Wigs Come off In The Super Trailer For Season 7 of Love of Hip-Hop NY!

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Love and Hip-Hop NY is back for its seventh yes you heard right seventh season!  This season looks to pick up right where the drama left off last season. Yandy makes her triumphant and she is trying to make peace with her husband Mendeecees baby mama for the sake of the kids.

The creep squad composed of Rich Dollaz , Cisco Rosado, Peter Gunz and DJ Self are still together. Things  seem to get hectic between Self and Cisco over the contract of Mariahlynn.


Our favorite from last season Cardi B also returns along with her sister Hennessy, yes you read that right her name is Hennessy.


Cardi B is enjoying her newfound fame and has put her marriage plans with felon bae on hold. That doesn’t mean Cardi isn’t out here getting action. Cardi has a thing for her producer Swift Star . We know in the Love and Hip-Hop world no relationship comes without drama. Swift is shooting his shot at Cardi but he also has a girlfriend and she is not here for Cardi B at all.


Cam’ron and Juju make an appearance in the trailer as well, it looks like though Cam is not an official cast member and took to Instagram to clarify that.

Newcomer to the LHHNY scene is Felicia “Snoop” Pearson from the hit HBO series The Wire. She looks to be battling some insecurity issues with her girlfriend after she watches a video with Snoop and our FLY gal Sofi Green hanging out.  Also new to the Love and Hip-Hop universe is Hot 97’s own DJ Drewski. It seems Yandy’s young protege Bianca has eyes from the blue-eyed record spinner bu his girlfriend has something to say about that.

Original cast member Kimbella returns to the Love and Hip-Hop franchise with her boo Juelz Sanatana. Juelz wants his girl to make things right with Yandy but is it too late for all of that?

Last not but not least Remy Ma and Papoose return for another season. Papoose is on a mission to knock up Remy and at the same time they have to mentor their two oldest kids whom also want to tackle the music industry.


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On The Gram: Love And Hip Hop New York Sparks The Internet To Go Off With Memes


Its official, when it comes to Ratchet TV Monday’s, the internet has no chill. Back at it again, from the new cast members to all the familiar faces, tonight’s episode sent the Gram on a meme frenzy! Here’s 15 of the most funniest posts we found after tonight’s show. Check it out after the jump.


Got Eeeemmm: The #LHHWedding Gets Memed

#LHHWedding Memes

Mendeecees and Yandy Smith-Harris made it official yesterday during their live telecast and interactive wedding on VH1. It was a fairytale wedding infused with a bit of ratchet TV Mondays, and it worked out very well. It was like the all-star game of reality tv, cast members from all of Mona Scott Young’s reality series were in attendance as well as other VH1 reality programming.

It was a beautiful wedding, trying it’s best to mimic the royal wedding we see across the pond.  Lets be real though, you didn’t think with all those Love and Hip-Hop stars under one roof there wouldn’t be any memes did you? Think again there were plenty of them from last night. Check them out in the gallery below.

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Yandy Smith Talks with BlogXilla at the ‘No Judgement Zone’ via Global Grind [Video]

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