The Walking Dead Recap: Jesus Saves, Morgan Leaves & Daryl Is Cold Blooded

The Walking Dead Season 8, Episode 3 Recap
Morales (Juan Gabriel Pareja) and Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in Episode 3 Photo by Gene Page/AMC

Season 8 of The Walking Dead is proving to be the most action-packed season ever and episode 3 titled “Monster” keeps the pace going.  Rick and Daryl, The Hilltoppers, and The Kingdommers are still in full get The Saviors the hell out of here mode. Last week’s episode ended with Rick as he encountered Morales a blast from The Walking Dead past. The reunion wasn’t jovial at all as Morales has radically changed and has joined the Saviors. With Rick in the front of his gun, he lets him know that he’s called for back up and it’s not looking good for Rick and the gang.

So let’s jump into Season 8, Episode 3’s recap of The Walking Dead and get into the episodes biggest moments!

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Insecure Recap: Issa’s Marriage Fantasy, Lawrence’s Emotional Turtleneck Sweater, Molly’s Still Dumb For Dro.

Insecure’s second season has officially come to an end it had our emotions all over the place. Whether it was Lawrence’s emotional turtle neck sweater, Issa’s fantasy marriage proposal or Molly still being dumb for Dro and messing with his married ass it had us screaming at our televisions.

Tonight’s  45 minute finale was broken up into three separate mini-episodes for each of the shows main characters with Issa, Molly and Lawrence’s episode each starting from the same point, the Long Beach marathon.

So what happened on tonight’s fnale? Lets step into it shall we?

Lawrence is hounded by the ghost of his previous relationship with Issa. After last weeks big argument with her, it seems to be weighing him on heavily and even affecting his new thing with his co-worker Aparna.

Lawrence spots Issa while running in the marathon with his co-workers and sees Molly while  at dinner with Aparna. Things between the two seem to be going very well until after a conversation with his two buddies. Lawrence tells them how Aparna still works with her ex  and that he’s uncomfortable with it. Chad immediately warns him about it putting all sorts of crazy ideas in his head telling him that her ex is “just extra d—k around for no reason,” .

During a car ride with Arparna, Lawrence utilizes the poor advice his friends gives him when he notices her being lost in her phone and thinks she’s enjoying the conversation a  bit too much. Aparna is not too happy about Lawrence pressing her and an ill-timed phone call from Issa doesn’t help matters  and tells him to pull the car over and leaves him right on the spot.

Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

We zap back to the Long Beach marathon and the story picks up with Molly. She breaks down her relationship with her “homie” Quentin to Issa and how she intends on keeping it strictly friendly, because he’s not her type.

After a successful meeting with the “blacks” Molly and her freshly dubbed homie, Quentin decided to celebrate with some Hennessy. After a talk with her therapist, Molly decides to give Quentin a chance and has sex with him to see where things will go from there. Molly is still weighing her career options and during a girls night with Issa and Kelli she is torn between going with the “blacks” or staying with the “whites”.

Well the “whites” will probably aid her in making her decision because after a meeting where they praised Molly and expressed how important she is to them, they gave her a pat on the head in the form of a Rising Star Award instead of well deserved raise.

Now finally we focus on Issa whom in the beginning of the episode is feeling the effects of good ole gentrification in her neighborhood. We zap back to the Long Beach Marathon and we find out that Tiffany is now pregnant and Kelli’s marathon run is cut short by Aunt Flow. We also learn that Issa is moving because the rent is:

On top of moving out, Issa is also having issues at work. Feeling bad that the Latino students were being shortchanged by VP Gaines. Issa reveals to her boss, Joanne that she has been having We Got Y’all sessions with the Latino students and Joanne was not pleased to hear about that. Joanne even called the move some for of segregation.

The move puts Issa in a bad place with Joanne and helps get Frieda  promoted to Director of Student Outreach. With that settled Issa can focus on moving, not wanting to have a roommate and live on her own, Issa decides to hold a yard sale to make some extra cash.

