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Free The Nipple Or Nah: Instagram Blames Apple For Anti-Nudity Restrictions

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Recently, Business Insider reported that Instagram’s CEO and Co-Founder Kevyn Systrom blames Apple for the application’s very strict guidelines regarding nudity. Systrom explained that the restrictions can not be changed because of Apple’s age rating system.

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That explains why Rihanna‘s infamous LUI Magazine cover was removed from the app. Instagram is currently placed in a 12+ category; which causes explicit content to be prohibited. Also IG being placed in this category causes the ‘Free The Nipple,’ campaign to be removed from the app.

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Now it all makes sense, as to why Instagram removes content they believe is ‘inappropriate’ on your page; what is even more interesting is why are there 12 year olds on Instagram. Hopefully, Apple and Instagram can come together and work something out with these extremely strict guidelines and find a way to keep kids under 16 off of IG.

Source: Hypebeast

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