Last Night in NYC

Last NIGHT in NYC: JAY Z @ The BOX …

Jay Z invited NYC’s Media Titans and Music’s elite to NYC’s the Box last night for an evening of magic, the experience was named ‘The Turn’.

After a series of bizarre opening acts including but not limited to a human slinky and a couple with a bow & arrow who popped balloons off each other’s body with real arrows (yes it was as strange as it sounds) Jay emerged to announce the newest member of the RocNation Team….

Jay Electronica. Jay Elec gave an emotional performance, including thanking his mom for her support with an eye full of tears, that skillfully never dropped. It was inspiring to see, as his dreams were coming true at that very moment. I know that moment all to well, that overwhelming feeling, you feel the tears coming and you try your best to stop the flow. But they keep coming.

During Jay’s performance I felt the room shake and I looked up and…

And I died…

That beauty in person is a another post. Seriously.

We were honored to be in that room with Media Titans, It fell like a great pay off. However, we are about to work harder. Notables included my favorite Blogger Necole Bitchie, Jay Z, Ty Ty, Omarion, Omarion’s Brother Oryan, Oryan’s Bow Tie, Miss Info, Angela Yee, Elliot Wilson, The Jimoh Group, and a huge list of Media Outlets and Music Executives.

-Stay FLY!