New Video: Elijah Blake – “Hanging Tree”

Today,, the social justice organization founded by Harry Belafonte, has released the official video to “Hanging Tree” – a visual collaboration with Grammy Award-Winning singer/songwriter Elijah Blake, via Kobalt Music Recordings. “Hanging Tree” will be featured on’s forthcoming album, Broken Windows.

Elijah tells FADER:

“I wrote “Hanging Tree” as a way to use my voice for equal rights, especially black rights, in the aftermath of tragedies like Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Freddie Gray, Tamir Rice and so many others whose voices have been silenced. When I recorded this song, I wanted to have a way to express my feelings, despite at the time not having an album to attach this to. I was lucky that a friend of mine introduced me to the work the Sankofa organization is doing and it really resonated with me. I felt their work embodied the same message I wanted to convey with this song. As a result, the Sankofa organization and I have combined efforts to spread this important message of equality through this amazing video, as well as through their EP17 Project, where the song was originally released.”

“Hanging Tree,” written/produced by Blake and directed by Sean Alexander, is a visual that showcases the injustices in a corrupt socioeconomic system. The “Hanging Tree” single first appeared as a snippet visual on’s visual EP “17”, which featured music by artists Ty Dolla $ign, Raphael Saadiq, Mali Music as well as Elijah Blake and is now available on all DSPs. The visual EP, which made its official February 17th premiere on TIDAL, seeks to raise funds to support grassroots organizing efforts around issues of racial and social justice. It is now available on all DSPs.

Check out the full video by clicking here.


Trailer: National Geographic’s “LA 92” Offers Rare Look at L.A. Riots 25 Years Ago

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The trailer for the gripping National Geographic documentary LA 92 is now available. April marks the 25th Anniversary of the L.A. Riots.

Twenty-five years after the verdict in the Rodney King trial sparked several days of protests, violence, and looting in Los Angeles, ‘LA 92,’ a new feature documentary from National Geographic Documentary Films, immerses viewers in that tumultuous period through stunning and rarely seen archival footage. Produced by two-time Oscar winner Simon Chinn (“Man on Wire”) and Emmy winner Jonathan Chinn (“American High”) and directed by Oscar winners Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin (“Undefeated”), the film looks at the events of 1992 from a multitude of vantage points, bringing a fresh perspective to a pivotal moment that reverberates to this day.

Peep the official trailer above.



SFPL Premiere: Noetic Releases A Profound Visual for “Dare U 2 Move”

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Premiering today on SFPL, “Dare U 2 Move” opens with a black and white retrospect, speaking whole truths to the times we live in today. Noetic has a gift for explaining the human experience without being ignorant. This is an under-appreciated gift in hip hop music. The song is taken to another level by the spoken word. The injection of the poetry leading into the first verse gives it a different energy. The basic raw Hip-Hop sound lets the message in the lyrics take center stage. This modern day “Do the Right Thing” anthem is designed to leave you inspired, refreshed and woke.

Take a look at the full video above.

Twitter: Noetic_mdt


New Video: Jussie Smollett – “F.U.W.”

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This record and accompanied visual by singer, songwriter, activist, actor, director and Empire‘s own Jussie Smollett combats the race-baiting, bigotry and xenophobia of the current administration, but also is a brilliant examination of the black and minority experience in America now.

“This is not a single. It’s not a song to promote the series. It’s an artistic expression. My view of this sick cycle, an era in which we must fight our way out of before it’s too late. This view of unity is something they may never understand. That is why it is up to us. Train your daughters and sons to be soldiers of love, despite and in spite of this F#$* Up World,” explains Jussie Smollett.

Take a look at the visual above.


Electric Soul Artist Vina Mills Pays Homage To ‘The Birth Of A Nation’ With New Visual “Run”

Electric Soul Entertainer, Vina Mills, delivers a soul waking vocal performance in the visual depiction of “RUN”, an emotional story of triumph told through the eyes of slaves.

In order for black lives to matter, black history has to matter a truth that needs to be accepted to understand the uproars of this generation and the cries of our ancestors. The song is inspired by the film The Birth of A Nation and the countless brutalities happening around the globe.

The Champion produced track was given life once the songstress, Vina Mills, belted out a heartfelt soliloquy that took the form of a modern day hymn embodying the essences of the great late Mahalia Jackson and the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin.

“Run” was the result of channeled anger used as inspiration to create something impactful, said Vina. In my opinion, the only thing that has changed from slavery to present date is the manipulation of our minds into thinking that we are all equal and free. Continually being fed the idealism of not being good enough and the desire for change all played a role in the writing process. I wrote lyrics like “Put dirt on my name, but my pain is power” to express how propaganda is used to discredit our identity.

The official track is a way to celebrate those we’ve lost in the movement both present and past while honoring our future leaders. Vina offers the song as an encouragement in hopes of never giving up on a dream.

Take a look at the full video above.

@TheVinaMills (Instagram)
@VinaMills (Twitter)

DMV’s Noochie Doesn’t Back Down On Injustice and Black On Black Crime In “Jerome” [Video]

Noochie is introducing the world to his taunting perspective into the injustices of today and, surprisingly, black on black crime in the new visual for his single, “Jerome.” The 21-year-old artist from the DMV is holding nothing back in the thought-provoking short story that makes contrasts among social media & statues, slavery and how the world, and the black community, views its own contribution to injustices.

