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Fly Recap: Gladiators Awaken, Scandal Returns To Prime Time TV


“Inserts Praise Hands Emoji”

First of all, we’ve gotta say thank you to Shonda Rhimes! What almost felt like an eternity has finally broke and the new episodes of Scandal are here!  Last time, they left us on edge when Fitz found out about Mellie’s mass murder deal, with Papa Pope!

IMG_3924 IMG_3925

Now although it can be quite understood why she chose to give up the names at his request.( I mean after all we are talking about “Command”.) But these actions caused every last Juror involved with the B613 trial to be brutally killed.


And at the same token, unknowingly giving power to the man responsible for the death of their son. Foolishly, making moves without giving knowledge to the president,  unfortunately for her there wasn’t too much of a surprise on our end when we heard Fitz shout the words “Pack your bags and get out of MY HOUSE” as soon as he caught word.


Good Bye Mellie, and Right On Fitz! And now after this long and aggravating wait allow them to be reintroduced to you…

IMG_3932 Everyone’s hearts melted all over again as we get into the two love birds that started it all!

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Faith Evans Debuts Cinematic Visual “Fragile” Inspired by Scandal featuring Pooch Hall as President of the United States

Screen shot 2014-11-24 at 2.22.17 PM

Directed by Derek Blanks, inspiration from the hit television series: Scandal, definitely comes into play in Faith Evans newest visual entitled “Fragile.” In the video, Faith plays “First Lady” to actor Pooch Hall, who holds down the fork as President of the United States. With Infidelity in tow, Faith pulls out her inner Mellie Grant character, and smiles like everything is ok, when truthfully, the President is having quite the affair with a female staff member. Peep the drama below…