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LeBron James Ends His Social Media Silence With A Message To His Haters


eBron James has finally ended his social media silence or as he calls it “Zero Dark 23” and all of his “haters” were the subject of discussion.

Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Fresh off his impressive NBA Finals performance, LeBron immediately hopped on his Instagram account and first posted a video with him and the Larry O’Brien trophy. In the video Bron express his love for the highly coveted prize in the NBA.

LeBron didn’t stop there though as it was time to call out all of the sports pundits and haters who said the King couldn’t get the job done. LeBron basically points out every single criticism that came his way this season and lets them know they were dead wrong about him. But most importantly LeBron just wants them to #PutsomeRespekOnHisName.

Let them know Bron, and talk yo ish you earned this championship. No one can slander your name ever again.


Stay Fly!

Photo: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

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On The Gram: Hilarious Reactions Following The Golden State Warriors Loss To The Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron James finally delivered on his promise of bringing home a championship to the city of Cleveland. Both him and Kyrie Irving lead their squad to a historic NBA Finals victory over the defending champs, the Golden State Warriors becoming the first team ever to overcome a 3-1 series deficit.

When it was all said and done, a very emotional LeBron James finally succumbed to the weight of carrying his city on his shoulders and collapsed to floor shedding tears. The tears of course were expected just as much as they were justified because you can only imagine how it felt to accomplish something you set out do for so long.


But with every winner there must be a loser of course. The Golden State Warriors were without a doubt the the darlings of the NBA. They followed up their previous championship season with a historical one breaking the Chicago Bulls wins record with an astounding 73 win season. The question during the whole season was without a doubt who could stop the Golden State Warriors from repeating? That question was answered last night and this defining moment all but sealed the Warriors fate


Some folks will argue things all started to fall apart for the Warriors when Draymond Green got suspended OR the bad omen was the release Steph’s trash Under Armour sneakers.Some will even say things were not looking for the once supremely confident Warriors after their Game 6 loss causing Steph’s wife Ayesha to go into a Twitter tirade after Steph was ejected.


Stephen Curry, Coach Steve Kerr Fined $25,000 For Game 6 Outburst

The jokes following game 6 were good but man nothing was going to prepare Ayesha, Steph and the Golden State Warriors for the slander that was coming their way. Here is a small sample of it:


BRUH! But it definitely didn’t just end there, nope not by a long shot. Hit the gallery below to see all of slander thrown at the Golden State Warriors for becoming the biggest flop in NBA History.

PHOTO: Getty Images


‘All Hail Stephen Curry’: Cop A ‘Curry Goat’ Tee Today for The NBA Finals

2016 NBA Finals - Game Five

Right in the midst of the intense NBA Finals, we could all use a little humor paired with homage to loosen up all the tension that this year’s playoffs has caused. With the Cavs and Golden State literally going head-to-head, fans have been on their toes to see who takes home the winning trophy.


Today, everyone’s favorite basketball player, Stephen Curry is featured on a custom t-shirt entitled “Curry Goat”, as Curry’s head is mounted on a goat’s body, showing Steph’s popular mouthpiece, and facial expression while normally on the court.


To top it off, you can also find a framed tee with a bowl of Curry Goat, etched with the #30 just on the side, which is the MVP’s jersey number.

Head over to The Curry Goat to get yours now!

Photo Credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

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On The Gram: LeBron James Plays His Heart Out Still Memed For 2015 NBA Finals Loss

LeBron James 2015 NBA Finals Memes
(Photo by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)

“We ran out of talent” said LeBron James


You can be the biggest LeBron James hater on the planet, but you gotta respect the man and the effort he put forth this NBA Playoffs and Finals. The man gave one of the greatest Herculean efforts we have ever witnessed in NBA history. That didn’t stop the internet for blessing the King with memes downplaying his effort though.

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Matthew Dellavedova Memes

One thing about the sports is that on any given day someone can step up and seize the moment. The 2015 NBA Finals isn’t short on superstars you got LeBron James, Steph Curry and Klay Thompson just to name a few. Who would have thought we would be talking about a scrappy Aussie by the name of Matthew Dellavedova.