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Opinions Opinions: 2015’s Most Bitter Celebs and Personalities Thus Far


In today’s bitter news, we have 10 celebrities who have been having a very salty 2015. Here is what #TeamSFPL has to say about all of the saltiness.


Good Hygiene It’s Just Not A “White People Thing”: 9 White Celebs With Poor Personal Hygiene Practices

Naya Rivera US Magazine

Naya Rivera has folks talking about her, but for all the wrong reasons. On Tuesday the Glee star was guest hosting on the daytime talk show The View when she caused a lot of controversy with a bonehead opinion she shared on personal hygiene.

“I have to say I have a theory about showering, [which] is that I think that white people shower a lot more than ethnics,” she said. “I feel like showering more than once a day or every day is such a white people thing.”coming-to-america-bar-scene2

Her fellow co-hosts couldn’t believe what they were hearing. She continued to dig her hole even deeper when she tried to explain herself saying her mother is half-black, half Puerto Rican and showers everyday and then added since she’s married to a white man (Ryan Dorsey)  and he showers a lot. Like two or three times a day. She has since apologized for her ridiculous comments, claiming she only meant it as a joke .


Welllll we put Ms. Rivera’s bonehead theory to the test to see if in fact good hygiene is just a “white people thing: looks like it’s most certainly not. Checkout the gallery below to see which white celebs have poor hygiene practices.

Image Via: US Magazine

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Nicki Minaj Wants To Guest Host On ‘The View’, Wants To Prove She’s Not Dumb

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 3.46.32 PM


Nicki Minaj has caused quite a stir since the Nazi-esque imagery in her video entitled “Only.” Now in the comment, and opinionated streets, The View hosts, Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie Perez had a few words to share about Nicki and the release of the video, with guest host Naya Rivera in tow. Yes, Naya is in the mix yet again, and Nicki is not too happy about it. Peep more on the story below…

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The Daily Word: Naya Rivera Reads Kim K, Chelsea Handler Mimics Kim K’s Paper Mag Cover.

Kim Kardashian West and Paper Mag definitely accomplished what they sought out to do. They definitely broke the internet when she revealed her new cover with the mag baring her expensive, oiled up rear end.

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The Daily Word: Naya Rivera Marries Ryan Dorsey 3 Months After Calling Off Engagement With Big Sean!


Well that didn’t take long at all. Naya Rivera got married to good friend of 4 years Ryan Dorsey, just 3 months after her and Big Sean decided to call off their engagement People magazine revealed today.

The Daily Word

The Daily Word: Big Sean and Naya Riviera Are Engaged, Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Like Clothes, Kim K Shows Off North West and Lauryn Hill is Free…

Apparently six months is enough time, well according to Big Sean and Naya Rivera. The Glee star and singer revealed to that she and the Detroit playa  rapper are officially engaged. The two lovebirds met on twitter after Rivera heard one of Sean’s songs and inquired about the rapper. The two exchanged pleasantries on the social network, linked up for dinner and it’s been magic ever since.

That’s a nice rock, apparently Sean does “Do It” (Pun intended). Congrats to the young couple.

Miley, Miley, Miley oh Miley. The bad girl of pop just gave us even more reason to talk about her after she released some very revealing photos of herself taken by famed photog Terry Richardson. The artist formerly known as Hannah Montana released the photos in response to an open letter penned by Sinead O’Conner.  Miley credited O’Conner as the inspiration for her latest visual “Wrecking Ball“. I have no issues with the rebel that is Miley Cyrus cause I totally understand wanting to finally be herself. These photos are just too much though. Terry you really didn’t have to take these at all. Checkout a few of them below and if you dare you can see the rest on Terry’s Tumblr.

We know you can’t stop but sometimes I wish you would.


Feast your eyes on North West though, a welcoming site after viewing those Miley Cyrus photos.


Kim Kardashian shared via her Instagram account this photo of her and Kanye’s bundle of joy North West. North is absolutely adorable, why they have her all wrapped up like a pig in a blanket though is beyond me. Nonetheless the power couple have themselves one gorgeous child.

Last but not least…

Ms. Lauryn Hill is FREE! Lauryn served a 3 month bid for tax evasion and is now out of federal prison according to TMZ. The ex Fugees singer was released a few days early thanks to good behavior, she will be confined to her for 3-months as part of a 1-year probation period her attorney revealed to TMZ. She also released a new song today “Consumerism” you can listen to it here. We are glad to hear that Lauryn is out and can hopefully get her music career back on track. Even though the government is shutdown trust me you still better pay those damn taxes.

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Big Sean Hosting the Moet Rose Lounge [Video]

Recently, Moët Rose Lounge Series held an exclusive event hosted by Big Sean in LA at The London West Hollywood on Tuesday , August 13.


SFPL Tunes: Naya Rivera ft. Big Sean – “Sorry”

Naya Rivera comes above the ‘Glee’ waters and releases her new solo effort entitled “Sorry”. The new track also features her current boyfriend, rapper Big Sean whose in the process of releasing his new album as well. Check it out below and let us know what you think….