[New Music/Video] Singer Daley Releases New EP, Collabs With Jesse J In New Video ‘Remember Me’

Recently, singer/songwriter Daley released his US debut EP – ‘Alone Together’ featuring the soulful album titled track with Marsha Amrbosius and “Remember Me” by Jessie J, plus a heartfelt dedication to Amy Winehouse and more. Daley is also nominated for 2 ‘BET Centric Soul Train Awards’ and is catching the attention of some of the most credible talents in the industry including Pharrell and Maxwell. TODAY – Daley’s brand new video “Remember Me” feat. Jessie J is now available in the US! Check it out below…


Fly Cover: Singer Jessie J Covers Rihanna’s “We Found Love” at BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge



[FLY-Lights] Jessie J for YRB Magazine…

UK sensation, Jessie J displays her talents as the new cover girl for YRB magazine. As is always the case with most YRB covers, she looks Amazing.

In her signature blunt bangs, and some new length to her bob, Jessie goes for it in this high Fashion shoot. We Love it, peep the images from the shoot below…

Props to Darius Baptist, The Co-Creative/Fashion Director for YRB. Excellent Job Sir!

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FLY GIRL of the day! FLY Interviews Music

Dondria answers our FLY Questions…

SFPL caught up with R&B Sweetheart Dondria, as she readies her new single ‘Boiling Point’. Take a walk with us as she answers our Fly Questions, and find out what FLY means to her.

1. What does the term “FLY” mean to you?

Fly, to me, means that you just have your own swag, and you rock it very well. You’re not really copying anyone, you’re not following any trends, you’re just doing your own thing, and you look good doing it.

2. When did your discover your passion for singing?

I discovered my passion in Middle School, like in the 6th grade. At that point, i tried being in band. I tried doing art and once i got into choir, it just felt better. It just felt right. It felt like this is where i belonged. And Destiny’s Child had came out around that time, and they were the icing on the cake for me. They made me realize i wanted to do exactly what they were doing.

3. My next question was actually going to be, Who are what inspired you as an artist, so Destiny’s Child would be one of them?

Yes, definitely. My other influences are Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, and Etta James. I grew up in church singing, so music was always apart of my life.  Even in church, the way i express myself is through music and through song. Also, my family has always been supportive in any and everything i’ve ever wanted to do, so i guess all of that would be a combination of my inspirations.

4. What’s a typical day and/or night for you in the studio?

A typical night, i would say i get there around 7. I don’t know about other artists but it just feels like at night, thats where my creative juices are most flowing. But, yeah, i go in and eat first, just to kind’ve relax and prepare myself, shake off any jitters or stress. I always light candles and dim the lights, and depending on what i’m doing, I could be in there from 2-6 hours. I might take one break, but i really like to go in there and stay in there until i’m done.

5. What’s currently playing on your iPod?

I was actually rocking Britney Spears, “Til The World Ends Remix” with Nicki Minaj. I really like that song, so that’s what i’ve been rocking all day, over and over. It’s hot. Other than that, Tank, Jessie J, Paramour, and Monica.

6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, i definitely see my face everywhere. 2, maybe 3, more albums. I would love to do acting. A few movies and REAL sitcoms, not reality stuff. I also would like to open up a restaurant. I feel like Phattfat has to. It wouldn’t be right if i didn’t. Overall, just alot more music from me. I don’t plan on not releasing any music until i absolutely can’t anymore.

7. What is the difference between Phattfat and Dondria?

Well, my album is called “Dondria vs. Phattfat,” but it’s not really an alter ego type thing. It has two purposes. I’m trying to marry the two because alot of people don’t know that Dondria IS Phattfat from youtube. Still to this day, people will be like, “Oh my gosh, that’s Dondria? I’ve been watching her!!” So thats’ the 1st purpose. To just marry the two people. Secondly, i am the same person. Dondria is just so much more than Phattfat. I’m way more than the girl who sung on YouTube in 2006, when i was 19, putting videos out and covering other peoples songs. Dondria is an artist. She can make her own music. She can write her own music, and she can establish herself as an artist. I know i won’t completely get away from getting off YouTube, because that is how i got discovered, but I just want to show that their is so much more.

8. So, what was the process like recording your 1st album?

I think thats the most enjoyable part of my career, of this business. The Creative Process. I had so much fun, and i personally had a lot of creative control. If there was something i didn’t want to do, or didn’t like, i absolutely got to say so, so i felt very comfortable. The music, i loved it. I haven’t started working on my second album yet, but i just can’t wait to jump in! To me, thats my favorite part.

9. So tell us about your new single, “Boiling Points.”

It was written by Cristyle, and it’s on my Mixtape, “Dondria Duets 2.” She wrote it, but i just fell in love with it.  I’m all about making real music and explaining how people feel, and the emotions we go through whether they’re happy or sad. I just feel like it was one of those songs where it was clever with the words, and it’s not too mushy to where the guys can’t enjoy it either. I just like the song alot.

10. Who are some producers you would like to work with in the future?

I would love to work with Tank. I think he’s a great writer and singer. Also, Keri Hilson. Production wise, Timbaland. I jave to have something from him.

11. Describe your personal style.

I would have to say Casual Chic. I’m all for getting glammed up, if it presents itself, like an award show, or Red Carpet event. But just in terms of who i am, my image, i would definitely say Casual Chic. I love to pick up basic pieces and deck them out with dope accessories. I don’t like to think too much about what i’m wearing.

12. What advice would you give to aspiring singers?

I would tell them the number one thing is to just stay persistent in everything you do, because you never know when you’ll get your m0ment if you just stop every time you feel discouraged. Keep at it, stay persistent, and keep going until you get exactly where you want to be. Also, i would definitely say to utilize the internet as much as possible. I am proven fact that it works. Myspace, Facebook, Twitter. That is how you’re able to reach millions. Africa, Asia, etc. Just use the internet to your fullest advantage!

13. And lastly, what would you like to leave our readers knowing about you?

I am just real, and i’m myself. I don’t worry or conform to what people think an R&B artist should be, or even what a lady should be. I’m just myself, and i do what i want to do, and it’s okay to do that! You don’t have to try to be anything that you’re not. Embrace being yourself. That’s my whole message. Embrace yourself. GIRL POWER!

Peep The Single ‘Boiling Point’ now…

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Music Videos

New Video: Jessie J ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ …

It’s Jessie J in Wonderland, as she takes on the Children’s Classic for her video for “Nobody’s Perfect,” the latest single off her debut Who You Are.

We’re In.

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