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Fly Visual: MoosieWins – “No Issues”

Photo Nov 16, 10 04 19 PM

Multifaceted MoosieWins, has organically transitioned from songwriter to an emerging artist. Freshly off his new EP NBA (Nothing But Ambition), over the weekend MoosieWins released a dope visual for the track “No Issues.”

Inspired by some needed lesson’s of ambition, he began teaching his son Jalen the meaning of the word and all it represents early summer of this year.

When asked what else was it that motivated him to create this project, Moose says:

“After teaching him the meaning of ambition, the idea just came together in regards to the theme. I was always back and forth with him to games, practice, and basketball camp. So with working on my music as well, the idea just fused together perfectly.”

Check out the visual below:

With over 8,000 combined followers on his social media channels, including brand initiatives, @musicalmemoirs, @Scholarich and @ScholarichMG, @MoosieWins is definitely one to add to your network.

Hosted by DJ Pvnch, be sure to check out “NBA (Nothing But Ambition)” on Soundcloud Now!

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