Rasheeda Mulls Divorce, Karlie Confronts Joc and Tommy, Melissa Smashed Both Mimi and Ariane.

Tongiht’s episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta picks up with Scrappy and his messy hair linking up with Rasheeda.She has been relatively quiet since finding out Kirk cheated on her and possibly is the father of Jasmine’s child. The two link up to talk about each others disastrous relationships.

Scrappy reveals to Rasheeda that the wedding is off but he loses it when she reveals that she is considering getting a divorce. Scrappy feels if Kirk and Rasheeda can’t make,there is no chance for him as well. As if Kirk and Rasheeda are everyone’s relationship goals.

Anyway for some reason Scrappy feels the need he has to help salvage Kirk and Rasheeda’s marriage. He also links up with Kirk to try to convince the habitual cheater to save his marriage.

Kirk and his classless self decides to the blame Rasheeda for their marriage falling apart and him having to cheat. He claims the lack of intimacy is the real culprit which pushed him into arms of a stripper.

Basically Kirk is still a waste of time and Rasheeda deserves better. Scrappy tries to convince Kirk to take a paternity test to see if the child is his or not. Kirk denies the baby belongs to him but doesn’t want to take a paternity test to clear his name and save his marriage.

The perplexing behavior of telling the loud mouth of Atlanta, Karlie Redd all of their business continues in this episode. Not one but two people confront Karlie Redd to “spill the tea” and you know Karlie was all ears. First to gossip to Karlie was Joc’s baby mama of all people. She tells Karlie that she lied to Joc about dating his former friend Rod. She also hints at Joc possibly messing with Tommy to Karlie who boasted about her relationship with Joc going pretty well. So much for that!

After Joc’s baby mama spilled the beans on him it was Jessica Dimepiece’s turn to spill the tea. She already confirms to Karlie what she already knew about Joc and Tommy. She also tells Tommy about the big fight at Tommy’s wine tasting and how she tried to be friends with Karlie”s nemesis Joseline. Karlie wasn’t here for that news but now she is dead set on getting revenge on Joc and Tommy.

Karlie uses the opportunity to exact her revenge on her boo Joc at his comedy show. Karlie shows up with Melissa and Jessica and is not in a good mood. She immediately sets things off with Tommy and Lovely Mimi. Just observe the ratchetness below:

Now the biggest mess of the night belongs to Melissa, Joseline, Stevie, Ariane and Mimi. Joeseline is dead set on denying custody and visitation rights to Stevie after their battle in court. She reveals to Melissa her plan to move to Miami but Melissa tells her she just can’t up and take the baby away from Stevie. Mimi was on a complete warpath tonight, she also links up with Stevie to talk about Joseline.

She tells Stevie that she doesn’t want Joseline around her daughter and boy does she let him know how she really feels.

Mimi also has a problem with her “friend” Melissa tonight as well. She’s not to happy to learn from Ariane that Melissa is parading around with Joseline and confronts her about it. In the process she also learns from Melissa that her and Ariane used to sleep with each other and that Ariane was jealous.

But wait there’s more, Mimi goes and confronts Ariane about not telling her about sleeping with Melissa.

Ariane reveals that it happened a long time ago and that she had no reason to tell Mimi about it and we honestly agree. Mimi tells Ariane that Melissa said she was jealous of her and Mimi and that puts the battery in Arianes back to confront Mimi.

Ariane links up with Melissa and it’s there we learn that not only has Melissa been sleeping with Ariane but she also had a thing with Mimi.

What an absolute mess, peep the hilarious reactions to tonight’s episode in the gallery below:




LHHATL’s Tommie Lee Recreates Teyana Taylor Infamous “FADE” Video

Can’t get enough of Kanye West‘s Fade Video featuring Teyana Taylor? Don’t worry, Hollywood Unlocked has you covered! Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member Tommie Lee pays homage to Teyana Taylor on Halloween with a recreation of West’s Fade.

In the clip, Tommie shows that she isn’t afraid to show off her natural curves all while saluting Taylor for an ultimate, inspiring visual clip.

Take a look & let us know your thoughts!

