The Word: Seahawks Fans Create GoFundMe To Get Rid Of Ciara, GoFundMe Responds…


Bombshell, Ciara may be out here looking like a million bucks, but Seatle Seahawks fans would like her to keep all her funds and head back to the studio.


CiCi’s boo thang, Russell Wilson and the Seatle Seahawks haven’t been doing so hot now that football season is officially underway. The team is 0-2 in the regular season, and the fans kinda blame …



A group of Seahawks fans seem to think that the only way to straighten Russell Wilson out is to start a GoFundMe campaign to get Ciara back on track.

Petty Pendergrass. 

The description was as petty as they come, putting emphasis on how great Future‘s career has been since Ciara broke up with him, and the same thing can happen to Russell Wilson once Ciara makes an exit.


The petition’s mission is “to help jumpstart Ciara’s career and ensure she has no time to be in a relationship.”


At the time of this post powers that be at GofundMe have stepped in and removed the campaign.


-Stay Fly!