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Young MA, Busta Rhymes and More Kick off Grammy Week In Hollywood at AOD Mondays


Last Night, AOD Mondays kicked off Grammy 2017 Week in Hollywood, C.A. with a lot of noise and good energy. Model Tori Brixx showed that she’s more than just a pretty face as she impressed the crowd with her DJ’in skills. Tori, who’s a part of the Amber Rose circle showcased her DJ abilities last night inside of Penthouse Night Club with Master DJ Mark Da Spot and the club goers showed her a lot of love.


Brixx’s rumored Bae, New York native, double platinum rapper, Young MA was right there enjoying the night with her friends and Tori. It was announced yesterday that the artist’s hit record “Ooouuu” went double platinum, a celebratory evening for her.


Spotted in VIP was actor and comedian DC Young Fly who’s role in This Christmas produced by Will Packer put him on the big screen late last year. He was also spotted in the New Edition Story playing the character of Bobby Brown‘s barber who gave the R&B singer his famous “Gumby” haircut.


L.A. It-Girl Miss Diddy was seen laughing it up with Young MA in VIP.

Busta Rhymes took a lap in the club to show some East Coast Love to Young MA. Could a collabo be on the horizon?! Who knows! We shall see!

Photo Credit: @jenjphoto

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Last Night in NYC

Last Night In Hollywood: Superstar DIPLO, Justin Combs and More Party it Up At AOD Penthouse


This week, the stars were aligned in Hollywood with major Superstar DJ, Diplo inside of AOD Penthouse.

The night was filled with beautiful ladies and VIP’s partying together. Spotted in VIP was also model Bria Myles who has an announcement coming soon.

Justin Combs was spotted with his crew as they provided all of the dance moves.

Keeping the crowd entertained was New York native, DJ Mark Da Spot, Florida rapper Trap Beckham whose club banger called “Birthday Girl” was playing throughout the venue. After that song was played, next up was LA Rapper, Jay-305 hit song “Yuck it UP”. Popular “CoCo” rapper OT Genesis was in VIP sharing some fun with Record Exec Dallas Martin.

Photo Cred: Jenn Johnson

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Last Night in NYC

Last Night In Hollywood: Joseline Hernandez, Fabolous, Chris Brown & more at AOD Mondays

Monday’s in Hollywood, Ca. are filled with good vibes, beautiful ladies, and celebrities at Penthouse NightClub. This week, “The Puerto Rican Princess” hosted AOD inside of the nightclub hotspot and showed the ladies and gents that she’s still the “Baddest Punta.” The Love & Hip Hop Star is in Los Angeles for the week filming for the hit show The Real which she’s been spilling the tea all week. Spotted in VIP was SummerTime ShootOut Rapper

Spotted in VIP was SummerTime ShootOut rapper, Fabolous, as shortly after singer heartthrob Trey Songz stroll in with a couple friends. Across the room was superstar Chris Brown who came by and dropped a couple of dance moves, alongside French Montana. LA “It Girl” Miss Diddy was spotted partying it up with some friends, right over to the right was LHHH’s Masika.

Photo Credit: @NetWorkingz_

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Zoe Saldana Says Hollywood Bullied Donald Trump

Star of Avatar and Guardians of The Galaxy, Zoe Saldana seems to be quite outspoken yet again but this time blaming Hollywood for making America feel sorry for Donald Trump. The veteran actress believes that Hollywood bullied Trump. “We got cocky and became arrogant and we also became bullies,” says Saldana.

Zoe also said:

“We were trying to single out a man for all these things he was doing wrong… and that created empathy in a big group of people in America that felt bad for him and that are believing in his promises.”

The mother of two-year-old twin boys is hopeful the country as a whole will never return to the toxic days of segregation.

“I’m learning from (Trump’s victory) with a lot of humility. If we have people continue to be strong and educate ourselves and stand by equal rights and treat everyone with respect, we won’t go back to those times.”

Zoe’s remarks come after her frequent comments against prejudice in Hollywood that she boldly makes known.

Could her comments be coming into play as Saldana was dragged for her role in the Nina Simone biopic film? Her interpretation of the iconic star was not spot-on, therefore sending social media into a frenzy with a plethora of not so good replies.

Trump is clearly not the victim here which has us completely confused by Zoe’s mentions taking DT’s side on bullying.

Twitter, however, was not amused…



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On The Gram: Top 12 Memes From Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Reunion Part 1


As the Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood season comes to an end, we got to relive some of the memorable moments during the reunion with the cast members. Rich updated the viewers on his relationship with his now ex-girlfriend Moniece. Miss Nikki Baby still was jumping in people business when it came to Lil Fizz, Rich and Moniece. Teairra Mari gave her two cents on everyone’s situation; and Brandi was even more extra than she was during the season. The good folks on Instagram shared their thoughts on the LHHH Reunion part 1 with some memes. Check out the 12 hilarious memes after the jump.

– Stay Fly

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On The Gram: 12 Hilarious Memes From Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood Season Finale


The season finally of Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood was entertaining yet hectic. Myles’ coming out journey continued to his homies and Milan finally got to meet his family. Nikki told Rich about Moniece still being in love with Fizz, which caused him to cancel their engagement and break it off with her. Moniece being the crazy person she is confronted Nikki at Fizz’s video release party and Ray J brought Princess so she could take him back. The people over on Instagram, worked up some memes that sums up the reaction of the viewers of #LHHH. Check out the 12 hilarious memes after the jump.

