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FLY Interview: Coline Creuzot Talks The Music Industry, Musical Inspirations, “Truth Is” & More

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Coline Creuzot is making her mark in the music industry and in full control. Coming all the way from Houston, Texas, the H-town native is infecting listeners from the moment they press play. SFPL got the chance to talk with the Sony ATV Singer/Songwriter to find out what she’s working on and what the fans can expect from her highly anticipated EP “Timeless.”

Check out our FLY interview with Coline Creuzot below.

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On what inspired her to write music:
I’m inspired by a lot of different things, like personal situations. It can be something that I’ve been through in the past or that I’m currently going through, things that my friends talk to me about. I’m inspired by art, other music. Just life in general.

On where she draw inspiration from in her music:
For the things that I write, a lot of times I just try to feel it. I let the music take me where I feel like I need to be and I draw off of personal experiences. I draw off of, sometimes I’ll see a really good movie and it’ll inspire me to write about a situation that happened in it. So it’s just kind of whatever’s going on in the moment and whatever I feel.

On her history in the music industry:
I’ve been singing and writing songs for a long time. I started writing at a young age, [I] probably [was around] 9 or 10 [years old]. I don’t know how good my songs were then. But I started then, I started dancing at about 3 [years old]. So its something that’s been in me for a long time. Something I’ve always loved to do. I put out a song in Houston in 2007 called “Give and Take,” which really kind of opened some doors for me. The song was number 1 on radio for six weeks, in Houston and I got a lot of opportunities from there. I opened shows for Drake, T.I., Keyshia Cole, J. Holiday and all these really cool people at the time. That eventually led me to get into my publishing deal with Sony.

Her Top 5 Top Artist Today:
Top 5! You know I have to go with Beyonce, she’s from the hometown. Jasmine Sullivan is another one of my favorites. I love Adele. Donny Hathaway, who’s like an old school, but he’s classic; and Aaliyah.

On who she would work with:
There’s a bunch of people I want to work with, on the artist side, I would love to do a collab with Lauryn Hill or Andre 3000. J.Cole is another one I really love. And then on the writing side, I would love to work with Ne-Yo. And production wise, Timberland.

On Why she wrote “Truth Is”:
It was one of those records, I was in the studio and I was actually working on something else and I had like some time left and so I decided, let’s pull up some tracks and we pulled up the track to “Truth Is,” and I just started vining. I actually free-styled that song, and we got to the hook and I was telling engineer like, man I can’t say that can I. He was like you can say whatever you want. I was like alright, well let’s do it. So I went back, I listened to it, you know cleaned it up a little bit and the record was boring. It’s funny because, I actually didn’t play the song for anybody for like two months. Cause I was trying to live with it, and like I didn’t know if it was just a little too crazy. I played it for my team and they ended up loving the record so, here we are.

On what’s next:
I have an EP, thats going to come out sometime early next year. It’s called “Timeless,” and its a six song EP. It covers all the topics from relationships, love, the beginning stages, the end stages leaving,. I think it encompasses everything that a woman would go through. It has a very cool vibe, I think it’s like a little combo, lets say of like Aaliyah, Mary J. Blidge, and maybe some Mya thrown in there. So it kind of give you a little bit of everything. I’m singing my heart out, there’s really vibe songs like “Truth Is.” So I’m excited, I can’t wait to share with everybody.


It is with pleaseure, that we announce that Coline’s highly anticipated video to her single to “Truth Is,” has finally dropped. Check it out below.

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“Truth Is” now available on iTunes & Google Play.

Keep Up With Coline

Instagram: @CoCreuz

Twitter: @ColineCreuzot

Facebook: Coline Creuzot

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