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The Word: LeBron James and Cleveland Cavaliers Teammates Won’t Be Resting Their Heads In Trump Hotels

LeBron James the outspoken leader of the 2015-2016 NBA champions Cleveland Cavaliers won’t be gracing any Trump Hotels in the foreseeable future.

Drake Disses Meek Mill on New freestyle "Back To Back"

Bron and some of his Cavalier teammates will be breaking league protocol by refusing to stay in the Trump SoHo when the Cavs visit New York City to take on the Knicks. The move should come as no surprise, LeBron this past election was a staunch supporter of Hillary Clinton and gave her a ringing endorsement.

U.S. Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is joined by the Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James (R) and J.R. Smith (L), with his daughter Demi, at a campaign rally in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. November 6, 2016. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

NY Mag reported:

“Cavaliers general manager David Griffin said on Monday that the team would find alternative accommodation for any players who don’t want to stay at a Trump property and that plans have been made for any “group that wants to be elsewhere to be together elsewhere.”

The Cavaliers are not the first team who vouched to avoid Trump properties in response to Trump being elected President. The Memphis Grizzlies, Dallas Mavericks and Milwaukee Bucks also stated they will not be staying at any Trump Hotels.

The Cavaliers also were the last championship team to be honored by President Barack Obama at the White House this year.

The boycott is not only focusing on Trump’s property but athletes are already discussing if they would even visit the White House if invited by Trump. Cavaliers guard Iman Shumpert has already stated if the Cavaliers repeat as champions (I hope they do) he will not be visiting the White House to meet with Trump.

Trump’s presidency is definitely filling the air with uncertainty sprinkled with a heavy dose of divisiveness as we don’t know what this man will do once he sets foot in the White House. One thing that is pretty certain folks ain’t here for Trump and the King is leading that parade.


 PHOTO: Brian Babineau/Getty Images 


Jay Z Set To Headline Hillary Clinton Ohio Concert To Mobilize Black Voters

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Watch: A Powerful Message From T.D. JAKES’ ‘America: Election Reaction’ Episode

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T.D. Jakes is hosting his second town hall style election-themed episode discussing the aftermath of the Presidential election and our divided nation. Realizing the importance of continuing his conversations with all Americans to hear ALL of their voices, Jakes invites guests from all backgrounds to this groundbreaking episode. Wisdom and hope is what the country needs right now – and T.D. Jakes is the preeminent voice.

In this episode, Jakes looks deeper into what is troubling this country and why we need to move forward – including emotional discussions about 9/11 and his own family. It’s a time to come together – but how do we get there?

“Great leaders don’t pick sides! They unite and build bridges and connect us. And they focus on what we have in common rather than what we have to divide us. At the end of the day what we want…is for someone to unite us.”

Jakes leaves us with this powerful message:

“I have to believe that there is a way forward. For this is my home, is it yours?”

Hear all of this and more – please tune in Today, November 15th to catch yet another profound conversation with T.D. JAKES. Please check your local listings ( or watch on OWN at 6:00pm EST / PST.


RAHEEM DEVAUGHN & WES FELTON Presents The CrossRhodes The Great Debates Mixtape


The Revolution Will Not Only Be Televised, But Also Provided In Surround Sound With An Appropriate Soundtrack.

As we embark on the most important election of our lifetime, Raheem DeVaughn and Wes Felton, collectively known as The CrossRhodes are back with the, The Great Debate mixtape. Available for a free download via, The Great Debate mixtape speaks to the importance of social consciousness and political awareness.

The Minister of Domestic and International Information of The CrossRhodes states:

The CrossRhodes Manifesto

The intersection of our vision, dreams, beliefs and reality. We are taking back the linage of what they have stolen. We also acknowledge our immediate ancestors who used the Rhodes piano to create soul music.

Our logo captures the intersection of 4 elements of life for what it means to be human, men, Black, fathers, lovers, believers in God and artists.

1.The gun reflects the fact that we see our art and community at the Crossrhodes of both the living and dying by the gun which is reflected in both the  growing BLM movement about violence against our community and the continued work we have to do about the violence we inflict on each other in our community.

2.The heart reflects the love which is at the root of our music and the movement we are building as men who love, feel, care and struggle.

3.The fist reflects the beauty and power of our commitment to our struggle.  We understand that we come from a long tradition of elder and ancestor artists. A legacy which we have an obligation to continue, transform, and pass on to the next generation.

4.The microphone reflects our art, culture and music which when crossed with love and consciousness is what can use to teach, heal and rebuild our community.


Listen HERE

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Watch Beyonce and Jay Z Let The World Know They Are With Hillary Clinton!

The stakes are extremely high when it comes to this years Presidential Election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Tonight at a free ‘Get Out The Vote’ concert in Cleveland, Hillary called on the biggest stars on the planet in an effort to mobilize black voters.