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R&B Songstress and “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” Star: Kalenna “Borderline”

R&B Songstress and “Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta” Star, Kalenna is back with another smash. “Borderline” is about the struggle with life and wanting to give up on everything when every goes wrong. The track was produced by the incredible – C Note and will served as a record from the upcoming EP , which is due for release in July 2015


On The Gram: Joc’s Baby Mama Meeting, Mimi’s Lies Generate Hilarious Memes


In tonight’s hysterical episode of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta we learned that Joc’s baby mama’s all meet up for drinks and conversation, Joseline thinks she’s on the level of Nicki Minaj and Mimi is a liar. The greatness that is the internet summed it all up in the form of memes. Hit the gallery below to see the best ones.


Lil Scrappy ft. Young Buck – ‘They Hate Me’ [SFPL Tunes]

‘Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta’ star, Lil Scrappy had much to be thankful for this past Thanksgiving. The rapper recently signed a joint venture between his record label and Sony Entertainment for his forthcoming album, ‘Reparations,’ available Spring 2014.


New Music: K.Michelle – “V.S.O.P.”


 I’m not mad at this at all! K.Michelle premiered her new single “V.S.O.P.”  on the YBF today off her forthcoming album Rebellious Soul.  The track was produced by Pop & Oak and features a sped up sample of Debra Laws “Very Special”. On the song K.Michelle sings about catering to her man all the while incorporating the hoods favorite cognac Hennessy . K.Michelle has garnered a fan base off her R&B mixtapes for her keep it real approach when it comes to her music. She stays in that lane with this new single and I am sure Rebellious Soul is just chocked full of these tracks. Checkout K.Michelle’new single below.


[SFPL RECAP] Love & Hip Hop:ATL, Season 1, Episode 7, “LOVE AND NEWPORTS: AWAKENING” …

“When I saw Joseline jump up and WWF his a—, what was I supposed to do? I’m just scoot on over and let you whack him. Get him again. Get him for me. Ahhh!” At least Mimi and Joseline can seem to agree on one thing. Therapy never hurt nobody! Mimi and Stevie J‘s therapy session last week got real when Dr. Jeff got Stevie to admit he was a liar, and both of their abandonment issues were laid on the table. To get things back right with Mimi, Stevie J heads to the park with her and their adorable two-year-old daughter. Of course enjoying the time with their baby led to a discussion about Stevie J’s ways. “I don’t want you to think or get so comfortable that you think I’m so cool that anything goes,” said Mimi. “I’m not that cool.” Stevie drops the bomb on Mimi that he wants Mimi and Joseline to go to therapy together with him so they can move forward. Not a good look, Stevie. Going to counseling with your main chick and side chick is a bomb waiting to explode. “I’m in a relationship with Stevie, not Joseline. So why in the f— would I have Joseline at my therapy session?” Karlie Redd is ready to make music.   In order to work with Stevie J she has to make a song with Joseline, so why not invite the chick you have to work with to lunch? Joseline is not in the least bit moved by Karlie’s attempt to reconcile. “Ok, well your manager can’t agree with my manager if he’s no longer my manager,” said Joseline. “You don’t have to do a song with me, you can just work with Stevie.” Karlie, not knowing how to leave the past in the past wants Joseline to admit she was right about Stevie J and Joseline messing around. But Joseline’s not having it. “Why was you so worried about me messing with Stevie anyway? You must want to mess with him.” Karlie uses this as an opportunity to tell Joseline she’s messing with Benzino instead.

And again, Joseline really couldn’t care less, but she plays along for entertainment’s sake. Scrappy‘s in the studio listening to music while Shay dances for him. He wants Rasheeda to listen to the track and possibly collaborate on, but when she arrives she’s perplexed as to why Shay is there. “What’s up with all that?” asks Rasheeda. Rasheeda’s not buying his “that’s the homie” answer. She lets him know Erica is hurt over their breakup. Scrappy’s shocked because both he said he’s never seen her cry, but Rasheeda told him Erica has shed a few tears. He tries to convince Rasheeda he’s done, but she doesn’t believe him.

Benzino hooked Karlie up with a photo shoot for Hip Hop Weekly. When he comes to the shoot he wants Karlie to clear everything up with her label since they think dating him is a bad idea. Karlie assures him that situation will never happen again. “You are the pieces to my puzzle,” she says before handing him a puzzle piece dog chain. How sweet. The ladies — Ariane, Mimi and K.Michelle — meet up with Rasheeda to support the track she did on Scrappy’s song. “Can you make room for K.Michelle’s ass, please,” said Ariane. “It’s its own little contrampment,” Rasheeda adds. We don’t know what a contrampment is, but we do know K.Michelle has a nice donk. Rasheeda’s a bit sad that Kirk didn’t show up. Changing the subject since talking about Scrappy is too much for Rasheeda, she tells the girls about Scrappy kissing Shay in the studio the other day.

