Nick Cannon Dishes About His Split With Mariah Carey, and Gets Candid About His and Kevin Hart’s Success [Video]

He might be the hardest working guy in Hollywood. Host-comedian-network exec Nick Cannon sits down with Larry King on the multi-Emmy nominated series Larry King Now, where he gets candid about his and Kevin Hart’s success, fatherhood and his split from Mariah Carey. Plus, the multi-hyphenate explains why he isn’t impressed with either presidential candidate, and offers Larry his perspective on life after death.

The comedian confesses that he had no idea his close friend Kevin Hart would become one of the world’s biggest comedians. He says, “I didn’t know myself or him would reach the levels that we’ve reached,” and fondly recalls a time when they were young comics “just telling jokes for dinner.”

Nick Cannon opens up about his split from Mariah Carey, and how he and his ex-wife manage co-parenting their twins, Moroccan and Monroe. He admits, “We all love Mariah, and she’s outstanding, and you know how some of these things, they don’t work out in the way you thought they were gonna work out.” But, Nick Cannon reveals that they are all on good terms, saying “it was probably best for our family to remain a family, first and foremost.”

Nick Cannon, who is tired of seeing slave films, tells Larry he plans to make a $200 million “African epic” that celebrates black history. He says, “I feel like that’s something that’s constantly perpetuated and pushed forward and it’s like ok, we get it. You know, to me personally, I like to receive my history from books, I don’t really want to see actors acting it out and studios profiting off, you know, the bloodshed of slavery.”

Plus, Nick Cannon sounds off on both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, revealing “I don’t trust them.” He also offers a conspiracy theory about Clinton and admits that this presidential race “says so much about who we are as a country.”

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French Montana: “Kanye made an impact without even being in the building at the Grammys”, Rapper talks with Larry King [Video]


Earlier this week rapper French Montana sat down with Larry King on the Emmy nominated series Larry King Now for an in-depth interview to discuss his upcoming album, his friend Kanye West’s latest antics, Kanye’s mental health and lyrics about Taylor Swift. Plus, French also discusses his relationship with Khloe Kardashian, if it’s still romantic(!), and the feud between Drake and Meek Mill.

French Montana responds to a claim that Kanye has mental health issues.

“Kanye West is a genius and all the moves he do is calculated. There’s a method to his madness.” He also gives his take on Taylor Swift’s objection to Kanye referring to her as a “bitch.” He explains while Kanye claims the term is used as a form of endearment in the music industry, it really depends on the situation. In Kanye’s case, “I think he means good,” French says.

The rapper addresses reports that he and Khloe Kardashian are dating again by saying the two are like “best friends” but when Larry asks if it was ever romantic French responds, “it could be at times,” with Larry following up asking if “it still could be (romantic)” French blushes and laughs, avoiding the question and says Lamar Odom is a nice guy.

He also weighs in on the feud between Drake and Meek Mill.

“With this situation it’s different, but at the end of the day, I don’t feel like they have real problems. It’s just part of the game. It brings excitement to the game.”

Plus, French opens up about what it’s like being a muslim in America today following Donald Trump’s call for a complete ban on all muslims entering the country and his take on why there are so few female rappers.

Check out a few clips below:

French Montana Gets Candid About Kanye Vs. Taylor Swift

French Montana responds to a claim that Kanye has mental health issues and he gives his take on Taylor Swift’s objection to Kanye referring to her as a “bitch.”

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French Montana: Khloe Is My “Best Friend”, But…

The rapper responds to reports that he and Khloe Kardashian are dating again by saying the two are like “best friends” but when Larry asks if their relationship could still be romantic, French avoids an answer.

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50 Cents Opens Up About His Bankruptcy, Floyd Mayweather, Hosting The Apprentice & LOVING Taylor Swift’s New Album [Video]

50 cent on larry king live
Larry King

On the Season 4 premiere of the Emmy nominated series Larry King Now Grammy winner and multi-platinum artist 50 Cent sits down with Larry King for an in-depth interview about his recent legal troubles, his view on policy brutality and his friendships with Floyd Mayweather. Plus, a sneak peek at his new movie Southpaw and is 50 going to be the next host of The Apprentice?

50 Cent responds to the media scrutiny following the recent news that he’s filed for bankruptcy and answers– is it hard to have your legal woes in the spotlight?

“I’ve seen so many things said about me on social networking at points and when you don’t anticipate it, it lands a little harder on you…I can see what’s going to come from people. It’s strategic. It’s a move that’s necessary for me to make at this point.”

He’s been shot 9 times, sold drugs in his youth but could rough financial times be ahead for 50 Cent?

“It makes me feel like there’s nothing that can be in front of me that can be more difficult than what I’ve already experienced. I’ve been through the tougher parts of my life already.”

Police brutality is a trending topic in the news but is it racially motivated? 50 Cent responds saying:

“I think it’s always been there. I don’t think it’s particularly racially motivated. I think that it’s being captured now because everyone is conditioned to have a phone or recording device so we see a little more.”

In addition, 50 Cent talks about his relationship with boxer Floyd Mayweather and their public arguments. Are they still friends? 50 says:

“He’s like my brother. My younger brother.”

Plus, 50 speaks on what it’s like to work alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in ‘Southpaw’ and what is his guilty pleasure.

Check out the interview from Larry King Now below:

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Source: Larry King Live | Photo: Larry King Live

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The Daily Word: Will.I.Am is “Disappointed in Obama”, Says Media is “Demonizing” Friend Justin Bieber On Larry King Now

Will.I.Am Larry King Now

It was no secret, Black Eyed Peas front man Will.I.Am was the leader of the Obama celebrity bandwagon when he made his first historic run at the White House. In an interview with Larry King the “Yes We Can” singer let the world know he’s officially disappointed in Obama.




Check out the first video from Chris Brown’s exclusive new interview with Larry King Live airing this Wednesday, September 2nd at 9pm ET on CNN.

CHRIS BROWN talks exclusively to LARRY KING, in his first TV interview since his February arrest for assaulting fellow R&B star Rihanna. The interview airs on CNN’s Larry King Live, Wednesday, September 2, at 9 pm ET, and includes JOYCE HAWKINS, Brown’s mother, and MARK GERAGOS, Brown’s attorney. For all the scoop check out @CNNScoop on twitter.

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