The Drama Continues In The New Super Trailer For Season 8 of Love and Hip Hop

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Love & Hip Hop


Love and Hip Hop season 8 looks like it’s going to take the drama to another level based on the new super trailer that dropped.

In the trailer things immediately pick up with Remy Ma who riding a current wave of success after winning Best Female Hip Hop Artist at the 2017 BET Hip-Hop Awards. Her always supportive husband Papoose is happy for her but he still wants his wife to keep her promise and give him a child. The couple seems to have agreed on IVF treatment but Remy is in no rush and who can blame her for suffering a miscarriage.

Rich Dollaz is back and yes he is still a creep sadly. This time he has his sights on a new cast member by the name of Anais who kind of reminds us of a great value Joseline Hernandez. Things heat for the two immediately, but of course, there has to be drama involved, Anais is married with children. She wants out of her marriage and wants to be with Rich but we all know Mr. Dollaz history so she might want to seriously think about that. On a real serious note though we also find out that Rich is battling Diabetes this season.

Love and Hip-Hop OG, Yandy Smith is still doing the best she can to keep their family going while Mendeecees is still locked up. This season she won’t have to worry about her husbands baby mamas, instead, it’s his mama who is bringing the drama. She reports back to Mendeecees some cause for concern when she catches Yandy applying lotion to an artist on a video set.

Love and Hip Hop’s rising star Safaree returns home this season. He is looking for love almost immediately and has his sights on DJ Self’s new artist Dream Doll. Now we know nothing good can come of this but at all, Safaree is also dealing with tragedy this season with the loss of his Uncle.

Bianca Bonnie and Mariahlynn are also back and both also have some serious drama as well. Bianca wants to just focus on her music but an old nemesis (new to watchers) Brittany Taylor. The two bump heads immediately in the trailer in a battle of NY supremacy (insert laughter). Mariahlynn isn’t busting money guns in the trailer but she is head over heels in love. Her new boo, unfortunately, doesn’t care for her boss Self or Gwinin entertainment. That’s not her only issue cause we learn that her man got someone else on the side and her name is Sophia The Body.

Some familiar faces but new to the NY Love and Hip-Hop franchise also make an appearance. K. Michelle’s bestie Jonathan and R&B superstar Lil Mo. Jonathan spreads his wings and is flying solo, his introduction to LHHNY world as a cast member is not drama free though. He and his significant other are going through some serious issues, so serious that Jonathan catfishes him and catches him in a lie.

Lil Mo is also having t deal with some family problems after her young son googles her name and finds a story about his father possibly cheating on her. This sparks tension between Mo and her husband that must be talked about and dealt with.

This season looks like it’s going to extra spicy and we can’t wait to watch when Love and Hip Hop returns Monday, October 30th.

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On The Gram: The Internet Is Having Field Day With Kim From LHHNY Confessional Suit and Hair!

Love and Hip-Hop NY was it’s usual over the top self and there was drama for days on tonight’s episode. The person that stole the show tonight was Samantha’s (Mendeecees baby mother) mother Kim.

Now we all came to know Kim last season for hilariously asking for her dry cleaning bill for her gangsta suits to be paid for. Tonight she became more infamous in Love and Hip-Hop lore for:

1. Suffering a heart attack on national television while everyone looked on in confusion.

2. Her confessional swag was off the chains. Not only did Kim upgrade her suit but she also came through with amazing perm as well.

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Ok #KimWallace with that blowout! 😂😂 #lhhny

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Oh you know the internet had a field day with Ms Kim’s confessional attire and hair. Hit the gallery below to see the hilarious memes.

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On The Gram: Recap and Hilarious Memes From Pt.1 of The Love and Hip-Hop NY Reunion Show


Love and Hip-Hop NY’s sixth season is officially a wrap and now it’s time for the reunion show. If you could get past all the shiny sequins and aluminum foil and believe us it was hard, you could focus in on the messy nonsense.

Rashidah let her feelings for Yandy be known. Yandy held her own though,firing back at the stiletto whisperer/ “music mogul”.


It’s still a battle of epic struggle between B.B.O.D and Mariahlynn.

Amina and Tara are still arguing over Peter Gunz and we just don’t understand why they continue to do so.

Amina eventually dropped a huge bombshell on Tara revealing she is pregnant once again by Peter. So much for that vasectomy.

Cardi B checked an unknown hater in the crowd as well as chucked a shoe at Sexxy Lexxy.

Meanwhile poor Lexxy doesn’t know that salt doesn’t cause diabetes when she tried throw an insult.

Wow, just wow. Well the best part that always comes from these shows are the memes and boy did flow like the Nile. Poor Lexxy got the brunt  of the shade though for her diabetes hiccup and it was well deserved. Hit the gallery below to see the best ones generated from part one of the Love and Hip-Hop Reunion show.

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On The Gram: Papoose and Remy Ma’s Wedding, Peter Gunz Vasectomy & More Generate Hilarious Memes From Tonight’s Season Finale of Love and Hip-Hop!


Another season of Love and Hip-Hop NY is officially in the books and Remy Ma’s dream wedding was the perfect way to close the season out. Papoose kept his word to his queen and delivered the wedding she always wanted, there was some slight drama but the wedding went off without a hitch.

The creep squad was in attendance and in full effect and Cisco still is out there looking absolutely thirsty. He took a full-court shot at Cardi B but she quickly shut that down.

Peter took the advice of his daughter and decided that he should get a vasectomy. That news didn’t go over to well with his wife Amina and the fake tears started flowing.