The concert was headlined by Jay Z and of course he got some assistance from his wife Beyoncé. At this point if Beyoncé getting in “Formation” with her backup dancers donning Hillary’s signature pantsuit doesn’t get folks excited to vote and stop Trump, nothing will!

It wasn’t all just song and dance for Beyoncé and her husband Jay Z both spoke as to why they are with her!

Beyoncé on endorsing Hillary Clinton:

Less than 100 years ago, women did not have the right to vote. Look how far we’ve come. I want my daughter to grow up seeing a woman lead this country and that’s why I’m with her

Jay Z on endorsing Hillary Clinton:

And this other guy, his conversation is divisive. And that’s the sign of an unevolved soul to me. And he cannot be my President!

We agree and that’s why we are with her as well! Get out there and vote FLY ones cause we cannot let Donald Trump undo what we accomplished in 8 years under Barack Obama.

Stay Fly!



Jay Z Set To Headline Hillary Clinton Ohio Concert To Mobilize Black Voters

Hillary Clinton To Sit Down With BLM Activists DeRay Mckesson & Brittany Packnett


Watch Hillary Clinton and Ken Bone Dance-Off in Hilarious Spoof of The Presidential Debate on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’

You can always count on Ellen to bring the humor to something as serious as this year’s Presidential Election. Hillary Clinton who is currently cruising to victory in light of recent allegations against her opponent and making history becoming our first woman President stopped by The Ellen Show.

She spoke about the latest debate, her infamous shimmy, Michelle Obama’s amazing speech, her wish for her upcoming 69th birthday, the current situation going on withTrump and of course Donald’s weird stalking behavior during the last debate.

What took the cake though was a video Ellen played for Hillary featuring her and overnight social media darling (strangely still undecided) Ken Bone engaged in a dance-off. The hilarious part is Hillary is still answering the debate question while she is hitting her dance moves. Peep Hillary and Ken facing off in the parody video above and an additional clip from the episode below:

You can catch Hillary Clinton on The Ellen Show today on NBC at 3:00 PM!

Stay Fly!



The BeyHive Stings Trump Supporter Who Quoted ‘Formation’ To Slam Hillary Clinton’

WATCH: Hillary Clinton Appears On Latest EP of ‘Between Two Ferns,’ Hilarity Ensues


Mary J. Blige Debuts New Single “Thick Of It”


On the path of releasing her frustrations behind the abrupt ending of her 12-year marriage to Kendu Issacs, Mary J. Blige unleashes a new song entitled “Thick Of It.” The official single was co-penned by artist-songwriter Jazmine Sullivan.

In the song, Mary details her feelings saying:

And I be damned if all these years I let you diss me babe
I was there when no one wanted to stay with you baby
You know I deserve more than this
I do

Mary recently told WDAS 105.3 FM:

“If you know me, you know what I’m dealing with right now. The “Thick of It” is the divorce and all this stuff that’s going on right now. It’s the heaviness of it and the whole thing…that’s where I am. I’m in the middle of a divorce and it doesn’t feel good. It feels terrible, but I have strength to get through and I get through by any means necessary.”

Mary is now working on her upcoming album Strength of a Woman, which is the follow-up to the 2014 project London Sessions. Also, Blige has been reaching out into other ventures and now has a new Apple Music program titled The 411 where she recently interviewed Hillary Clinton.

Take a listen to “Thick Of It” below.

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Watch: Hillary Clinton Appears On Latest EP of “Between Two Ferns,’ Hilarity Ensues

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is the latest guest on Funny or Die‘s web series Between Two Ferns.

Host comedian Zach Galifianakis jumped right in with his silly hijinks, starting by attempting to sneak up and scare the former Secretary of State before getting tackled by the Secret Service. Galifianakis continues to ask Clinton a slew of unconventional questions, some of which she doesn’t even bother to answer.

The two go on to discuss what she should wear to Monday’s debate, her stance on Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership, and whether she ever feels the inclination to be racist since it’s working so well for Donald Trump. Galifianakis even stops for a brief commercial break to play a Trump campaign ad which Mrs. Clinton isn’t at all amused by.

Watch all the awkward hilarity that ensues below.

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#MajorKeyAlert: DJ Khaled Says He’s With Hillary, Talks With This Is Dope! and BET for ‘Vote You Voice’ Tour


Multi-Marketing Company, This Is Dope! have partnered with BET For the 2016 Voter Registration Initiative, VOTE YOUR VOICE.

They kicked off their 21 city tour this past Friday in Atlanta for the 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards Weekend. This weekend they were able to capture Khaled having a moment endorsing Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, in the only way Khaled could.