“He done moved on the next hot pocket, huh?” says K.Michelle. Speaking of the devil, Scrappy walks in with Shay and silence commences. “My whole left leg is doing the Elvis Presley, I feel some type of way,” proclaims K.Michelle. She’s going to tell Erica about Scrappy’s new boo, but the other women don’t think that’s the best idea. Mimi comes clean to Ariane that she and Stevie are in counseling. “I thought it was just going to be a wrap because the last time we spoke, you were packing up his all of his s—,” Ariane responded. It’s safe to say Ariane thinks the counseling is pointless. And she’s actually irritated. “It’s a never ending story.” That doesn’t keep Mimi from venting about Stevie J wanting Joseline to come to one of their counseling sessions. “He’s really thinking he’s in a three-way relationship,” said Ariane. Mimi explains that Stevie’s not going to stop working with Joseline so he wants her to feel comfortable with it, but Ariane doesn’t see the point because Mimi admittedly is never going to feel comfortable. Mimi tells Ariane that Joseline called her and said, “I know you guys have a family, I know you guys been together a long time, but I’m not gonna stop f—ing him ’cause he’s got good d—.” Ariane is appalled. She wants the relationship to be over already, and wants Mimi to have no parts in this three way therapy session. But Mimi is convinced Joseline in therapy with them will get everything on the table.

“At first I thought it was asinine,” said Mimi. “But now that I think about it, let’s go ‘cause everything’s going to come out.” Who needs everything to be “laid on the table” when it’s already filled with clutter? Lawdhavemercy. As promised K.Michelle tells Erica that Scrappy was at his mixtape release event with Shay. Erica is speechless and obviously hurt. “I’ve been dealing with Scrappy for years. He cannot be by himself. Period. He’ll meet a b—h at the gas station and they buddy buddy.” Erica knows Scrappy so she knows this is all for show. She says she’s not going to be hurt in the end because he’ll have to come crawling back to her. Erica and K.Michelle cry about not having the family unit they want for their children, which is the really the bigger picture. To heal from being abandoned by her mom, Mimi makes good on her mom’s last wishes. (And conspiracy theorists, take note: Mimi’s mother’s middle name was Eva, hence her daughter’s name. It’s not some weird Stevie J. plot to name his daughter after Eve. Give Mimi some credit.) Mimi’s mom passed nine years ago and her last wish was to have her ashes spread across a body of water. Mimi takes Ariane with her to meet her brother to fulfill that wish. Benzino hits up his jeweler to repay her for the jewelry she got him. He also wants her to know how special she is to him. When the jeweler pulls out what looks like an engagement ring Benzino says, “I wasn’t expecting this. I got goosebumps.” Is there an engagement in the near future? Rasheeda takes Kirk to Deb Atney, the manager she went to see behind Kirk’s back. Deb tells Kirk it’s a problem that he was not happy with her seeking outside management without telling him. When Deb mentions that Kirk’s entertainment company is the common denominator in her failure, Kirk sets the record straight. “First of all, Rasheeda sells more records today than she has in her entire career.” Deb isn’t impressed. “This is some sick a— s— right now. You’re acknowledging the part you’re playing in this,” she responds. “It’s about coming from under the ground. She’s dirty. She’s stinking. She wanna come up for air. Gotd—it,” said Deb. She certainly has a way with words. Rasheeda chimes in that it’s time to separate business from personal. Deb makes it clear that her door is open for Rasheeda, but without Kirk. When the married couple leaves the session Kirk lets Rasheeda know he’s hurt that she sat by quietly while Deb attacked him as if he’d never done anything for her career. Rasheeda is all about moving forward. “You’ve taken me here, now let’s pass the baton and run this race.” Rasheeda apologizes, hostile like, but still apologized. Whether or not Deb will manage her or not is still a mystery. Stevie J stops by Benzino’s house to let him know he got Mimi and Joseline to agree to counseling…together. Like, Ariane, Benzino thinks it’s stupid. “At the end of the day, it’s about who you choose. And they know that,” said Benzino. Benzino said he’ll give Stevie J props if he can pull it off. And if he can’t? “It’ll go down in history as one of the most bumbling f— ups you ever did.” Mimi and Stevie J land back in therapy to work through their number one issues, Joseline. Dr. Jeff can’t even believe Stevie wants to do the three way counseling session. “Take a look under your shoe. I think you just stepped into some stuff again Stevie, and I think you’re trying to moonwalk your way out of this,” Dr. Jeff says. When Joseline shows up she says she didn’t know anything about Mimi the first three months she spent with Stevie J. “To me she was just like the baby mom,” she said. As if all of Stevie’s other shenanigans weren’t enough, Mimi has reached her boiling point when…wait for it, wait for it. When Stevie wipes the sweat off of Joseline’s nose while Joseline is talking Mimi loses it. Wait …. “Are you f—ing serious?” Mimi asks. Stevie J doesn’t see the problem since he always wipes her nose. When Joseline hears Dr. Jeff tell Stevie J that was wrong to do in front of the woman he’s trying to continue a relationship with, she checks for clarity. Mimi interjects, “I’m living with him Joseline.” Joseline asks Stevie, “You guys living together?” Of course Stevie never answers the question, but Mimi does. That’s all it took for Joseline to swing on Stevie and hit him repeatedly. Mimi stood by and watched and eventually Stevie J runs out. Looks like Benzino was right about this going down as one of his bumbling mess ups in history. Stay tuned to see how this will all play out. -Stay Fly!


