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You Gon Make Me Buy Bottles For John McCain: Obama Impersonator Remixes Drakes Back To Back (Spoof)


With President Obama approaching his last year running in office, the buzz around our next winning candidate has rapidly risen. As expected of course, but if you’re on the good wishing side of Mr.Barack there’s no way you’d be at all a fan of  Donald Trump in the least!

The Obama's

Now, our president has truly been among the coolest and most definitely the flyest the White House has ever seen! With that, we have to wonder, after presidency what would he be up to next?

President Obama has gained a lot of popularity in the entertainment spiel of things but hilariously this guy we’re about to show you gives us a taste of what things would be like if Obama flipped the script and became an MC. Check out the funny video below:

LMAO We Approve!

-Stay Fly

Lisa Brittany

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[The Daily Word] President Barack Obama RE-ELECTED As The President Of The United States …

Yes. We. Did. AGAIN!

The race was close, but the best candidate came out on top! Last night, President Barack Obama was re-elected for a second term!



Just in case we’ve not been vocal enough STUFF FLY PEOPLE LIKE ENDORSES PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA!

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[Fly-LIGHTs] The Flyest Lines From Last Night’s Presidential Debate …

Last night’s debate was expected to be the typical trilogy snooze fest and ended up being a blockbuster finale
worthy of a rap beef. Foreign policy typically being the duller of debate topics (unless at war time) was livened up
by The P.O.T.U.S. and C.I.C. going in on the G.O.V. and Romney yelling out “Who shot ya” at the Pres. Check out
the flyest lines from the debate:


[Morning INSPIRATION] Michelle Obama’s DNC Speech

‘Being President doesn’t change who you are, it reveals who you are’

Michelle Obama WOWED the World with her DNC Speech in Charlotte, North Carolina on the first day of the Democratic National Convention.

She personifies not only what an Amazing Brown woman is, but what an Amazing FIRST LADY is! It’s bigger than color, larger than creed, and surpasses race.

Step into her speech and be INSPIRED.



-Stay Fly!

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[In BEYONCE NEWS] Queen Bey Set For Memorial Day Weekend ‘Comeback’ …


Yes, it’s time for Mother to return to the stage.

The girls have had enough time to get their weight up, we don’t have another 9 Months to give them … they just need more people.

Beyonce is finally returning to the stage in just a few short months.  The Queen is preparing her talents to perform three exclusive shows during Memorial Day Weekend live on stage at the Revel Resort in Atlantic City.

Guess I won’t be going on Vacation THAT Weekend!

Tickets go on sale April 6th for dates May 25th, May 26th and May 27th.


Meanwhile, Beyonce, Mama Tina and Jay-Z’s mama Gloria Carter took their talents to the Greenwich Hotel in New York yesterday to support President Obama’s re-election campaign.

Bey showed off her post-baby body in a blue Victoria Beckham dress and Nicholas Kirkwood open toe heels.

#BeySeason is amongst us.

-Stay Fly!


[In Beyonce News] Roseanne Barr Goes IN on Beyonce Stans…

The Queen has been SHADED!

This time by a former actress who hasn’t seen relevance since the closing credits on her hit comedy sitcom 50 years ago.

Roseanne Barr

The Comedian who’s currently headlining a Bed Side Comedy tour tweeted …

I lost ALL respect for Obama when he dissed Etta James in favor of Beyonce. No respect for women at all, I thought-Etta was a hero 2 women. I loved Etta James -and yes that did it for me – He hurt her when she was ill

I have not listened to anything Beyonce or Jay z has said or recorded since they did that to Etta. Their arrogance was disgusting.

I’m confused as to who ‘THEY’ are?

Beyonce did nothing but step up to the task. The President of the United States called upon her highness to sing for him, and that’s what she did. Arrogance? 

Who he passed over is not the issue.

ANYONE would have jumped at the opportunity to sing for the President and First Lady at the Inaugural Ball. Like, C’mon.

You already know, The Bey signal hit the clouds and Bey Stans came-a-runnin’ … and Roseanne’s replies were in complete shambles. She proceeded to literally curse out the millions who came to Bey’s rescue;


What a professional this one is.

Of course after the hit went out, Ro Ro snatched her talents in, and tried to clean it up with an apology.


Has the Queen even been effected by all this?

-Stay Fly!

