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Fly News: Sister Souljah Gears Up For New Book Release ‘A Moment of Silence Midnight III’


Sister Souljah embarks on yet another journey releasing a new novel that will for sure make it’s mark.

Handsome and young, Muslim and married to two women living in one house along with his mother Umma and sister Naja, can Midnight manage? He is surrounded by Americans who don’t share or understand his faith or culture and adults who are offended by his maturity, intelligence as well as his natural ability to make his hard work turn into real money.


Calm, confident and cool, Ninja-trained and powerful, one moment of rage throws this Brooklyn youth into a dark world of dirty police, gangs, guns, drugs, prisons and prisoners. Everything he ever believed, every dollar he ever earned and all of the women he ever loved, including his mother, are at risk. Will his manhood be taken, broken or altered? Can he maintain his faith among the heathens? Outnumbered, overruled, and deeply envied, how could he possibly survive? Will the streets convert him? What can he keep? What must he lose?

A heart-pounding adventure, thriller and intense narrative, New York Times best-selling author Sister Souljah has penned her most passionate and engrossing novel to date. Raw and uncompromising, her storytelling highlights and ignites the ongoing struggle of young men worldwide to not only survive, but to live strong, to earn, to have the right to love and protect their families, receive justice and to be free.


Pre-order “A Moment of Silence MIDNIGHT III” on 

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“Sister Souljah’s novels speak to the issues that are deeply debated in my city. An important read.” 

– Mayor Ras J. Baraka, City of Newark, NJ

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5 Things We Learned From Nicki Minaj’s New York Times Magazine Interview

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Today, The New York Times Magazine dropped their interview with Young Money’s own Nicki Minaj. Their writer Vanessa Grigoriadis asked a series of questions, and we learned a few things we didn’t know about FLY Girl Nicki M. From the whole MTV Video Music Awards out burst to her true feelings about Drake’s and Meek Mill’s beef. Check out the 5 things we like from this interview after the jump.