[SFPL RECAP] Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, Episode 6 “MAKEUP AND MIRRORS”…

The award for giving the most wonderful side-eyes of the night goes to Mimi.

Joseline is back to work. A star spangled banner Stevie J shows up to her photo shoot to uh, critique her tropical look. Obviously perplexed by Joseline’s fashion choice, he says he wants high fashion, and Joseline is giving Rainbow clothing store fashions. “This is my brand,” said Stevie J. “I’m trying to build you as a brand too. At the end of the day, this ain’t what’s going to sell it.” Wouldn’t it be her brand since she’s the aspiring artist? But the real reason he stops by the shoot is to check Joseline about texting Mimi. How professional: To have this conversation while J’s working.

When Joseline told him she did text Mimi Stevie J responds, “Don’t ever call her a bitch. And stay in your place.” Joseline claps back, “She is a bitch.” The two go back and forth about who is or isn’t a bitch. As Stevie’s leaving he makes sure to turn on the charm by telling Joseline her photo shoot will be career suicide for wearing such a horrendous getup. He’s such a keeper.

Momma Dee is a She invites Scrappy’s new unofficial boo, Shay, to lunch to tell her she’s jealous of the time they’ve been spending because she needs some mama and son time. Ummm, isn’t it a little too soon for Momma Dee to be having this kind of chat with Shay? Momma Dee stirs the pot by creating unnecessary drama between Erica and Shay.

It’s clear that Scrappy’s been lying to Shay, as she’s confused to why Erica was over his house the night of the asthma attack. Ding, ding, ding. They were living together, as couples sometimes do. To prove she has Shay’s back Momma Dee says, “We can handle this like two women, or we can get into some gangster s—.” Is that what people toast to these days?

Karlie‘s got a bone to pick with Mimi for not having her back during the fight she had withK.Michelle. “I’m not responsible for how K.Michelle handles her s—,” says Mimi. Mimi also claims she didn’t know K.Michelle had beef with her. She must not remember K.Michelle stating her beef with Karlie clear as the sunny sky at their spa session last week.

Despite Mimi telling Karlie about the drama going on with her and Stevie, Karlie doesn’t hesitate to let Mimi know she’s still going to work with Stevie. “Politics wise, this is business,” said Karlie Redd. She also uses this as an opportunity to throw in Mimi’s face that she was right all along about Stevie and Joseline. Mimi doesn’t look pleased with Karlie’s decision to keep working with Stevie J. Look at that side-eye!

Karlie invites K.Michelle to a photo studio to tell her the incident was unacceptable. K.Michelle doesn’t feel the same way. “That was Memphis, it wasn’t cool to a lot of people. My mama raised me ‘talk s— and get hit,’ and that’s how it came,” K.Michelle said. When Karlie tries to tell K.Michelle that she needs to be classy, K.Michelle gets crunk. “Your classy ain’t my classy,” said K.Michelle. She has not one ounce of an interest in making nice with Karlie, and she doesn’t appreciate Karlie trying to school her. “I’m more seasoned in this game than you,” K.Michelle said. “If you show me the receipts, I looked for your receipts. When I Googled your name a vinegar popped up. A brand of vinegar.”


