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The Word: Dame Dash and Kanye West Sued Over “Loisaidas” Film

We know Kanye West says Damon Dash introduced him to the world alluding to years ago when Kanye first touched the scene. As of late, there’s been heavy talk about Damon Dash, Kanye West, and the two as a duo since they recently reuniting at the old Roc-A-Fella offices.

There’s been rumors recently that the two have shown interest in purchasing  Karmaloop, a popular street wear web retailer. The CEO of Karmaloop did confirm that Ye and Dame are one of many parties interested in purchasing the company.
Now, Latin music group called Loisaidas established in 2008, is said to be suing Dame and Ye because together they are the executive producers of a film entitled Loisaidas.
Loisaidas is slang for Lower East Side, however depicted in the film is drugs, murder, and violence. 1/2  of the duo Michael Medina believes the movie tarnishes his brand and is taking Ye and Dame to court with hopes of the judge halting production and is seeking damages.

Apparently, Dash and West recently linked up since their days at Roc-A-Fella and are now “sticking together for the generation.” Peep the trailer for the movie in question Loisaidas below.
Do you think Medina has a legit case? Leave your thoughts below.
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