Mendeecees and Yandy shared a beautiful moment together. With Mendeecees having to serve an 8-year-prison looming over his head they decided to make the most of the moment. The couple decided to step away from the celebration for some quality alone time with each other.

Noticeably absent from the entire episode, B.B.O.D ditched Rah Ali as a manager, Bianca is still trying to get that magic she had with back in her Young B days and Mariahlynn is Rah’s sole artist and wants nothing to do with the creep squad anymore. DJ Self wasn’t even worthy of any closing statements, well damn.

Now you didn’t think a night matrimony on #LHHNY would be absent of glorious social media slander right? Of course it wasn’t hit the gallery below to see the hilarious memes generated from tonight’s season finale.


On The Gram: Hilarious Memes From Season 6, Episode 9 of Love and Hip-Hop New York!


Tonight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop was just ridiculous. Self is caught in a love triangle consisting of nothing but women from the heights. The creep squad comes together for an intervention and it was moderated by Peter Gunz of all people. Rah Ali got caught being shady to Yandy because Remy asked Yandy to help with her big wedding. Last but not least Mendeecees linked up with Cam’Ron in the studio and spit a few bars for him.

The internet wasn’t here for any of it course and slandered each and every one of them, peep the hilarious memes in the gallery below.


On The Gram: Hilarious Memes From Episode 6, Season 6 of Love and Hip-Hop


Things are officially picking up on Season 6 of New York’s installment of the Love and Hip-Hop franchise. On tonight’s episode B.B.O.D. finally have gone their separate ways with each member already choosing who will be their managers for their “solo careers”. Lexxy decides to stick the “stiletto whisperer” Rah and Moe takes her “talents” over to Yandy’s team. So much for thot thot thot licious.


Amina is coping with the decision of having to abort the baby she was carrying from Peter. Having learned of the abortion Peter goes back home ( down the hall) to comfort Amina cause he feels awful about losing the baby.


All hope isn’t lost thought cause with the one loss comes another gain. Tara goes to see Dr.Jeff to discuss her issues with Peter and reveals that she is 5 and half months pregnant by the proud member of the creep squad.


Tara has since displayed to the world just how happy she is to be bringing another child into the world with a married man.

DJ Self is still working on his relationship with Yorma and introduces her to his 16-year-old daughter Kayla. Things are looking good for the couple until Rose steps into the picture. She is dead set on sampling Self’s goods and unfortunately self can’t resist the temptation.


Remy Ma and the “stiletto expert” Rah Ali’s friendship deteriorates at Rah’s fashion show for her line of maxi dresses. That’s right, you read right a  fashion show for maxi dresses.

rSOffg9Things don’t get any better for Rah when her two new artists Mariahlynn and Lexxy bump heads after Mariahlynn’s performance of her song “Money Gun”. Lexxy wasn’t too happy to see Mariahlynn getting “shine” and confronts Rah and Mariahlyyn about it. A fight ensues over mediocrity that will pick up on the next episode of Love and Hip-Hop.


Now like we always do here at the SFPL we go searching for the best memes, that accurately describe the foolishness that went on tonight. Of course we struck gold, you guys on the net never let us down. Peep the hilarious memes in the gallery below.


On The Gram: Love And Hip Hop New York Sparks The Internet To Go Off With Memes


Its official, when it comes to Ratchet TV Monday’s, the internet has no chill. Back at it again, from the new cast members to all the familiar faces, tonight’s episode sent the Gram on a meme frenzy! Here’s 15 of the most funniest posts we found after tonight’s show. Check it out after the jump.

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On The Gram: Top 12 Memes From Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion Part 1


As the Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood season comes to an end, we got to relive some of the memorable moments during the reunion with the cast members. Rich updated the viewers on his relationship with his now ex-girlfriend Moniece. Miss Nikki Baby still was jumping in people business when it came to Lil Fizz, Rich and Moniece. Teairra Mari gave her two cents on everyone’s situation; and Brandi was even more extra than she was during the season. The good folks on Instagram shared their thoughts on the LHHH Reunion part 1 with some memes. Check out the 12 hilarious memes after the jump.

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FLY Girl Dominique

Last Night in NYC

Love and Hip-Hop’s Tara Wallace Talks About Her First Time Via Cipha Sounds Hip-Hop Improv


Cipha Sounds recruits LHHNY’s Tara Wallace for the first installment of his “Take It Personal” Hip-Hop improv series of the new  year.  Team SFPL was in the building to watch Tara tell us some personal stories and watch Cipha and A Tribe Called Yes put a comedic spin to them.  Unfortunately Tara didn’t have any funny Peter Gunz stories to share, but she did share a story about her first sexual encounter.  Check out some photos and video from the night below.

Tara and Cipha-7Cipha and Tara share a laugh.

A Tribe Called Yes-3

Cipha and A Tribe Called Yes.


Tara sharing one of her memories while in highschool.

A Tribe Called Yes-2

A Tribe Called Yes  (Abra Tabak and Brandon Gardner)

Group Shot-2

Another dope show in the books.

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Photos provided by: SFPL’s own Bernard Beanz Smalls and Daniel Vasquez

Video provided by: FRSK Purple

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FLY Free Mixtape: Lore’l – Billboard Bytch

We all know Lore’l was on a mission to get her rap career going on this season of VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop. Using the show as a launch pad as she should she drops her new mixtape  Billboard Bytch. The mixtape has some surprises on it and I caught myself nodding my head to a couple of tracks. Vado, Bad Lucc and Problem all lend the NYC femcee a helping hand on her project. Stream or download Lore’l’s mixtape below and leave your thoughts on it.