Karlie is done with this conversation. “I brought you here on some grown a— woman s— and you’re acting like a child. I don’t have time for this childish s—,” said Karlie. When Karlie throws K.Michelle out, K.Michelle leaves by patronizing Karlie, “I like your pink dress.” You can’t buy comedy like that.

Joseline is smartening up. She explains to her stylist Queen, who witnessed Stevie’s behavior the other day, that Stevie is tripping because he’s starting to lose control of her. Although she’s saying she is Stevie’s girl, she’s tired of the drama that comes with him. “I don’t need to take nobody man,” Joseline said. “I can get my own man,” she said. “You see what my tattoo say.Maneater. I eat them alive.” Joseline wants to apologize to Mimi because now she realizes the problem is Stevie’s lies.

She also knows she has to take her career in her own hands. Joseline went behind his back to talk to producers to make sure her career isn’t threatened if he breaks up with her, and she changed her number in case he finds out. “I can’t deal with him anymore. I don’t want to deal with him anymore.”

Rasheeda‘s husband/manager throws a launch party for the video premiere of “Marry Me,”but Rasheeda isn’t happy when she sees how empty it is. “Why does there always got to be something? Come on man, tighten up,” she says to Kirk. “You gotd—- smirking. I don’t think this s— funny.”

When she gets on the stage to announce her video she realizes it’s not playing on the monitor everyone is facing. In the embarrassing moment of the night Rasheeda has to ask everyone to turn around to watch the monitor behind them.

Scrappy comes over Erica’s to pick up a couch. He also wants to talk about the conversation they had the other day. Scrappy mentions getting back with Erica when he has his head right, but Erica reiterates that she told him there was no room for error this time. In the words of Terry McMillan’s book, he’s a day late and a dollar short.

After making things right with Erica didn’t work he asks…wait for it, wait for it…to be taken off child support. There’s no sugar-coating this: His timing is horrible. Luckily, Erica doesn’t have time to entertain this thought. “I’m not going to take you off child support because when I’ve asked you to do things for Imani in the past, you haven’t done it.”

Rasheeda tells K.Michelle that she and Kirk are arguing too much about business. So, she’s going to see outside management. “To save my marriage, gotd—it, let me go talk to somebody else,” she said. We have a feeling this isn’t going to sit too well with Kirk. Rasheeda meets withDeb AntneyWaka Flocka’s mom and former manager of Nicki Minaj, and gets some tough advice.



“Your loyalty is to him first, not to you, and that’s why your career is jumping all around,” said Deb Atney. “That’s your common denominator to your failure,” she says. Rasheeda cries because she can’t stand the thought of hurting her husband who has been so loyal. But if she wants to take her career to the next level, she has some tough decisions to make.

Three days later, Rasheeda tells Kirk she had a meeting with Deb and he’s immediately ticked. He looks more hurt than anything.

He reminds Rasheeda that everything she’s wanted she has got. When she tells him that Deb said he may be the reason she hasn’t been successful he says, “What the f– would you even listen to some s— like that [for]? …You’re here now because I believe in you.”

The emotional exchange between the couple gets intense resulting in Rasheeda leaving the room and Kirk resenting her for keeping this secret from him for three awkward days.

Joseline is a woman of her word. She made good on her promise to apologize to Mimi for the threatening text message. Mimi is not calm, cool or collected when they meet. She tells Joseline she will call Stevie whenever she wants. “I will bring your name up because you’re an issue,” Mimi said. “You got pregnant by my baby’s father.” Joseline wasn’t letting Stevie J off the hook though. “He has a way of telling me one thing, telling you one thing, and telling everybody else one thing and playing everybody, then everybody’s fighting,” Joseline said. Mimi agrees.

Of course Mimi knows this since she’s been dealing with him close to two decades. Joseline apologizes about the pregnancy and says as a woman she would’ve been hurt too.

But it’s done, and you can’t expect her to forgive you.

Joseline tears up while explaining how Stevie lies. “I hear you Joseline, I hear you. Trust me I do,” said Mimi. We doubt they’ll be friends. But at least the olive branch seems to have been extended. Will the ladies put their bickering aside and hold the man behind the love triangle accountable for his actions? Stay tuned to find out what happens next on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.





[SFPL RECAP] Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta ….

The Dirty South is exactly that! Dirty, trifling, messy and gender bending!

