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When you watch an artist grow, you develop an expectation of their growth. You began to sync their abilities based on what you’ve seen and very rarely are you ever surprised by how great they become. And then there’s Sammie. The prince of R&B arrived a boy, with smooth adolescent vocals that although they proved promising, due to his youth, you might have put him in a box, or at least I did. Not seeing or hearing him for a few years didn’t really help much, as when word of his reemergence peeped in you might not have blinked.

Until now.

When I downloaded his new project Insomnia, having already heard the heart felt title track, I was expecting something good. What I heard was something special. From his uncomfortable state on Ambien Nights, to his remorse on Regret or his vocal pulse on Heart Killer, to say I was impressed would be an absolute understatement. This man is SANGIN’!

This Is R&B.

I’m adding this to the pile of amazing projects I’ve heard over the past 6 Months. This falls right in line with Tamia‘s Beautiful Surprise, Elle Varner‘s Perfectly Imperfect, Estelle‘s All Of Me and Teyana Taylor‘s Miseducation of Teyana Taylor. Heavey, HEAVY rotation on the Rae-pod. HEAVY. Step into the press release and DOWNLOAD below. Take it from Rae.

Fly Guy, Sammie, the prince of R&B, is starting the fall off with a bang! On the horizon to revamping his music career and image to match his anticipated return with the releases of his new project, Insomnia, which is available for download at as it was released yesterday at noon.

The 16-track body of work is Sammie’s most intimate and honest work to date with heart-felt ballads and soul-pouring illustrations of his nightly insomnia. With a more mature fashion-based expression and truthful approach in his music, the crooner is preparing to add his name to the R&B Hall of Fame.

“This project is the deepest countenance of myself,” said Sammie. “I’ve learned that when I’m being true to my core, which is R&B, I’m most inspired, creative and vocally ambitious. It’s time for me to shine and I plan to reach new fans and please my dedicated ones with this project.”

Both musically and personally, Sammie has transitioned into a confident musician with his eye on one thing only – winning! With the man behind Trey Songz, Troy Taylor, in the executive producer seat, Sammie feels confident this project is a work of art.

“My fans have been supportive throughout my career and I’m giving them a piece of me through my music,” said Sammie. “Without fans I’d be nowhere and I’m thankful to be in a position to show my appreciation.”

Fans will have access to the downloadable project Insomnia at noon on Tuesday, Sept. 4, 2012 at Sammie plans to provide an experience that is equally great in sound, lyrical content and highlighting intelligent vocal arrangements. This project will showcase his growth from a child star who has established his mark as an industry vocalist and songwriter.

 Download It Here.


-Stay Fly!


[New Music] Sammie ‘Insomnia’ …

On the heels of his new Promo Pics, and with his upcoming project, “Insomnia” set to release Tuesday, September 4, 2012, R&B crooner, Sammie  has released the title track off of his anticipated new project.

The Joe Jones and Troy Taylor-produced track tells the all to familiar story of a man’s darkest hours as he reveals his wrongs were a reflection of his insecurities and as a result he experiences a terrible case of insomnia.

This track, is incredible. Check it out …



-Stay Fly!

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[Fly-LIGHTs] Cassie for BWATT Magazine & Sammie Revamps His Music & Image with New Promo Shots ….

Fly Girl, Cassie was apart of a dope photo shoot for BWatt Magazine photographed by Anja Poulsen.

Styled by Toye Adedipe, Cassie rocked pieces by Basil Soda, Irina Shabayeva, Lloyd Klein, and more.

A peak from the interview :
“Bwatt” :
What has been a part of shaping you into the Artist you are today -in terms of life experiences, challenges, gifts or certain episodes along the way?
“Cassie” : I think every moment good and/or bad has shaped me. A terrible performance, an amazing one. Losing friends in my life, making new ones. I change every day and I’ve learned to take the good with the bad and make positive out of every experience. If I cared at all what people thought of me, I would just want them to say that I’m resilient.

You know how we feel about Cassie as a model, we’d post every beautiful shoot. See more at

And Sammie, the Prince of R&B is back on the horizon, the now all grown up singer is revamping his music career and image to match his anticipated return.

Clad in a snakeskin, fitted blazer with a white button up paired with white pants, he was fit for an after five occasion. Sammie’s new promotional photos show a more adult swag, making us eager for some new music to accompany this new look.

With his new project, “Insomnia” set to release Tuesday, September 4, 2012, the crooner is ready to hit the ground running. According to Sammie: “I’m back and I won’t lose this time” 

We’re ready!

-Stay Fly!