It’s Morphin Time!: Power Rangers Past and Present Unite At Los Angeles Premiere

Last night in L.A.,at the Regency Village Theater, the past and present collided for the premiere of the new and highly anticipated Power Rangers reboot film.

Cast and crew members from the film director Dean IsaraeliteNaomi Scott (Kimberly), Elizabeth Banks (Rita Repulsa), Ludi Lin (Zach), Dacre Montgomery (Jason),Rj Cyler (Billy), Bill Hader (Alpha 5), David Denman (Sam Scott)  were all in attendance.

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It wouldn’t have a been a Power Ranger event if Power Ranger alumni weren’t in the building. Fan favorites Austin St.John (Jason), Jason David Frank (Tommy), Walter Scott (Zach) and David Yost (Billy) and Amy Jo Johnson brought back amazing memories when they graced the red carpet.

Other notables in attendance were Skai Jackson, Christina Milian, Vida Guerra, Mercedes Mason, Chloe Lukasiak and more.

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It was a night of pure nostalgia as they helped ushered in a new era for the iconic series! Power Rangers blasts into theaters this Friday, March 24th!

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Watch: The Power Rangers Meet Alpha 5 In New ‘Real’ Clip From The Upcoming Film and Purchase Tickets Now!





Watch: The Power Rangers Meet Alpha 5 In New ‘Real’ Clip From The Upcoming Film and Purchase Tickets Now!

These are definitely not the spandex loving Power Rangers we group up watching as kids! With the release of the reboot movie officially a few days away we get a look at a new clip from the film. In the above clip the new but still reluctant rangers stumble upon what looks to be the Command Center.

Their newly acquired power coins unlock the door to the ancient structure and the group decides to go investigate. Once inside everything starts to activate and the teens discover they are not alone inside. They quickly run and hide from the presence still inside. Trini (Becky G) apparently didn’t do a good job of hiding and is snatched by the unknown presence. She is dragged through the corridor by none other by Alpha 5 (Bill Hader) the trusty assistant of Zordon (Bryan Cranston) the Power Rangers mentor.

Power Rangers reimagines the franchise in a new light and gives it a fresh new look. Its officially morphin time March 24th when Power Rangers blasts into theaters everywhere! Starting today on #MorphinMonday you can officially purchase tickets now for $5.00 when you invite five friends using the @AtomTickets app or by going here

We can’t wait to see the Power Rangers back in action!

Stay Fly!

PHOTO: Lionsgate/YouTube