other, but it got worse when Jennifer told Nia “I guess I can’t sue you ’cause you ain’t got nothing,” and that’s when Evelyn grabbed a centerpiece and trying as hard as she could to decapitate Jen with it.

“I don’t see anything else other than Jennifer being my target and me trying to rip her f—ing head off,” Ev says.

Jennifer walks out with Kesha, still stunned, and virtually silent. Evelyn, Nia, and the rest of the group are more emotional.

For Evelyn, none of this has to do with house keys or even a blog post, it’s about who Jennifer appears to have become, a person that thinks she’s better than everyone else, and it brings her to tears. “How is that okay? You’re not better than nobody,” Evelyn says. Which is true, no one is better than anyone else. But if I’m going to be a lawyer about this, why does Evelyn give herself “more authority” than Jen here, who died and made her sheriff?

“It went from like ho-hum Kumbaya to all hell in thirty seconds,” Shaunie says, but I don’t recall a moment when this was ever ho-hum Kumbaya. Tami blames Jen for what happened though, saying “Things would have gone differently if Jen had just kept it cute. Don’t ignite the flames,” as in, when someone threatens to slap you, don’t reply “I wish you would.” But after Jen’s comments about Nia having nothing and being a bum who lives in a two-bedroom apartment, Tami sounds like she’s soured on Jen too for the moment. “Now y’all see who the real Jennifer is,” Nia says.

“She asked to be smacked, so I smacked her,” Nia says, to a hilarious chorus of “YES, YOU DID”‘s from Shaunie and Tami.

Over at Team Jennifer, Kesha and Suzie try to comfort her because she’s still shaken, but the tone is too somber for anything they say to sink in, so Suzie sums it up, saying “This is depressing.” That it is.

Jennifer meets up with Kenya to tell her what happened and says that yes, she did get hit, but since she’s not a fighter and she’s never been in a fight in her life, she’s not about to get physical.

On top of that, she’s a “spokesmodel” (hello, Star Search) for Lucid, so even though she uses the word “spokemodel,” she has a point that she needs her face to endorse her business. “For me, I don’t fight with my hands. I do what the white people do, okay?” she tells Kenya, suggesting she fights with the law. (And as we know know, that’s exactly the route she’s taking.) When Evelyn and Tami find out Jen filed a police report, Tami calls it “The most ridiculous, bitch-ass thing anybody could ever do.” Where Tami’s from, “you take your ass-whoopin’ and you keep it moving.” Yes, but Tami, are the people where you come from spokesmodels?

Tami is not just a referee for these fights this season, she’s also cleaning up the crime scenes. After the fight is all said and done, she shows off the souvenir she took from the racetrack – Jennifer’s earring which flew off after she was hit.

Royce, who has been blissfully fight-free this season (I feel like we need one of those factory signs like “Royce has gone 125 days without an accident a fight!”), is getting filled in by Kesha on the racetrack incident, but they both worry that one of these days one of the bottles/centerpieces that Evelyn attempts to use as a weapon will actually connect with a person and land her in jail.

Kesha, like the rest of the world, is most concerned with what would happen to Evelyn if there was no Tami, no security guards around, no barrier between herself and the people she’s taking aim at like Jen or Kenya. “What’s it going to take for Evelyn to realize she could hurt somebody?” she asks. Maybe the best part of this conversation is the flashback to the completely confused, bewildered look on Kesha’s face as the fight is replayed.

“I think Kesha thinks I’m f—ing nuts,” Evelyn says when they get together. “But, b*tch, why do you care? I’m not being crazy with you, You’re actually on my side right now. So shh!” Kesha told Evelyn she was worried for her because of her recent outbursts and Evelyn acknowledges that yeah, if anything went down differently, she could be in jail right now, but she’s not really interested in discussing those hypotheticals. Luckily Suzie is there to bust up this conversation in order to give Evelyn her birthday gift, a vibrator that has thirteen speeds and offers four hours of pleasure. Suzie hopes it will be the stress-reliever Evelyn needs to clear her mind and stop the violence.

It should also be pointed out that Suzie, who always plays peacemaker as often as she can, seems to have finally learned that she should never, ever try to reunite Jen and Evelyn.

Suzie, Royce, and Kesha choose to clear their minds with skeeball and buffalo tenders when they go out to Dave And Busters for an afternoon of fun introductions to Dezmon. Royce’s man has been under wraps until now, but when everyone meets him, they love his. Suzie is smitten because he’s a tall glass of chocolate milk or something to that effect, Kesha loves him because he can do backflips. Suzie says she’s never seen Royce so at peace, and it’s true and truly adorable.

Jennifer and Kenya meet up to take a boxing class because Jennifer realized it’d probably be worth it to have a few self-defense moves in her back pocket in case someone else slaps her or throws a drink at her any time soon. Kenya’s just there to perfect her moves, because she says she has a very bad temper and “if I do fight someone, I can hurt them,” she says. “I definitely can.”

Last but not least, it’s Evelyn’s birthday! Unfortunately, Shaunie and Tami can’t attend, although they go to the mani-pedi portion, which is always the best part of any party, really. The entire party is basically full of surprises and Evelyn has no idea what to expect.

First, her friend Courtney takes her to a house that’s filled with Ev’s daughter and her best friends, who are all dressed fro their one woman Broadway revue.

Then a pole-dancing group comes out and shows off their moves, which has Noe in complete shock.

But it’s not as shocking as the moment that Suzie busts out her own secret moves. (Are we surprised by this special skill? When you think about it, isn’t a pole really just an oversized pepper mill?)

But the last gift is the biggest and best of all. Chad has given Evelyn a white Maserati, which she’s presented with in the driveway to her complete surprise. She freaks out.

Unlike Shaunie’s party, this one was drama-free, full of true friends, and it ended with a group hug.

 -Stay Fly!

Here’s a sneak peak of Episode 11…