The major goal is to create an exciting, accessible and engaging way to make young African-American people aware of the voter registration deadlines in their cities and register to vote.

The BET truck will hit over 20 cities, visiting Historically Black Colleges & Universities (HBCU’s), malls, parks, concerts in each area.

People are invited to come inside of the18-foot step van set up as a mobile lounge and register to vote onsite at designated iPad stations (VOTE YOUR VOICE) or show proof of registration and receive free giveaways from t-shirts to hot vinyl product, while supplies last.

Yet to be named artists/talentare slated to pop-up at the BET Truck at various locations to meet and greet with fans.

Check out the @BET social media handle @HipHopAwards to see when the truck hits your town.

The Full BET VOTE YOUR VOICE TOUR is highlighted below:

9/16-9/17 Atlanta, GA

9/18 Birmingham, AL

9/19 Jackson, MS

9/20 Baton Rouge, LA

9/21 New Orleans, LA

9/22 Mobile, AL

9/23 Tallahassee, FL

9/24 Jacksonville, FL

9/25 Savannah, GA

9/25 Charleston, SC

9/27 *Washington, DC

9/28 Baltimore, MD

9/29 Wilmington, DE

9/29 Chester, PA

9/29 Philadelphia, PA

9/30 Newark, NJ

10/01 Brooklyn, NY

10/01 Queens, NY

10/02 New Haven, CT

10/02 Hartford, CT

10/03 Boston, MA

10/04 New York, NY

10/04 Harlem, NY

*9/27 is National Voter Registration Day

For more information on The 2016 BET Hip Hop Awards:VOTE YOUR VOICE Tour, please visit:


We Don’t Believe You, You Need More People: Melania Trump Raked Over The Coals For Blatantly Plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s 2008 Speech!


hen Melania Trump took the stage last night and delivered her opening speech chances are she thought she knocked it out the park. Well that wasn’t the case after the potential (hopefully not) First Lady got called out for blatant plagiarism of Michelle Obama’s brilliant 2008 DNC speech.


Last night journalist Jarrett Hill noticed the huge blunder as he was live tweeting the RNC. He was a huge fan of Michelle’s speech and memorized the key parts that Melania’s speech used word for word. He threw up his observation on Twitter and it immediately caught everyone’s attention.

Of course the Trump campaign has denied any wrong doing in the situation and of course continued to dig their hole even deeper by blaming Hillary Clinton.

Right but ummm the evidence is very damning, here’s the side by side comparison.

Hillary’s strategically did this huh? Riiiiigghhhht


Twitter wasted no time in reacting, they immediately started up the #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes hashtag and went in on her. Here’s just a sample size of the electronic ether sent her way:


We love y’all on the Internet, we really, really do. The slander wasn’t only relegated to Twitter, oh it spilled over to Instagram as well. Hit the gallery below to see the best memes calling out Melania for her blatant biting of our current First Lady

SOURCE: Twitter,Instagram |PHOTO: Getty Images


She Tried It: Wait, Did Melania Trump Just Plagiarize A Michelle Obama Speech?

Entertainment FLY Interviews SFPL TV

Gospel Artist Tye Tribbett on Kanye West: “he’s in transition, God is doing something in him”, Tye strongly speaks on how others shouldn’t judge & more on SFPL TV


Recently, Gospel Artist Tye Tribbett stopped by SFPL TV to talk about being added to the line-up of this year’s McDonald’s Gospelfest entitled “Honor Thy Mother” along with Karen Clark-Sheard, as a surprise addition to the annual concert. This marks Tye’s second time being apart of the annual event, produced and directed by Emmy Award winning Producer A. Curtis Farrow.

Tye also spoke about Religion, the expansion of Gospel Music paired with Secular Music, a New Album in the works, wanting to work with Chris Brown, Fashion, Kanye West, Social Media, Donald Trump, Hilary Clinton, Racism, and a hint of possibly being apart of Reality TV and more.

His thoughts on Kanye West and the public attacking him, while in the midst of commenting on the light of social media:

Kanye West, specifically, on Rolling Stone magazine, he had the crown of thorns on his head, he calls himself Yeezus, everybody had a billion things to say about Kanye, who I love very much. However, he’s in transition, God is doing something in him — his journey may be taking longer than yours was or whatever. But as an artist, I wouldn’t give people the ammunition.

Check out the full interview below:

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Catch Tye at the McDonald’s Gospelfest on May 7th at the Prudential Center.

You can also see performances from: Yolanda Adams, Tamela Mann, Donnie McClurkin, Bishop Hezekiah Walker & LFC, Shirley Caesar, and the original Dreamgirl, Jennifer Holliday.

Get your tickets at the Box Office, online at or call Ticketmaster at 800-745-3000.

Twitter: @TyeTribbett