Watch: J. Cole’s Road To Homecoming Releases Fourth Episode “Buses, Vans, and Trains” [VIDEO]


Ahead of the premiere of his HBO Special, Forest Hills Drive: Homecoming, Cole once again offered fans a behind the scenes look into his career with the release of the fourth episode of the Road To Homecoming Documentary Series.

In this weeks episode titled “Buses, Vans, and Trains”, viewers get the see the preparation that went into the creation of the emcees Forest Hills Drive Tour as well as commentary from fans, his team, and even his former landlord. Fans are given glimpses into the challenges Cole and his team faced that ranged from inclement weather delays, to sound ordinances, and time constraints.

Touring isn’t all work and no fun though. We continue to see the camaraderie that forms between everyone working on the tour, which isn’t just limited to the tour itself. Along for the ride, is producer Cam O’Bi who Cole brought on strictly for the purposes of making music. O’Bi briefly elaborated on his role explaining,

“I just jumped on tour a few days ago. I’m actually not joining it to perform. I’m not a member of the band or anything. I’m actually here to make music. Like that’s what Cole’s team wanted me here to do and he has a lot of other people here doing the same thing.”

Always keeping people around you solely focused on creating music appears to be contributing to Cole’s success. We see the talented rapper write a verse in 30 minutes and lay it down five minutes before having to hit the stage.

For his return to New York City we get to see Cole sell out the legendary venue Madison Square Garden. Once on stage, he shares with the enthusiastic crowd that he “remembers specifically” stating during his last tour in the city’s Best Buy Theater, that his return to the Big Apple would be at MSG; a monumental moment for the small town kid from North Carolina with big city dreams.

You can check out the fourth installment of J. Cole’s five-part documentary series Road to Homecoming below. If you missed the last three episodes we got you covered as well.

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By: Arlene Danna