New Video: PJ Morton – “Everthing’s Gonna Be Alright” feat. BJ The Chicago Kid & The Hamiltones

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Maroon 5 member and solo artist PJ Morton premiered a lyric video for his song “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright,” (feat. BJ the Chicago Kid and The HamilTones) on The FADER on Thursday, May 18. The song is one of the singles off of PJ‘s new album, GUMBO. He decided to use this as an opportunity to make a political statement. In the karaoke style lyric video, created by Cinemadona, two police officers are clearly in pursuit of a criminal; and the single includes lyrics discussing police brutality.


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Deniro Farrar Speaks On Police Brutality In New Visual “Classic Mouth”

Deniro Farrar continues to deliver visuals with a message, this time around with Vibe for his none released track titled “Classic Mouth“. The second piece of content for his on going #FreeTuneTuesdays is another eye opener to the reality of police brutality.
“December 24 2015 a rapper from my city by the name Daquan Antonio Westbrook aka Lil Donky was shot and killed by A off duty police officer. I made this video a few weeks before he was killed, I sent it to him and he told me how real it was little did he or myself know that this video would be telling his story. But he’s not the only one it’s been so many police officers wrongfully killing our people for centuries. My brother and videographer James rico wrote the treatment with that in mind. We just wanted to shed light on what’s taking place in our community. It’s not a black or white thang just a wrong and right thang.”   – Deniro Farrar

Be on the look out for more content as the Charlotte North Carolina MC is set to release his Debut EP under Warner Brother Records this Year!


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Mark Steele Shares Music Video For ‘Turn Around,’ Dedicated To Keith Lamont Scott

With gun violence and police brutality at the fore of much discussion in 2016, North Carolina emcee Mark Steele hasn’t been one to stray from the conversation. The recent tragedy of Keith Lamont Scott in particular hit close to home for the rapper, and he expresses his sentiments in his new music video for “Turn Around.”

“Keith Lamont Scott was murdered by police, on the very next block behind where I currently live in Charlotte, NC. I’m born and raised in Durham, NC (Bull City) so being that close to murder isn’t unusual to me at all. We made “Turn Around” in the spring of 2015 at Patchwerk studios in Atlanta, GA because we were inspired by the chaos around us. Seems like every time we turn on the TV there was another killing and then another protest turned violent. All that did was trigger memories of my teenage years living in Durham, and dealing with the grief of too many of my actual friends being killed. Seemed like every time I turned around one of my classmates didn’t make it back to school on Monday. It makes me so angry to hear about another black man being killed by a cop, but instead of going out to protest or riot with the rest of the people in charlotte; I’d rather express my frustrations through art.” – Marke Steele

“Turn Around” is the third single from Steele’s forthcoming album Almost Time, slated for release October 28 and featuring guest appearances from Raheem Devaughn, and Rapper Big Pooh.

Formerly of the North Carolina rap duo Mic&Rep, Mark Steele  imbues a gritty, fervid sound that has been long lost since the late ’90s, early 2000’s. Bred into the culture since the tender age of 15, he has already collaborated with some of hip hop’s top names, including his mentor and former college professor 9th WonderRapsody, and YMCMB artist Cory Gunz.
Steele’s debut album Sumthin For The Wait (2014) boasted his hit “Not Like Yall,” which was featured on ESPN’s morning debate show “First Take” and played throughout the month of March 2014 in celebration of  March Madness.
Now, fresh off the ESPN placement of his song “Greatness” (from Steel’s History Repeats EP) for Sports Center, Steele is set to release his most important project of his rising young career thus far.
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T.I. Continues To Lend His Voice To Bring Attention To Police Brutality With “War Zone” [New Music]

T.I. continues to be vocal about the issues of police brutality and the prison industrial complex.

Following the video for his politically charged track “We Will Not;” which featured scenes from police brutality rallies across the country, the “Rubberband Man” drops a new record titled “War Zone.”

Image of protester holding a #BlackLivesMatter sign at a police brutality rally featured in T.I.’s “We Will Not” video.

The Atlanta native doesn’t hold his tongue delivering hard-hitting lines like,

“I’ll be a martyr if my great-granddaughter benefit / They pull you over ask you where your license at / Be careful reaching for it, you know you can die for that / This ain’t nothing new, they got cameras just so you can see the shit that got Dr. King and Abe Lincoln asking where the freedom at.”

“War Zone” and “We Will Not” will appear on Tip’s upcoming EP Us or Else. Listen to it below.



Shawn Stockman (of Boyz II Men) Releases New Song “How Many More?” In Honor of Black Lives Matter [New Video]

In the midst of, what seems to be, never-ending senselessness in our community, Shawn Stockman found a studio off tour to produce and write a new song called “How Many More?” from his heart; in the wake of recent tragedies. Starting off the song with the sounds of piano keys of empathy, Shawn delivers heartfelt lyrics with of plea of freedom, and to just simply Stop Killing Us. How many more of us is it going to be?

Check out the visual above.


New Music: Joe Budden Takes On Beyoncé’s “Freedom” To Address Police Brutality Admist Horrific Deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille


A slew of artists have turned to music to air out their grievances over the status of race relations in this country, following the gruesome murders of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille at the hands of police. Joe Budden is one of these artist’s hopping on Beyoncé‘s “Freedom” to deliver his message.