[props to Necole ]


[FLY PIC OF THE DAY] Janelle Monae & President Obama

It looks like President Obama is a fan of Fly Girl, Janelle Monae. We can’t help but smile knowing that we were one of the first blogs to break and support Janelle a few short years ago.


Janelle gave an amazing performance of her single “Tightrope” during a fundraising event at the University of Illinois in Chicago recently. Afterward, the President gave Janelle props on a great performance and admitted that he saw the President of Korea *shimmying* to her music:


“I wanna thank Janelle Monáe for her wonderful performance. Her whole crew is here. We had them at the state dinner and the Korean president and his whole family, they were moving around. They loved it. So music is the universal language and Janelle and her team are incredibly talented.”

and Janelle answered;

“I was deeply honored to be invited by the president to perform at the rally in Chicago at the University of Illinois. It was an amazing feeling to be amongst so many people, young and old, black, white, red, disabled, all united, eager to help support a man who has ended the war in Iraq, gotten rid of ‘don’t ask don’t tell’—allowing anyone to serve this country regardless of who you love—made sure women were not paid less than men merely because they are women, doubled pell grants, given 2.5 million young people health insurance, and has created a law that recognizes that crimes based on sexual orientation, gender identity, race, or disability aren’t just any crime—they’re hate crimes that deserve justice.

“These are all things he said he’d do before he was elected and did them. There are more important accomplishments that can be added to this list. I strongly believe our nation should continue upon this path, bringing justice to all and change where needed. President Obama remains the candidate of hope and change, and he will continue to move our country forward, bringing even more change if re-elected.”


Step into the footage below.

-Stay Fly!


President Obama Addresses the Foolishness…


Yesterday President Obama Addressed the Foolishness that is the on going debate over his legitimacy as a qualified Presidential Candidate as a result of his Birth Certificate that ‘Allegedly’ has never been seen.

First of all, he’s already the President of the United States. Does anyone in their right mind seriously believe he could have ever gone through the process of candidate verification without his place of birth being reviewed. Seriously.

I’m so annoyed with this, and have been trying to articulate my anger all Day. It’s hard for me not to come off as an angry Blogger because I honestly feel like the birth status of his White precedent constituients have never been questioned. Do I think it’s a Black Things? Absolutely. It’s disrespectful and I’m calling America Out on their Bullshit.

Especially since the Media didn’t rally behind it until Alleged Presidential Candidate Donald Trump *Side-Eye* began to instigate the origins of the Presidents Birth Certificate.


Fortunately for me, Founder of Black Enterprise. Earl Graves, Sr feels my pain, and has helped me articulate myself.

‘Shame’ on you for ‘disrespecting Presidential Office’

‘President Obama provided the same proof of citizenship and eligibility as a presidential candidate as every other modern presidential hopeful when he submitted his standard short-form birth certificate in 2008. To have allowed this issue to evolve from that point is irresponsible and absolutely disrespectful to the Office of the Presidency’

Today’s release by the White House of President Barack Obama’s “long-form” birth certificate, confirming that he was born in Hawaii and therefore is indeed the legitimate President of the United States, puts a long overdue period on what has been an absurdity unprecedented in the history of the U.S. presidency. This farce reached a crescendo whenDonald Trump attached his brand, which stands for outrageous excess, to the so-called “birther” movement. Now, in an incredible act of ridiculousness that would make P.T. Barnum blush, Trump is reportedly taking credit for “forcing” the White House to release the birth certificate.

Trump, supposedly considering a presidential run, should be ashamed of exploiting and elevating the birther issue to the point of intolerable distraction from the real and serious issues being faced by the nation and the world, issues that require the Obama Administration’s undivided attention. That Trump would so irresponsibly lend credence to doubts about Obama’s U.S. citizenship (while hypocritically stating that he believes that the President is an American citizen) suggests anything but fitness for any public office, much less the American presidency.

President Obama provided the same proof of citizenship and eligibility as a presidential candidate as every other modern presidential hopeful when he submitted his standard short-form birth certificate in 2008. To have allowed this issue to evolve from that point is irresponsible and absolutely disrespectful to the Office of the Presidency. It is unfortunate that, three years after being legitimately elected, President Obama had to go to this length to remove an untenable distraction from his real work of service to the American people.


Our Sentiments Exactly!


[Black Enterprise]

-Stay Fly!