Stevie and Mimi Argue Over Joseline 
The Love And Hip Hop series has taken a road trip down to the dirty south—Atlanta to be exact—for an all new cast whose lives revolve around love and hip-hop.Stevie J is a GRAMMY winning songwriter that has worked with everyone from Diddy to Jay-Z to Mariah Carey. His girlfriend of 15 years, Mimi, yearns for the family unit with Stevie J and their two-year-old daughter, but getting him to settle down has been quite the task.We’re no math majors but… Wasn’t Stevie in a long-term relationship with Eve under 10 years ago [which lasted 3 years]? Wouldn’t that interrupt their 15 year relationship?
Something doesn’t add up.There’s also some tea about him being engaged to Whoopi Goldberg’s daughter, but we won’t touch on that.

One of their biggest issues: infidelity. Being in the music industry keeps Stevie at the studio more than he’s at home. “Long nights, girls, liquor, Lord knows what else,” said Mimi. “If it was just money he was getting in the studio I wouldn’t be mad at that. But it’s way more than money he’s getting.”

stevie j and mimi

In what Stevie thinks is a nice gesture (he has so much to learn about women), he buys Mimi a house. Seems sweet, right? Well, not exactly. On top of the house being on the outskirts of Atlanta, he has no plans of living there with Mimi and their daughter. “Stevie can be the sweetest, nicest, kindest person ever. Then on the flipside of it he can be a f*cking nightmare,” said Mimi. Stevie J living it up in the city while she stays in the boondocks is not Mimi’s idea of a relationship.

Would you consider that a relationship? Is she a hybrid of Chrissy and Emily for this season? Chrmily?  When she tells him she wants him to come home at night he responds, “That ain’t where I’m at with it. I need to handle things right now, and I just felt this was the proper thing to do.” Oh, boy. She has her hands full with him.

Erica is the on-again off-again girlfriend of rapper Lil Scrappy. They’ve been together on and off for 10 years and have an adorable six-year-old daughter. Being the ride or die chick she is, Erica took Scrappy back after his public relationship with female rapper Diamond formerly of Crime Mobb. went sour.[ I mean it went downhill so fast] We’re thinking it’s time to rethink this whole being a “ride or die” chick. Scrappy is the self-proclaimed “prince of the south, born and raised, probably gon’ die in the A.”

When Diamond found comfort in the arms of Soulja Boy [for the months of May, June] Scrappy went home to Erica, but now she’s not sure if she’s all in. Although they claim they are not only together for the child, it seems as if the chemistry may off balance because of the cheating. “He says he wants affection, but he was getting a lot of that before he moved on to Diamond,” said Erica.


K.Michelle had a promising singing career before she mixed business with pleasure. When she became involved with the man who she credits for getting her singed to JIVE Records things went awry after one tragic day. According to K.Michelle she was beaten up by the guy [Memphitz] and claimed everyone knew about it yet did nothing to help her. She fought hard to get out of her contract with her label and now finds herself single and back at square one with her music career. From what we heard of her in the studio, K.Michelle can definitely sing.

But will anyone be listening?

Ariane  [who happens to be our fave by the way] is Mimi’s close friend who she goes to visit for some much needed real talk. Ariane serves it straight, no chaser about Mimi’s relationship with Stevie J. “So he would keep a place in the city and pretend like he’s working every night and not coming home?” she asks. In search for some real answers of why Mimi can’t let go of this man she asks, “What keeps you hanging on to him? Is it the d*ck?” Mimi responds promptly, “I’ve never met a d*ck in my life that made me do cartwheels. Ever.” Then what is it, Mimi? Clearly even your friend thinks you deserve better, so we just wonder, why doesn’t Mimi think she deserves better? Thank the heavens for friends like Ariane that will call you on your BS.

Joseline is the fiery aspiring rapper, actress and dancer who is determined not to return to the stripper pole, by any means necessary.

*AHEM* We don’t see it for her at ALL …. *Carry on*

Stevie J is her ticket into the big leagues, but is their work/personal relationship intertwined? When she shows up to the studio she greets him with a little bit more than a professional “hello” that he responds to with a pat on the butt. “He’s just everything to me, but it’s not just about the sex,” says Joseline. But, Joseline, you do know he has a woman, right?

This girl takes the cake for the most ratchet girl of the 2010’s.

Clap for her and pay homage!

