On The Gram: #SnowOut, Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 3 Recap and Hilarious Memes

Jon Snow Season 6 Episode 3


on Snow is back and he’s confused but most importantly he’s angry and that doesn’t bode well for the men (Alliser Thorne and co) and one boy (wack ass Ollie) who betrayed him. Davos does his best to calm Jon down and delivered one of the best lines in the episode: “You were dead. Now you’re not”.

Davys and Jon Snow Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3

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Meanwhile Melisandre who seemed to have lost her way with her faith has found it again after Jon Snow’s resurrection.


We also get an update on Jon’s buddy Sam and his boo Gilly and his adopted son little Sam. They are currently on a boat with Sam’s destination being Old Town to become a Maester. There are no women allowed there so Sam will drop Gilly and the baby off with his family in Horn Hill.

Sam and Gilly Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3

That reunion should be interesting since Sam described his father as a fat-shaming douche that made him join the Nights Watch in the first place. The big awww moment came when Gilly called Sam “the father of her child”  though.


Back in Kings Landing,Cersei and brother/lover Jaime are getting back to their Lannister ways. They pay a visit to disgraced maester Qyburn the man behind Cersei’s zombie bodyguard Sir Gregor.

Sir Gregor Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3

He is now in control of Varys’ little birds (spy network of children) since Varys skipped town with Tyrion. Cersei informs Qyburn that she wants him to place the child spies across the land to find out information. Cersei intends to rub out the High Sparrow with a trial by combat using Zombie Gregor as her champion. The incestial duo also crash a council meeting between Olenna Tyrell, Grand Maester Pycell, Mace Tyrell and the Hand of The King Cersei’s uncle Kevan who like most of us can’t stand her ass. The hilarious part was them busting in the meeting while Pycell was talking about Gregor and he didn’t see them standing there. Only to turn around and see zombie Gregor looking right at him and farting at the mere sight of the menacing creature.

Pycell Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3

Young King Tommen representing the furious Lannisters storms into the Sept and demands that High Sparrow allows his mother to visit Princess Myrcella’s grave. Somehow someway the High Sparrow was able to throw the Tommen off with bevy of compliments.

High Sparrow and Tommen Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3

Tommen clearly wants folks to put some Respek on his name as the King but it’s clear the High Sparrow isn’t here for it.


Danearys has finally arrived to Vaes Dothrak the giant tent city home for the nomadic Dothraki. As we learned last week being that she is the widow of a dead Khal she is to spend the rest of her life with other Khal widows in the tent temple as a Dosh Khaleen. In her mind we are sure her reaction is something like:


She finally meets with the other Khal widows and she isn’t impressed at all.

Daenerys Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 3

As she always does she makes sure to get out all of her names and we mean every single one of them. The leader of the  Dosh Khaleen isn’t impressed and informs the Mother of Dragons that before she will be accepted as a Dosh Khaleen she has to face the khalasars who will decide her fate. Meanwhile in her abandon Queendom of Meereen, Varys has discovered who is funding the Sons of the Harpy who are raising all types of hell for the unsullied.

Arya is still going through her Rocky like training and getting the life beat out of her with a staff. She finally starts to adapt to her sudden blindness and get the best of her tutor.

Arya Stark Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3

Arya finally convinces Jaqen that she has “No Name” and he allows her to drink from the well of deadly water. Instead of it killing her, the water gives Arya her sight back finally now we hope she goes looking for that girl and smacks her with a stick one good time.

We also see what the new Lord of Winterfell Ramsey Bolton is up to since he killed his own father and newborn brother last episode. Ramsey has gotten both Northern families the Karstacks and the Umbers to get on board with his plan to take out Jon Snow. Ramsey requests that the Umbers bow a knee to him but they refuse and instead have something better to offer. They offer the sadistic bastard Olsa the Wildling and Rickon Stark and as a bonus the head of Rickon’s direwolf Shaggydog.

Rickon Stark Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3

The Stark’s just can’t seem to catch a break as this is just an awful development for them. Another Stark, Bran is still currently reliving past events with the Three Eyed Raven. In the latest flashback Bran witnesses a battle between his father Ned Stark and Arthur Dayne. It’s been legend that his father was a master swordsman and easily handled Dayne but he learns in the flashback that wasn’t the case. Dayne was stabbed in the back by Howland Reed leaving Bran upset at the dishonorable move.

Bran Stark Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3

Ned hears a scream at the top of the tower and decides to run to it, before he starts running Bran screams out to the younger version of his father. Young Ned stops in his tracks as if he can hear his future son’s voice. Before thing’s get interesting the Three Eyed Raven ends the flashback much to the dismay of Bran.

Finally we head back to the wall, Jon Snow finally has come to terms with escaping the clutches of death. The men who killed him are set to be hung.

Jon Snow Oathkeeper Game of Thrones Season Episode 3

Jon Snow is tasked with execution the four members of the Night’s Watch for breaking their oaths. This scene is significant as it is very reminiscent to the opening scene of Season one where Ned Stark chopped off the head of a oathbreaker. Snow gives one last look to young Ollie who delivered the decisive blow to Snow when he stabbed him in the heart. The stare was completely replaced with anger as Snow cut the rope sending the traitors to their hanging deaths. After it was all said and done and feeling that his oath has been fulfilled, he takes of the cloak of the Lord Commander and hands it to Dolorous Edd. With that move Snow officially ends his watch.

#SnowOut !


Now that you’re up to speed, hit the gallery below to see the hilarious memes below that followed last night’s episode.

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