[FLY-Lights] Jamie Foxx Takes over Atlantic City

This weekend, Caesars Entertainment and Jamie Foxx are putting on the biggest 4th of July Celebration in Atlantic City, NJ! Last Night, they started off with the Foxxhole Radio Comedy Jam hosted by Jamie Foxx at Caesars.

SFPL Photographer and corespondent Nastassia Davis is on hand for the weekend’s festivities, and sent over these pictures from the RED CARPET at Caesars One Atlantic at the After party.

Check Them Out…

Notables on deck included;  Meagan Good, her sister Lia Good (pictured above), Jay D. Williams “Oz”, Gary Payton, Actress/ Radio Host for Foxxhole – Brandi Magee and Comedian Earthquake just to name a few.

Meagan & Lia look pretty FLY!


*Stay Tuned* for the rest of the weekends activities…

-Stay Fly!