Momma Dee is the matriarch of Scrappy’s family. She is less than pleased with her unfinished house and vents to her son about the contractors. “How the f*ck you gon’ pimp a pimp?” And she knows a thing or two about pimping. “She’s still in her pimpish ways because she use to pimp and sell dope back in the days,” says Scrappy. Wait, a woman pimp? When Scrappy tells his mom he and Erica are having a few relationship problems she offers her motherly advice. But when Diamond’s name is mentioned Momma Dee goes off calling her “that g*tdamn ho.”

“I should’ve took that b*tch to the track. You feel me? So I can get some money off that a** since Scrappy paid for that a**,” she says. And a warning to all those who even think about messing with Momma Dee’s children: “Don’t f*ck with my damn babies. And in that order,” as her soon to be popular catchphrase goes. Does this look like a woman you want to upset?


Rasheeda is a mom, wife and rapper trying to reinvent her career. Luckily, her husband Cory is her manager and will help her on the journey. When K.Michelle and Rasheeda meet up to talk about the highs and lows of the music industry K.Michelle says, “When business is involved no one cares if you’re hurt. Everybody wants you to sing. Shutup and make the money,” she says through tears. That’s got to be tough to have a record deal only to lose it and the love of your life. On the other side of town Momma Dee calls Erica over to chat about where Erica’s relationship with Scrappy is going. Momma Dee has no qualms about being all in her son’s business. Not one to just take advice from Momma Dee just because she’s his mom, Erica claps back, “You step out of line as a mama,” she declares. The two exchange words before Erica takes another jab, “You want him to be like you? You 48 and alone.” Ouch. Mimi joins Stevie J for dinner with the hopes of getting some answers about his plans on moving into the house he bought her. Compromising in the only way he know how he says he’ll come home “a little bit more often.” Exactly what does that mean? From one romantic dinner with woman to the next dinner with another, Joseline and Stevie J meet up with aspiring singer/rapper

Karlie Redd and her boyfriend Antonio Reid, the son of L.A. Reid. And like everybody else in Atlanta, Karlie wants to work with Stevie J and thinks making friends with Joseline is one way to make sure that happens. At K.Michelle’s birthday party things take an unexpected turn when Karlie calls Stevie J Joseline’s man, which she truly did think he was. Ariane and Mimi quickly correct her and things spiral downward from there.

Karlie also spits a rap in “patois” [if you wanna call it that and it sounded so watered down, it made us miss Foxy Brown even more]

Stevie J walks in with Joseline, but immediately goes to sit next to Mimi and pays her a compliment. Mimi cuts to the chase and says to Joseline, “I done been through so much sh*t and my trust factor is real low,” Mimi said. Joseline plays innocent telling Mimi she needs to trust her man. “That doesn’t mean I’m f*cking him, but I’m going to work with him,” said Joseline.

When Karlie accuses Joseline and Stevie of kissing things get heated. With both of the women on his side (he’s such a player) he denies any kiss. “Karlie is a rat,” he said. Mimi bails on the situation and her man jumps over the couch to chase her. Feeling territorial Joseline throws a drink at him for running after Mimi to which she adds, “You better act like you know.” He comes back to Joseline’s side without going to find Mimi. Stevie J is at a loss for what to do.

We all know what the real deal is.

*side eyes the entire room*

So what does he do? He goes to look for Mimi outside, but not before getting Joseline back for the drink she threw on him. And in the funniest quote of the episode Joseline says, “He threw a drink at me and messed up my fur that I got from Neiman’s. I could’ve killed him…Don’t worry, he’s gonna buy a new one.”

The shade is real in these Atlanta streets!

Joseline is ready to go to the studio. Stevie J gets in the back of the car with Joseline, which sends Mimi in a rage. But hey, the only reason he was in the backseat with Joseline was because, “I was looking for you,” he lies to Mimi as he jumps out of the back seat. Stevie J and Mimi argue a bit before he invites her to come to the studio with him and Joseline.

Joseline says Mimi can’t come with that attitude, and Mimi wants him to make a choice. Unfortunately for Mimi he chooses to leave with Joseline, leaving everyone stunned and embarrassed for Mimi. Lawdhavemercy.

The love triangle between Mimi, Stevie J and Joseline is going to be loads of drama. Will Mimi leave him? [Of Course… NOT]

Will Joseline continue to play the side chick? [Of course.]

Stay tuned to see if all is really fair in love and hip-hop.