Karrine Steffans and Actor Columbus Short Are Now Legally Married


Well, it looks like love is in the air and it’s quite legal!

Karrine Steffans has confirmed her marriage to ex-Scandal actor Columbus Short. It has been reported that the two lovebirds have tied the knot, per Karrine via social media. Though, they have been suspected of dating each other for some time now, the “we’s married now” seems to be a great shock to everyone. Even leaving some questioning if Columbus is completely stable, mentally.

Just a few weeks ago, Karrine & Columbus were working on a movie together called Meet The Shorts. Well, we think that’s the name.

Next, Karrine threw the hint out there about possibly being married soon, due to someone allegedly texting her that just wouldn’t stop.

Then, she hits IG again with somewhat of a Happy New Years message, sealing the deal that her relationship goals have been met:

#relationshipgoals met. See you guys in 2016. #MeetTheShorts #ItsAMovie #noreallyitsamovie

Later comes a “short” note expressing her love.

Confessing her #MCM just two a few days ago.

Columbus then shares his thoughts about his special lady having his back, which Karrine later reposted.

But it was when an ultimate clapback came through when a fan gave some advice to Karrine. She then sealed the deal saying: “Ma’am…this is my husband. Legally.”

The Shorts seem very happy. Congrats on the marriage or nah?

Either way, we’re happy for the couple and hope things work out.


Photos by: Brian To/FilmMagic & Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic