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Fly Recap: Gladiators Awaken, Scandal Returns To Prime Time TV


“Inserts Praise Hands Emoji”

First of all, we’ve gotta say thank you to Shonda Rhimes! What almost felt like an eternity has finally broke and the new episodes of Scandal are here!  Last time, they left us on edge when Fitz found out about Mellie’s mass murder deal, with Papa Pope!

IMG_3924 IMG_3925

Now although it can be quite understood why she chose to give up the names at his request.( I mean after all we are talking about “Command”.) But these actions caused every last Juror involved with the B613 trial to be brutally killed.


And at the same token, unknowingly giving power to the man responsible for the death of their son. Foolishly, making moves without giving knowledge to the president,  unfortunately for her there wasn’t too much of a surprise on our end when we heard Fitz shout the words “Pack your bags and get out of MY HOUSE” as soon as he caught word.


Good Bye Mellie, and Right On Fitz! And now after this long and aggravating wait allow them to be reintroduced to you…

IMG_3932 Everyone’s hearts melted all over again as we get into the two love birds that started it all!

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[FLY Reviews] Django Unchained


Starring: Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio, Keri Washington, Christopher Waltz, Don Johnson, Jonah Hill, Samuel L. Jackson. Written and Directed by Quentin Tarantino. 164 minutes. Opens everywhere December 25th.

Walking into Landmark Sunshine Cinema I didn’t know how I was gonna leave feeling after watching Quentin Tarantino’s latest film Django Unchained. The film already garnering its share of criticism amongst people for its excessive violence, portrayal of slavery and use of the N word, but its a Tarantino film duh. Before the packed house of bloggers, critics and taste makers began screening the film we were prepped by Power 105.1’s Angela Yee and Charlamagne from the Breakfast Club morning show.

Believe it or not this movie is somewhat of a love story, you may forget that in the midst of all the violence but it is. The movie starts off with Dr. King Shultz (Christopher Waltz) who is a former dentist turned bounty hunter looking for  Django (Jamie Foxx) because he can help him locate his next bounty the Brittle Brothers whom only Django has seen. After a violent exchange of gun fire killing Django’s current masters, Shutlz offers Django a chance to help him. In return he will free him and help him find his beloved wife Broomhilda (Keri Washington) that is the love story I spoke of.django-dicaprio

Django jumps at the opportunity of course to free his wife and get some payback. During the course of their adventure Shultz discovers Django has a knack for the bounty hunter thing and begins to train Django in the art of bounty hunting. The newly formed bounty hunting duo discovers after some investigation that Django’s wife is under the ownership of Calvin Candie (Leonardo Dicaprio) and is forced to be a sexual slave on his large Mississippi plantation called Candyland.  It’s takes a while for the two to eventually end up there in the story but the climax is worth it. Candie is also a dealer in black brawlers (mandingo brawlers) as well as his large number of slaves to do his bidding and his loyal house slave Stephen (Samuel L. Jackson) which happens to be my favorite character.django_unchained_dicaprio_foxx

Tarantino somehow finds a way to get violence, extreme torture, racism, comedy and harsh language all to gel together and make Django the great movie that it is. So it gets a huge #WELIKE on our behalf and we at Stuff Fly People Like especially myself highly recommend you hit the theaters for this film. This movie will definitely find its way into my Blu-Ray collection and I’m positively sure a lot of other folks will feel the same way after watching the film.

Stay Fly!