The Curious Case of ‘The X Factor (US)’ (Season 1 / Episode 22) …

Nobody saw it coming.

At least, I didn’t.

Last nights’s X Factor found (In My Opinion) the main talent in the final three. Really America? From the very beginning of the program I saw satan rear his ugly head. How So? “America” (air quotations) had already chosen (of all people) Chris Renee as one of it’s top contender’s and by the end had placed the two with the greatest ‘Star’ potential in the bottom two. Namely, Marcus Canty and Rachel Crow. Proving once again that I live in the same country that elected George Bush Jr. into Presidency. Morons.

The two then had to battle it out, and THIS is where it gets cloudy. Step into both performances please…

Marcus Canty

Rachel Crow

Now I’m no expert on vocals and tones and the such, but ANYONE with an ear who can hear, can clearly hear that Rachel KILLED Marcus (That’s not up for debate). So when it gets down to the elimination table, BASED ON THE PERFORMANCES PROVIDED, the only one I’m expecting to vote for Marcus is his new sugar daddy, L.A. Reid. Right?

But Then…


The Elimination …




Now as fair as it may have been when the past votes where tallied, that’s not my point. My Point is God Damn Nicole Scherzinger ain’t sitting up there for nothing. She was appointed (God only knows why) to JUDGE, and she failed to do so with her incompetent ass. Letting the past votes determine the winner may have been fair, but it defeated the purpose of her being up there in the first place. If it were up to America, Chris Renee who has the LEAST talent out of the final 5 would have already won with his slew of sympathy votes. That’s why the judges are appointed to create a system of Check & Balances, HELLO? If Nicole can’t use those big ass ears of hers to make a sound decision, then it’s time for IMPEACHMENT! And that’s fair because she has a job to do, and failed to do it. Can’t make a sound decision? TAKE YOUR ASS HOME!


Rachel may have gone home, but Marcus ain’t that far behind. And I mean that in the shadiest way possible. And for everyone who keeps saying that she’ll have a career anyway, that’s not the point. It may be a fact, but it’s not the point. The point is that she came on the show to WIN, and Nicole’s inability to make a sound decision cost her that chance. No one wants to be the Runner Up when they could be the Winner, and regardless of what Nicole’s ‘real’ decision would have been if she had made one, THAT would have been fair.


Stay Fly!