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Stuff Fly People Like Interviews “Tommy” & “Holly” of “Power”!

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The highly anticipated third season of the Starz smash hit Power is back, and we had the pleasure of interviewing one of our favorite characters, “Tommy” (Joseph Sikora) and one our non-favorites, “Holly” (Lucy Walters) on what we can expect from this upcoming season.

Watch the couple touch on the evolution of Tommy, the duo’s relationship, hip hop and why Ghost must die …!

Peep our interview below …

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Power airs every Sunday at 9pm EST on Starz!

Make sure you watch it with us and join the party on Twitter, by following us at @TheSFPL!

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Call Me James: Power Season 3 Episode 301 Recap

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Call Me James: Power Season 3 Episode 301 Recap


ower is officially back y’all, and we are so damn excited!

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Let’s step into the season premiere now shall we? Season 3 opens up with Ghost no no we mean James beginning his new-found life out of the game. James and Angela make their grand entrance into truth, things are much different now that James and Angela no longer have to sneak around. Tasha is out of the picture, James has laid Ghost to rest Angela no longer has a care in the world, well at least she thinks.

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James isn’t the only one embracing a new role, his former partner/brother Tommy is now the head guy in charge.

Tommy Power Season 3

Last season we found out that Tommy isn’t willing to let the drug game and annoying ass Holly go so easily.


He struck a deal with Lobos as well in order to maintain his flow of product to keep in him in business. The catch is that Tommy has to cancel Christmas on Ghost or not only will he not get any product, his family will be erased as well.

Power Season 3

Holly is still annoying and still very much bored just being cooped up in Tommy’s apartment cause that’s just the Holly we have come to know.

Holly and Tommy Power Season 3

She insists that Tommy gives her something to do to make herself useful but all he wants his very eager and nosy girlfriend to do is lay low and feed the dog. Of course Holly isn’t trying to hear that but has no choice but to listen for now. Tommy and Holly’s little spat is interrupted by a phone call from Julio, looks like Tommy is being thrown into the fire when it comes to being the boss. Tommy and Julio run to a little dispute between rival drug factions, the wolves are now starving because product is low and Ruiz is gone.

Julio and Tommy Power Season 3

Tommy doing his best Michael Jackson impersonation from the “Beat It” video tries to calm down the situation.


Tommy tries to negotiate a truce between them, but unfortunately they were not trying to hear his white ass and the knives came out.


YES we said knives, definitely felt like a scene out of West Side Story. Anyway what the poor guy doesn’t realize is that Tommy isn’t a damn punk. He is the one you should always fear, that one crazy white boy that hangs in the hood. Tommy quickly dispatches homeboy with knife and a brawl ensues. Magically the cops show up in record time to defuse the situation and they all scatter like roaches when the light is cut on. Well Tommy you want to be the boss this is what the boss has to deal with.

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Tommy’s former partner Ghost ¬†oops we forgot James isn’t walking the straight path alone. With Tommy no longer by his side, the young go-getter Dre has stepped up become Ghost’s proteg√©.

Dre and Ghost Power Season 3

Dre is very eager to get to work and make some real money, but he’s still not to keen with the fact of making the money slowly and in a legit fashion. James breaks it down to Dre how the club business works as opposed to the drug game. Dre daps it up with his new boss and calls him Ghost, it’s there Dre realizes the James is seriously out the game when James tells him to forget the name Ghost.

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After his meeting with Dre, James takes a look at the bloody La Loteria card he was leaving as calling cards that mysteriously wound up in desk. Hmmmm must be still wondering if Lobos is alive or not.

La Loteria Card Power Season 3

James goes outside for a breath of fresh air, he looks up and notices Tommy across the street staring at him.


The very intense stare down is interrupted by a text from Angela asking James where he is. Once James looks back across the street, Tommy is gone and heads home unable to complete his task of killing Ghost. James links back up with Angela in his office inside Truth. Now you know this wouldn’t be an official episode of Power without a routine Ghost and Angela sex scene.

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