The powerful track opens with the heartbreaking audio of Castille’s fiance Diamond Reynolds and their daughter after witnessing his murder and then segues into part of Jesse William‘s Humanitarian Award speech from the 2016 BET Awards, where he addresses law enforcement’s data supported ability to disarm, de-escalate, and not kill white people everyday.

“It’s okay Mommy. It’s okay, I’m right here with you.”

The no-holds-barred freestyle mentions Sandra Bland, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Castille, and Sterling; all victims of law enforcement’s dangerous bias against POC. The Slaughterhouse emcee also touches on the racial biases present throughout the various systems that make up this country, and Trump’s insidious slogan “Make America Great Again.”

Budden included the following message with the release:

I was told there was once a world where slaves communicated with each other via music, and tho I wasn’t present for that, the Hip-Hop I fell in love with always encouraged me to do the same (Thank you Public Enemy)….
Let this act as an unfortunate reminder that times change and they don’t. #BlackLivesMatter #YallLivesMatter #OurLivesMatter … I’m afraid to wonder what happens when we as a people decide to stop saying it. Some deem us threatening now by sheer design. We are not. We are loving, passionate, cultured and proud, even during unrest. However, with every life viciously and maliciously taken by costumed evil, we grow more and more afraid. What will occur when too many of us are afraid? #IfYouDontValueMyLifeEYEWill
#GodHelpUsAll #TheMissionIsGreat

Budden’s ability to touch on the multiple layers of racism that still continue to reveal themselves in society today makes this one of, if not the best record to address where all our anger and angst comes from. Listen to it below.

Hopefully artists, politicians, athletes, and people everywhere remain united so we can once and for all put an end to the injustice.

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Rapper Noochie Touches On Recent Police Killings With “Jerome” [New Music]

DMV’s Hip-Hop artist Noochie held nothing back with his new thought provoking record entitled: “JEROME” produced by RaRa and Mr. Williams, via OY Music Group In association with Empire Distribution.

The track narrates what some may consider to be a very “touchy subject matter” especially due to the recent police killings that took place last week, and the high rate of black on black crimes, Noochie speaks directly from the eyes of a young black 21 year old man who lives this story everyday.

This track is being deemed as one of the most thought provoking messages delivered by a hip-hop artist in some time. Though the message may ruffle some feathers it must be heard! Jerome is NOT just a song, race or gender… It’s a mindset. All we ask is after you listen to it is for you to ask yourself… are you Jerome?

Listen to the featured track above.

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Bobby Sessions “Black America” Confronts Hotbed of Police Brutality [New Video]


Dallas lyricist Bobby Sessions addresses the hotbed of American police violence in his hard-hitting visual “Black America”. Through harrowing news clips and social media footage, Sessions relays angst-ridden stories of victims of police brutality that we have all watched unravel in recent years.

This Tone Jonez-produced track appears on Bobby Sessions project LOA (Law of Attraction), which was released in 2015. In the wake of Alton Sterling‘s death, Sessions shared on is social media: “‘Black America’ is my most popular song because killing black people is STILL relevant. Sad.”

LOA is available:
AudioMack: HERE
SoundCloud: HERE


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On The Gram: The Strength in Numbers! Captivating Moments From The Million Man March 20th Anniversary


Let’s set the bar a little higher today and make statements.

Are you an activist or a hustler? Are you really worried or is this just the place to be? You a protester or an Agent? You going to complain or make a change? Questions I need answered – Jody Green



Where were you on October 16th 1995?



The Million Man March of 1995 was a congressional movement of the mass black community. Organizing and attempting to preserve the idea that African-American Men were to be seen and respected as a whole, as in fact a community and not as a threat to humane society. In our words, a movement to gain, and withstand power and ordain leadership within society that we as a people matter.


And today, here we are 20 years later struggling with the same battles of yesterday. Asking the same exact questions, hearing the most similar cries and seeing familiar tears with answers remaining slim to none.


But this go round something was different…

image1 The element of fear does not live here anymore! And we’d like to say that loosely as not to claim that the unity of 1995 was fearful. But only to exploit the amount of growth we have acclaimed over the years.


There’s a unique sense of pride in the base of the voices you’ve seen in these pictures today whether they have spoken or not.

image11 Symbolically, they have screamed loud for the people, for the families that lost loved ones to police brutality and so much more.


We can’t deny it for one second. Its tough seeing the tremendous efforts of our people be shunned away by mainstream media.


But 10.10.2015 Africa America silently had a real conversation out of will and not anger. A conversation that will hopefully lead us into a new world of understanding among one another. A conversation that would take us to new heights of the fellowships we truly belong to. It is meant! So let it be!

The photos here were collectively taken by Jody Green. Please take the time to enjoy more of these amazing shots and moments.

Hit the gallery below to see more power photos from the historic day!

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New Video: Melanie Fiona – “I Tried”


Melanie Fiona delivers a quite compelling new visual entitled “I Tried” — a track produced by Andre “Dre” Harris.


In the video, Melanie is incased in a see-through glass cube, displaying the heavy, emotional effects of the worlds many issues from: Police Brutality, Domestic Abuse, Killings of the Innocent and Unarmed (Trayvon Martin), Rape and many others worldly causes that can’t be ignored any longer. Fiona brings all the matters to the forefront.

Check out the powerful visual below:

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