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Randomonium: Raz B & Ricky Romance Catches A Beatdown In ATL…

So, Raz B and his bright azz brother Ricky Romance attend the Salute the DJ’s event at the Atrium in Atlanta, where they are roughed up, close to a beat-down and thrown out by security because they decided to make an unknown appearance on stage during a Yung Joc performance.

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SFPL’S New Music….

And that Twitter brawl on yesterday….*DEAD*

We are not going to go too much into it right now but it was obviously unnecessary. BUT we don’t blame Chris Brown for going off like he did.

No more fighting fellas…and Raz B….please #SitYoAzzDown

*Lookout for a discussion coming soon on this matter.

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There would be no Red Carpet without Fly-Lights! You know how we do-here’s what we thought about the 2009 BET Awards Red Carpet Arrivals. Please feel free to chime in…

Rae: Channeling her inner Michael I see. The Hair bothers me, I think they went back to 2003 and snatched that wig off the set of Crazy in Love, it’s a lil dusty.

Gabe: Frail, Frizzled, Fried, Dyed and Laid to the side is what I call that wig. Although, the fit is not that bad but you need more people with the hair Bey. Sheesh.

Rae: So Amber and Amerie show up in the same dress and Amber really FILLS hers Out. NICE. Ye’ is Giving me Forever My Lady right here.

Gabe: Amber was most definitely one thing that had Amerie trippin’! She looked stunning. Kanye, you got me with the timbs homie. We are mourning over MJ’s death also but you went too far.

R: I love Alicia. She looks beautiful. AND those LEGS! YES!

G: Whoa. Good looks Alicia!

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