CASSIUS Releases June Digital Cover ‘The First Supper’ featuring “30 Unapologetics”

On the heels of its inaugural “Culture Vultures” digital cover, CASSIUS — the latest brand from iONE Digital (formerly Interactive One) and the definitive digital destination for urban millennials – has announced its June 2017 cover: The First Supper.

‘The First Supper,’ a graphic illustration featuring 30 of the most talked-about, controversial figures in pop culture and American history, is divided into four covers featuring distinct groups of ‘Unapologetics’-cultural disruptors as they are known in the CASSIUS world. The series features critical essays penned by CASSIUS top editors and on video, extended conversation about the covers’ ultimate message and the sheer power of its many subjects.

The June cover is in keeping with CASSIUS’ mission to cut through today’s headlines with stories and critical commentary that are relevant to millennials and directly address the global impact of Black culture. Each month, CASSIUS will create original covers underscoring their unique point of view on themes such as power, identity, and race. Video content will accompany each cover.

“This month, we wanted to nod to ‘The Unapologetics’ of then and now,” says CASSIUS creator Kierna Mayo, SVP, Content and Brands at iONE Digital. “We determined that people throughout time who change the world and never apologize for it, fall into fascinating sub-categories worthy of exploration. Deciding which ‘disciples’ should have a seat at the ‘First Supper’ table was hotly debated in our office. The truth is, the world is filled with ‘Unapologetics’ -fearless individuals who push us to think differently and for everyone depicted, there was also the case for someone else. We hope our audience has the same endless discussion we did. Who really moves culture forward?”

The June cover art was illustrated by Mark Hammermeister.

At a time when mainstream media is dominated by political theater and extreme narratives, CASSIUS provides readers with a rare lens that positions Black culture as central to the world’s key issues.

Cadillac and The Coca-Cola Company are the proud launch partners of CASSIUS.

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[Video] Maya Angelou Calls in and Drops Some Knowledge, Common Talks About The Drake Diss

I don’t think the word “disappointment” quite makes it. I was “surprised.” I know that Common is brilliant. He may, in fact, be close enough to be called a genius – I’m not sure. I know that we are all in process and young artists are in process. It’s important to realize that all of you – all of us – [are in process]. There was a statement made by Machiavelli in the 15th century. He said if you want to control the people, separate them, and you can rule them. Divide them and you can conquer them. I will not be divided from Common. By anybody’s imagination, he is brilliant and even genius, maybe. But certainly smarter than us to know that he’s in process. And next week, he might not even use the N-word[,] or the B-word. It may even take two or three weeks, or a month. But I’m not going to be separated from him…

Do your best to not be divided. This doesn’t mean you are supposed to support everything anybody says. Say “I disagree, but I don’t disagree to the point where I want you dead and out of here.” You must understand that, people, we live in direct relation to the heroes and sheroes we have. Always and in always if we don’t have heroes and sheroes and keep them alive, we are nothing.

I love how Maya Angelou stands her ground. She is definitely a legend and her knowledge, and accurate perception is priceless.