And The Negro Please Award Goes To...

And The Negro Please Award Goes To… : Lil Wayne For Saying He Had Sex With Chris Bosh’s Wife

Dear Lil Wayne congratulations, you earned yourself The Negro Please Award, good job! Not only did you sound incredibly dumb with that disrespectful verse referencing the tragic death of Emmit Till to rough sex, now you’re talking about having sex with another mans wife. Wayne was filmed going on the rant before leaving the stage at a Beats By Dre party in Houston TX during NBA All-Star Weekend. Wayne proclaimed his hate for the Miami Heat and their three superstars Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. Let us discuss how we even got to this point shall we. The bad blood stems from when Wayne complained that Lebron and D.Wade never acknowledged him during a Miami Heat VS. New Orleans Hornets game  here’s what he said

‘Them n***as never speak to a n***a,’ he says. ‘They don’t chuck me the deuce or nothing. N***a spent all that money on them f****g tickets … Come holla at me. We sit right by them little b***h-a** n***as. At least come ask me why I’m not rooting for you.’”

Seriously Wayne?

From then on Wayne continued to take little shots, even partying with the Dallas Mavericks after they defeated the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals.

Yeah so Wayne you still wonder why you are not really wanted court-side at Miami Heat home games. If I was in the Miami Heat organization I wouldn’t want you there either. Then you apparently you claim this year you were tossed out of a Miami Heat home game for no reason at all.

Do I believe they did for no reason ? Hmmmm probably not, I mean you do claim you don’t give a f**K so and you pretty much proved that with this rant you went on at NBA All Star Weekend.

Now here’s the thing Wayne it’s ok not to like a team , being a huge sports fan I get it. There is just a line you do not cross messing with another man’s wife is definitely one of those lines. Another thing you being a business man as well as a musician it’s not really smart to be out here pretty much slandering entities such as the NBA. You already made a fool out of yourself at Super Bowl weekend yelling obscenities at a camera man while participating in Direct TV’s 7th annual Celebrity Beach Bowl smh. Think of the endorsement deals you might of just killed with the utter nonsense you spewed from your platinum filled mouth.

So Lil Wayne congratulations for making a complete ass out of yourself this weekend. You hands down won The Negro Please Award easily you earned it!

Oh Wayne be on the look out Chris is definitely looking for you now! 

Stay Fly!