– Stay Fly

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2015 MTV VMAs Weekend: Cassie, Roc Nation’s Vic Mensa & more Takeover Playhouse Nightclub in Hollywood


Over the MTV VMAs weekend, “Fly Girl” Cassie celebrated her birthday at the number one talked about Hollywood venue, Playhouse Nightclub!
#FeatureFridaysLA inside of Playhouse powered by super promoters Supreme Team and Miss Diddy was the talk of the town. With Cassie new Collab with street brand Diamond Supply and talks of an album being released, she has tons to celebrate. Cassie was accompanied with KUWTK and now “Dash Dolls” star Malika with a few other girlfriends.
Roc Nation‘s artist Vic Mensa who’s buzz is growing as the days continue also came out to Host Playhouse Night Club and catch the reactions of the party go-ers when they drop his single which features Kanye West.
Also spotted in VIP were: Keri Hilson and her Bae Serge Ibanka, Jermaine Dupri and Bow Wow.
Photo Cred: Networkingz 





Entertainment FLY Events Last Night in NYC

Last Night In L.A.: Casey Veggies Celebrates His Birthday At Playhouse NightClub in Hollywood

casey veggies

Roc Nation / Epic Artist Casey Veggies celebrates his birthday in his hometown Los Angeles at Playhouse NightClub in Hollywood, CA.

Birthday Celebration for Casey Veggies. Hosted by Adib, Ana Montana & Leslie Rosales.

The “Backflip” rapper performed new records from his album and brought west coast native TeeFlii on stage to perform his hit song “This D”.
Casey Veggies tore down #FeatureFridaysLA which is powered by Super Promoters Supreme Team and Miss Diddy inside of Legendary Playhouse Nightclub.
Also spotted in VIP was Laura Govan and her girls enjoying the night along side heart throb Don Benjamin.
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Newcomer and Baltimore native Scoota [“Up Next”] with buzzing record “Bird Flu” came out to show Casey Veggies some love.
Rapper O.T. Genasis and Jas Prince was also in the building.
Photo Cred: JByrd / VLex / Jorge


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Chris Brown Home Invasion Robbery: Aunt Was Held At Gunpoint, Mom Says It Was An Inside Job, Were Club Promoters Involved? Blood Gang Members? LAPD’s Gang Unit Are Now Assigned To The Case

chris brown robbed

UPDATE 7/20: Chris Brown Friend’s Ain’t Loyal

It looks like Chris Brown’s mother was correct. In case you missed it; a few days back, Chris Brown’s brand new house was broken into. His aunt was currently home while Breezy was doing a club appearance. At first, it wasn’t clear who was in on the crime but Brown’s mother felt like it was someone in his crew.

According to TMZ, Chris Brown and the police believe it was a few people in his crew that had something to do with the robbery. Not only someone in his crew but a club promoter as well. Brown had just scored 50k from a club appearance and placed the money in a safe at home. Only someone who was around Chris at the time will know that he had that money and where he placed it.

Police don’t just believe it was someone in his crew, they believe that Blood gang members were involved as well. Members of LAPD’s Gang unit were assigned to handle the case. Seems like Mama Joyce and Chris’s camp is putting their foot down. Brown was told that he needs to get rid of some people in his crew. We couldn’t have agreed to anything better than this. Hopefully this situation will teach Breezy that hoes aren’t the only ones that ain’t loyal — but the people you call “bro” ain’t either.


UPDATE 7/16: Cops may have a lead on Chris’ Home Invasion

More news has broke about Chris Brown recent Home Invasion. Law enforcements now believe that Club Promoters may have been involved, which relates back to a recent club appearance that Chris was paid for, in CASH. While the intruders were in the Chris’ establishment, they were aware of the identity of the homeowner and immediately asked his aunt where the safe was located. At the same time, hinting that they also knew about the $50K.

We will keep you updated as the story still develops…


According to TMZ, sources claims that whomever was the mastermind behind the organized crime was in search for 50K that may have been lying around somewhere in Brown’s home.

It has been reported via TMZ, that Breezy’s newly purchased home has been invaded, turned completely upside down, property was stolen, and Aunt was held at gunpoint. His Mom believes that it was an inside job by his “friends.”

Check out more after the jump…

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Last Night In L.A.: Chris Brown , LaLa , Michael B. Jordan & more Celebrate Terrence J’s Birthday


On Sunday Night, the hottest names in Hollywood came together to celebrate Terrence J‘s birthday while bowling at Lucky Strike. The theme of the night was followed by the hashtag #StrikeNight with music by DJ Vision.


Miss Diddy of The Brand Group hosted Terrence’s bday celebration and the celebrities came pouring in.

Spotted were the likes of; LaLa Anthony, Michael B. Jordan, Brotherly Love‘s Quincy Combs, Ne-Yo, OT Genasis, Lance Gross, Amber Riley, Malaysia Pargo, Flex & Shanice Anderson, The Game’s Jay Ellis and Tony Rock.

#StrikeNight was also full of goodies for their guest, including hair company Motions Hair providing giveaways to all the ladies who came out, and posted their photos with hashtag #DoYou and #StrikeNight.

Photo Cred: Kass & Ken for The Brand Group

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