“I felt as a young African American male, I’m directly affected by recent events without any real repercussions as far as persecution. Because I have a voice in my community I have to use my platform to make a difference. I feel the same way millions of other people feel and all movements begin with an idea and a voice. We have to be heard first. It’s necessary.”

The Outkast-inspired lyricist speaks directly from the eyes of a young black male who lives this story everyday. Detailing a youth’s insight on today’s most troubling topics in the African American community, the visual leads with daring content that will bring his experiences full circle.

The short visual and track was produced by RaRa and Mr. Williams, via OY Music Group in association with Empire Distribution. Noochie is gearing up for the highly anticipated release of his new mixtape Product Of The DMV, a culmination of his trials and DMV lifestyle, which drops on Tuesday, August 16, 2016.

Watch below:

Noochie’s Social Media On All Platforms: @NoochieMusic


Haddy Racks Becomes a Public Enemy with Shise Foe & Ron G in “Goonies” [Video]

Haddy Racks joins Shise Foe and Ron G of Foe Boyz in the Money Mark-directed visual for “Goonies”, serving up intense views during a peaceful protest through the streets of NYC.

“Goonies” appears on Shise Foe’s solo project Traffikka.


New Music: Joe Budden Takes On Beyoncé’s “Freedom” To Address Police Brutality Admist Horrific Deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille


A slew of artists have turned to music to air out their grievances over the status of race relations in this country, following the gruesome murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille at the hands of police. Joe Budden is one of these artist’s hopping on Beyoncé‘s “Freedom” to deliver his message.

The powerful track opens with the heartbreaking audio of Castille’s fiance Diamond Reynolds and their daughter after witnessing his murder and then segues into part of Jesse William‘s Humanitarian Award speech from the 2016 BET Awards, where he addresses law enforcement’s data supported ability to disarm, de-escalate, and not kill white people everyday.

“It’s okay Mommy. It’s okay, I’m right here with you.”

The no-holds-barred freestyle mentions Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Castille, and Sterling; all victims of law enforcement’s dangerous bias against POC. The Slaughterhouse emcee also touches on the racial biases present throughout the various systems that make up this country, and Trump’s insidious slogan “Make America Great Again.”

Budden included the following message with the release:

I was told there was once a world where slaves communicated with each other via music, and tho I wasn’t present for that, the Hip-Hop I fell in love with always encouraged me to do the same (Thank you Public Enemy)….
Let this act as an unfortunate reminder that times change and they don’t. #BlackLivesMatter #YallLivesMatter #OurLivesMatter … I’m afraid to wonder what happens when we as a people decide to stop saying it. Some deem us threatening now by sheer design. We are not. We are loving, passionate, cultured and proud, even during unrest. However, with every life viciously and maliciously taken by costumed evil, we grow more and more afraid. What will occur when too many of us are afraid? #IfYouDontValueMyLifeEYEWill
#GodHelpUsAll #TheMissionIsGreat

Budden’s ability to touch on the multiple layers of racism that still continue to reveal themselves in society today makes this one of, if not the best record to address where all our anger and angst comes from. Listen to it below.

Hopefully artists, politicians, athletes, and people everywhere remain united so we can once and for all put an end to the injustice.

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Bobby Sessions “Black America” Confronts Hotbed of Police Brutality [New Video]


Dallas lyricist Bobby Sessions addresses the hotbed of American police violence in his hard-hitting visual “Black America”. Through harrowing news clips and social media footage, Sessions relays angst-ridden stories of victims of police brutality that we have all watched unravel in recent years.

This Tone Jonez-produced track appears on Bobby Sessions project LOA (Law of Attraction), which was released in 2015. In the wake of Alton Sterling‘s death, Sessions shared on is social media: “‘Black America’ is my most popular song because killing black people is STILL relevant. Sad.”

LOA is available:
AudioMack: HERE
SoundCloud: HERE


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SFPL Music: Tyke T’s “This Can’t Be Life” Is The New Anthem For Social Justice

“This Can’t Be Life” is the latest release from rapper, Tyke T – the president of Driven By Music. After seeing much success from previous releases – such as “NoO” which was featured on VH1‘s Black Ink Crew – the Tennessee native has been making advancements in his career. In addition to his single being placed in a popular TV show, Tyke has also opened up for artists such as B.o.B. and Lil Boosie.

Today, Tyke T liberates his long awaited single. “This Can’t Be Life ” speaks to the reality of what’s going on in America today. Blending street sounds with conscious reflections of modern American society, the IMAKEMADBEATS produced cut draws attention to the plight of African-Americans in this country.

“This Can’t Be Life was my opportunity to artistically discuss what’s going on in our communities as well as the strong resolve African-Americans have as a people to rise from those situations.”

Check out the video above.

About Tyke T:
In 2014, Tyke T was crowned te winner of Clear Channel Radio Station, K-97’s “Next Big Thing” contest. And he was the first Memphis Grizzlies showcase champion, winning the opportunity to perform center court for over 17,000 fans. Tyke T was also a Top 8 finalist in VH1’s “Make A Band” competition. VH1 also picked up his “Nothing to Lose” single while the Oxygen network also featured Tyke’s music.

Influenced by the greats – Jay Z, OutKast, UGK & more – there’s no denying Tyke T’s journey to achieving his own level of greatness.

Twitter: @Tyke__T