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Fly Review: Bryan Cranston Delivers The Goods In The Infiltrator!


ryan Cranston immerses himself in the world of drugs and money again in his latest film The Infiltrator. The film directed by Brad Furman and written by his mother Ellen Brown Furman is based on true events from the book of the same name written by U.S. Customs Agent Robert Mazur.

The movie is a fictionalized portrayal of “Operation C-Chase” a massive undercover operation that is considered to this day one of the most successful drug-busting operations in U.S. history.

Cranston masterfully takes on the role of Mazur, a family man when he is home with his devoted wife Evelyn Mazur (Juliet Aubrey) and two kids (Lara Decaro and Niall Hayes) the definition of the American family.

Evelyn Mazur and Robert Mazur

When it comes to work though, Bob goes all in and to nail the big fish he becomes Bob Musella money laundering extraordinaire. To help him, Robert is reluctantly paired up with fast talking Emir Abreu (John Leguizamo) who has all the right connections.

TI_D009_LD_00285_R_CROP (l to r) Bryan Cranston stars as undercover U.S. Customs agent Robert Mazur and John Leguizamo as his partner Emir Abreu in THE INFILTRATOR, a Broad Green Pictures release. Credit: Liam Daniel / Broad Green Pictures
(l to r) Bryan Cranston stars as undercover U.S. Customs agent Robert Mazur and John Leguizamo as his partner Emir Abreu in THE INFILTRATOR, a Broad Green Pictures release.
Credit: Liam Daniel / Broad Green Pictures

Robert goes deep, deep, deep undercover and becomes too involved in the case as the lines begin to blur between Bob and Rob. In order to sell Bob, Robert enlists the help of Dominic (Joe Gilgun) a psychopath he springs from prison to play his the role of his muscle.

John Leguizamo as Emir Abreu, Bryan Cranston as Robert Mazur and Joseph Gilgun as Dominic.

During a night on the town celebrating with Escobar’s men, Bob makes the mistake of saying he’s engaged so he wouldn’t cheat on his wife. To help keep suspicions down, Robert’s supervisor Bonni Tischier (Amy Ryan) pairs Bob up with a rookie undercover agent Kathy Ertz (Diane Kruger) to take on the role of becoming his beautiful fiancée. Katy quickly adapts to her role and impresses Robert who is very particular about his assignments. She is so good in fact that Robert’s real wife thinks she is sleeping with her husband.

Diane Kruger as Kathy Ertz and Bryan Cranston as Robert Mazur

With all the pieces in place, it all leads up to the epic take down scene that happens to be Bob and Kathy’s fake wedding.


Cranston shows why he is one of Hollywood’s got to guys as he puts his versatile acting skills on full display. Cranston completely owns the character and is totally believable in the role as Mazur the family man and Musello the money launderer. A good example of that would be the restaurant scene where Robert has to transform into Bob instantly in front of his wife when one of Escobar’s boys roll up on him during dinner.


Leguizamo is perfect as his sidekick Abreu as the role was tailor-made for him. Both he and Cranston supply the twisted humor in the film and work well with each other.

Bryan Cranston as Robert Mazur and John Leguizamo as Emir Abreu

Benjamin Bratt is absolutely stellar as Robert Alcaino, Bratt even manages to make you empathize for the character even though he’s not a good guy.

Benjamin Bratt as Robert Alcaino

The Infiltrator is a great mix of perfectly timed humor, suspense, drama and action and will have you so engaged you won’t even really pay attention to the length of the film. It’s definitely one the best films Summer 2016 and will definitely find its way on the list of many fans these type of films.

5 out 5


The Infiltrator is theaters now!

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