[WE HATE] Heidi Klum and Seal getting a divorce …

Say. It. Aint. So.

We really hope this is NOT true.

On Saturday, TMZ reported that supermodel Heidi Klum will file for divorce from singer Seal. 24 hours later, the couple released a statement to the Associated Press announcing their intention to separate.

This. Really. *Chokes on Tears* Hurts.

We love them though …

Sources say that there are NO issues of infidelity and that Heidi’s decision to divorce Seal is solely based off his temper. Allegedly, Seals temper is starting to affect their children. Also their careers also played a part in Heidi’s decision. She has become a mega-entrepreneur and extremely rich, and that professional evolution has created a distance between them.

But she was always richer and more well known. *scratches head*

I am a little weary though, this announcement coincides with the U.S. release of Seal’s new album , Soul 2, which drops tomorrow (Jan. 24).

Seal is also about to launch an international tour.

This better not be some Amber Rose ish.

Don’t play with our emotions like that.

We’ll be watching.


-Stay Fly!