Wigs Come off In The Super Trailer For Season 7 of Love of Hip-Hop NY!

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Love and Hip-Hop NY is back for its seventh yes you heard right seventh season!  This season looks to pick up right where the drama left off last season. Yandy makes her triumphant and she is trying to make peace with her husband Mendeecees baby mama for the sake of the kids.

The creep squad composed of Rich Dollaz , Cisco Rosado, Peter Gunz and DJ Self are still together. Things  seem to get hectic between Self and Cisco over the contract of Mariahlynn.


Our favorite from last season Cardi B also returns along with her sister Hennessy, yes you read that right her name is Hennessy.


Cardi B is enjoying her newfound fame and has put her marriage plans with felon bae on hold. That doesn’t mean Cardi isn’t out here getting action. Cardi has a thing for her producer Swift Star . We know in the Love and Hip-Hop world no relationship comes without drama. Swift is shooting his shot at Cardi but he also has a girlfriend and she is not here for Cardi B at all.


Cam’ron and Juju make an appearance in the trailer as well, it looks like though Cam is not an official cast member and took to Instagram to clarify that.

Newcomer to the LHHNY scene is Felicia “Snoop” Pearson from the hit HBO series The Wire. She looks to be battling some insecurity issues with her girlfriend after she watches a video with Snoop and our FLY gal Sofi Green hanging out.  Also new to the Love and Hip-Hop universe is Hot 97’s own DJ Drewski. It seems Yandy’s young protege Bianca has eyes from the blue-eyed record spinner bu his girlfriend has something to say about that.

Original cast member Kimbella returns to the Love and Hip-Hop franchise with her boo Juelz Sanatana. Juelz wants his girl to make things right with Yandy but is it too late for all of that?

Last not but not least Remy Ma and Papoose return for another season. Papoose is on a mission to knock up Remy and at the same time they have to mentor their two oldest kids whom also want to tackle the music industry.


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The Word: Cardi B Puts Peter Gunz In His Place and The Internet Loved It.


If you thought Pt.1 of the Love and Hip-Hop Reunion show was off the chains looks like pt.2 is going to be even better. In a clip that hit the web our favorite regular, shmegular girl Cardi B went off on one Peter Gunz.

We’re sure your asking:


Well here’s how we got here. During Pt.1 of the reunion show Amina revealed that she is pregnant again leaving us with our mouths on the floor.

Cardi B wasted no time chiming in, she tweeted her disgust for situation while sharing a link for a story reporting on Peter’s messy situation.

The root of all of it though stems from this clip in where Cardi B let’s Peter have it after some comments he made.

Well damn tell him how you really feel Cardi, she definitely put some facts out there for Peter to digest. Of course Peter had to respond to Cardi. He posted on Instagram a photo of himself with the caption “Don’t hate under the Nas pic, hate under this one…Mood”



Did you expect anything else from Mr. Gunz? We sure didn’t. The internet wasn’t here for Peter either and threw their support Cardi’s way for keeping it all the way real with Peter.

It’s clear Cardi gained a lot more fans after this clip hit the web. We here at Stuff Fly People Like are here for Cardi B


We cannot wait for Pt.2!

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