Stuff Fly People Like’s Flyest Gifts for the Holidays


Is there a fly person on your holiday shopping list? Are people constantly buzzing around them? Does this person seem to be a step ahead of everyone else when it comes to fashion, tech, games, and everything else?  Do you get bouts of angina when you think of shopping for them?

Yes, the holidays are upon us again and you are undoubtedly racking your brain to get that perfect gift for that fly person in your life. But have no fear, our editors have carefully curated this list to help you identify some … stuff fly people would like for the holidays be they big time dragon fly, common house fly or little fruit flies on the come-up.


5 Flyest Things About The New HTC One M8


Earlier today,  team fly was invited by HTC to check out the release of the successor to their award winning HTC One. The new HTC One M8 , looks to be a worthy follow up to the HTC One, but with all the new phones being released it’s easy to get phone fatigue. To help you figure out what phone might be right for you, here are the 5 flyest things about the M8.



HTC was able to bless M8 with that metal unibody frame that made the One stand out from the crowd but was also able to add a little more length. The M8 comes in at 146.36 x 70.6 x 9.35 mm but weighs a little less that 160g. It has a 5 -inch, full HD 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution display that makes it comparable to the new Galaxy S5. With an eye on comfort, the corners and back of the M8 are more rounded to give it a more natural feel in the user’s hand.


The M8 utilizes a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, Adreno 330 GPU and 2 GB of Ram which makes it a powerhouse able to run multiple programs simultaneously and efficiently. LTE, Bluetooth 3.0, NFC, 802.11 Wi-Fi and an Infrared Blaster are also included to make completing tasks and taking full advantage of the phone’s capabilities a breeze.


Battery Life

The new M8 is said to have a battery that lasts 40 percent longer than its predecessor thanks to a bigger battery (2,600mAh) than the One (2,300mAh)  and other tweaks to the phone. There is also an Extreme Power Saving Mode that lets the user strip the phone down to the bare functions in order to moderate power usage. Very useful when you forgot your charger or are in a place with no outlet.


Probably one of the flyest things about the M8 is its cameras. In the rear is a new Duo Camera system which lets users take pictures and video utilizing two cameras in tandem. The first, a two UltraPixel main camera and a secondary camera that collects data like depth. This allows for a number of advantages including better picture quality as well as a host of editing options that were usually reserved for high-end cameras. For those in search of the perfect selfie, there is a front facing 5MP wide-angle camera.


Dot View Case

While a case has become second nature for protecting your investment in a device it’s always nice to have something special and that’s what you have with the Dot View Case. The case not only protects your screen but working together with the M8’s Sense 6 User interface, the case can display a variety of notifications including weather, texts, emails and calls by various gestures like double tapping or swiping without ever having to lift the case from the screen.

The M8 will be available in Gunmetal Grey and Glacial Silver on major characters via online order as of march 25th and should reach most major stores by April 10th. Most Major carriers will have the phone for $199 with the typical 2 year contract or $649 without. You can also get the unlocked version direct from HTC for $649.  An Amber Gold version of the M8 will initially be a Best Buy exclusive  before being released nationally.

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Fly Technology: What’s the Buzz about the new HTC One

Tuesday morning, HTC invited Stuff Fly People Like to Cedar Lake to get a sneak peak at their highly anticipated new flagship phone, the HTC One. So you know a phone that is dubbed by the company as “the most beautiful phone ever made,” we had to go get a look. And the HTC One could give a Victoria Secret model a run for their money.