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Peter Rosenberg Exclusive: Big Pun’s Son, Chris Rivers, Talks Pun Physical Abuse and Drops ill Freestyle [Video]

Watch has Chris Rivers aka Chris Rios Jr., Big Pun‘s Son, talks about his finding music, his relationship with his dad, his feelings on his father’s physical abuse, his limited relationship with Fat Joe, and more with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg. Check it out below along with a dope freestyle…

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FLY Interviews: Nicki Minaj and Peter Rosenberg Kiss and Make Up.

Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 11.52.48 AM

Remember when Nicki Minaj and Peter Rosenberg had beef? Yeah me neither . With arguably the largest hip-hop concert in the tri-sate area around the corner Nicki and Rosenberg decided to call a truce. Oh I see what y’all doing over there Hot 97 y’all ain’t slick. Why not get in captain of the “starship” (pun intended) good graces, it makes perfect sense to me. She owes the city a dope performance anyway period. In the interview Nicki discusses why she was mad at the Hot 97 morning show radio personality, she also revealed that she felt she should have hit the stage anyway. Many people including myself felt she should have taken the stage regardless to upstage Rosenberg’s antics. Nicki also revealed she wasn’t even going to perform her pop hit record “Starships” at last years Summer Jam.


No “Starships” ? Riiiigght

The timing of this truce is perfect and both parties are smart on both parts for getting these two together to put to bed the “beef”. NYC wants to see Ms.Minaj in rare hip-hop form it’s long overdue. Peep the whole interview below.

Who knows we might get another Nicki Minaj twerk session on stage at Summer Jam.avNTsxa

Coming to the Summer Jam this year? We shall see.

Stay Fly!

Last Night in NYC

Last Night in NYC : #RoastingKaz Presented By Oovoo

Last Night in NYC at Katra Lounge team SFPL was in the building for the roast of our good friend Kazeem Famuyide. Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg and comedian Mike Brown were the host for the evening proceedings. Those who were tasked at making a mockery of Kaz’s 26 years of life on this planet (all in good fun of course) were Melyssa Ford, Jamal Jimoh, Dan Charnas, Chris Foxx, JasFly and Jeff and Eric Rosenthal of Ciroc made sure everyone was in good spirits as those in attendance sipped on “Kaz-I-Kazes” (clever), “Coco Losos” and any other way they desired to mix their favorite Ciroc flavor. Checkout the rest of the photos from Kaz’s hilarious roast below.

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[FLY Interviews] Joe Budden Dishes About Love and Hip-Hop, Tahiry, Relationship With Raqi Thunder, Drug Use and More In Hot 97 Interview


We are just hours away from the return of Love and Hip-Hop NYC and the anticipation is very high. The shows star Joe Budden stopped by Cipha Sounds and Peter Rosenberg Morning show. He talked about recent comments made by fellow cast-mate Raqi Thunda who claim that Joey was her “Gay Best Friend” and said that a recently leaked nude photo was indeed Joe. Joe pretty much shot down anything she said ,but he did admit that it was him in the photo but it was “doctored” and he could prove it was. Joe also got personal and talked about his use specifically his use of the now popular drug “Molly”. He is now drug free though so good for him. He also touched on his old flame and cast-mate Tahiry as well as his current love interest Kailyn Garcia who makes appearances on the show.  Checkout the interview below.


[The Daily Word] Peter Rosenberg Foils Foxy Brown’s Return To The Stage, YMCMB snubs Summer Jam & DJ FunkMasterFlex declares ‘War’ on Nicki MInaj

About Summer Jam 2012 …

Before I detail the actual show, I need to fill you in on just a few of the nights dramatic points.

At about 7pm, Twitter went insane with tweets from Nicki Minaj and her supporters, irate with comments about Hot 97 DJ Peter Rosenberg. And boy were the barbz pissy …

Why do you ask? “Allegedly” Peter said that she [Nicki] better not perform that “wack ass Starships” track …and said “We about that real hip-hop, not ‘Starships.’”

I mean …

Anyone who knows Rosenberg, knows his thoughts on Nicki. Were they suppose to change because she was in the building? He wasn’t paying her to be there, HOT 97 was.

Wayne confirmed YMCMB’s exit minutes later by tweeting: “Young Money ain’t doing summer jam.”

Then came Nicki …

Wow. U niggaz just fucked up history. But the President has spoken. #YMCMB

I go above and beyond for my fans. But won’t ever go against wayne’s word. What he says, goes.

Then came Jae Millz 

 “Radio personality with NO personality… f— n—a!!! & u ain’t even black…”

And Nicki to responded,

“Not blak but on blak radio dissin blak women.”

I’m still trying to figure out when he dissed black women?


I’m only upset that Nicki took half the line-up with her, including; Camron, Drake, Beenie Man,  and …

Foxy Brown !!!!!!

Ungh, bringing Foxy out would have been simply amazing! *sighs* Well at least to ME.

Although …

Lil’ Kim wasn’t amused.

But nobody took it harder than resident DJ Funkmasterflex


And I quote;

“We ain’t fu**in’ with commercial rappers no more,”

 “If you lost the fu**in’ streets, it’s your fault.”

  “If you don’t go gold, it’s your fault.”

 “I’m dedicated to tearing you down,” 

“If you not buying no more commercial albums, hit me on Twitter right now.”

Flex promised to start his campaign to end Nicki’s career at 7pm tonight.

Oh Boy …

Stay Tuned…

-Stay Fly!


Last Night in NYC

[Last Night In NYC] Hot97’s Cipha Sounds Don’t Get Gassed w/ Tony Roberts, Drita, Rita Ora, Jack Thriller, and more…

Last Night In NYC…at the legendary Caroline’s on Broadway, Hot97’s Cipha Sounds celebrated his birthday through his Don’t Get Gassed Comedy Series. The show(s) featured Esau McGraw, Colin Kane, Andrew Schulz, Trixx, and starred Tony Roberts.

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Last Night In NYC…Erin Christine performs at Hennessy Artistry

Hey here is a video of Erin Christine performing “Say” at HOT 97‘s Henessy Artistry. Peter Rosenberg summed it up when he told the audience that he will “never forget Erin Christine’s name after that”.


Check out the pics of Erin on stage and also Peter Rosenberg, Bilal, and 88 keys below…

-Stay Fly!