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R.I.P: Nate Dogg dies at 41…


Damn, when you hear things like this it really hurts your heart. Nate Dogg was The Original King of Hooks! A true West Coast Legend who ’til his end, remained thoroughly loyal to his crew!! You can’t say that for everyone…

Nate Dogg (AKA Nathaniel Hale)¬†had previously¬†suffered two strokes in ’07, and again in ’08 and had been currently residing in a long term care facility. We were all under the impression that his health was improving, but according to various sources, suffered from a Heart Attack late Tuesday night.

Twitter has been out of control with RIP, lyrics to his classic music, as well as just overall sympathy, shock, and disbelief.

We sincerely give our full condolences to his family during their time of grief. Hopefully, our love and outpour of support can be some type of solace to them all.

Check out some Classic Nate Dogg!!

R.I.P Nate Dogg

-Stay Fly!

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