SFPL Music: Kanye West – “Facts”, Michael Jordan’s Son Wasn’t Too Amused About West’s Diss To The Jordan Brand

Kanye West kicks the door down in 2016 with a new track called "Facts". The talented rapper-producer-designer isn't backing down, as he states his own personal 'facts' of  his current status Yeezy status, breaking records in the sneaker game, Kim Kardashian's newest app "Kimoji" shutting down the App store making 1 million dollars a minute... Continue Reading →

Fly Visual: MoosieWins – “No Issues”

Multifaceted MoosieWins, has organically transitioned from songwriter to an emerging artist. Freshly off his new EP NBA (Nothing But Ambition), over the weekend MoosieWins released a dope visual for the track "No Issues." Inspired by some needed lesson's of ambition, he began teaching his son Jalen the meaning of the word and all it represents early summer... Continue Reading →

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