During the yard sale, Issa realizes she just can’t bring herself to part with her and Lawrence’s old sofa. She decided to give him a call letting him know when he can pick up the rest of his things and the sofa if he wanted it. Which leads us to another epic confrontation between Lawrence and Issa.

Issa stops by the apartment for a final walk-through of the apartment, she is surprised to see that Lawrence has stuck around even though she gave him an opportunity to avoid her.

The two have the adult conversation that they really needed to have since the beginning of this season. Lawrence admits to not liking how things ended between them and adds that “I just feel like I’m f—ing everything up right now.” Lawrence even apologizes for shutting down on her when he did not meet the expectations he set for himself.

Issa confesses to Lawrence that she expected him to be better for the both of them when she didn’t even know how to be better for herself. She even tells Lawrence that she wishes that he would believe her when she says that her cheating wasn’t about him. The two admit that they still love each other and give us the moment we have been looking for all season long.

After the embrace, Lawrence heads to the door to leave and Issa follows him, they say their goodbyes and in a surprise move Lawrence gets down on one knee and proposes to Issa and she immediately says yes. We are then treated to the couple married and admiring their union on the old sofa. We get an intense sex scene that leads into a pregnant Issa followed by the couple with an adorable child. It all seemed so real but it only turned out to be one of Issa’s fantasies getting the best of her.

Snap back to reality, Lawrence leaves but their fractured relationship is looking much better. Lawrence even adds Issa back on Facebook. With a whole new perspective on life and homeless for the moment, Issa also buries the hatched with Daniel. She stops by his house to crash and insists that she will sleep on the couch.

Molly on the other hand is this seasons biggest loser in our eyes. Not only did she not get the raise she wanted, she is still clearly dickmatized by Dro as well. We catch up with her trying on lingerie and we originally think it’s a gesture for Quentin. When someone knocks on the door we are disappointed to see that it’s Dro she was getting ready for.

Oh Molly.

Well now it’s time to start predicting what will happen in season 3, but for now checkout the hilarious reactions from tonight’s season finale in the gallery below.



Five FLY Moments From The Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere!

Game of Thrones made its triumphant return last night and the whole world rejoiced. Tears of joyed flowed all over the world once the epic opening theme song begins. We are sure there were folks look like this in their homes in front of their television looking like this:

Season 7’s premiere was nothing short of amazing and full of awesome moments. So trust and believe it was hard breaking down the show down to five FLY moments. But we did, hit gallery below to see what scenes had us clutching our pearls during last night’s premiere.




“Help Me”: ‘Power’ Season 3, Episode 305 Recap

Before we jump into this recap let me just start off by saying this (takes deep breath)… THIS WAS THE BEST EPISODE OF POWER EVER!  Courtney A.Kemp and her amazing team of writers have totally outdone themselves with this episode! Now that I’m done with that let’s get into episode 305 which is accurately titled “Help Me” cause I needed help after watching it.

The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 3 Memes

Episode 305 starts off with Tommy who is clearly going through it after the assassination attempt on his life by the Koreans last episode that failed thanks to Ghost (he doesn’t know that yet).

Tommy is a mess Power Season 3, Episode 305

Tommy is super paranoid now cause he’s not sure if it was Lobos who called in the hit on him. His paranoid moment is interrupted by his annoying ass girlfriend Holly who still believes it is Lobos though.

Holly trying to convince Tommy Power Season 3, Episode 305

Even after Tommy makes sense of it explaining to her why he’s not sure if it was Lobos she is still adamant that it is and that he must kill Ghost. She tells the poor tortured soul at this point that they HAVE to do this and they will do it together in order to stay alive and not suffer the same fate as their poor dog. Ghost sends Tommy a text, Holly quickly stops Tommy from looking at it and tells him they are not leaving the apartment till they come up with a way to kill Ghost. Unfortunately Tommy doesn’t know she has already taken care of that.


Speaking of Ghost he’s trying to smooth things over with Angela the best way he knows how…

Alot on Angela's Mind Power Season 3, Episode 305

Yes that’s right new week, another sex scene don’t act like y’all are shocked by these things now. Angela’s head is clearly not in the moment and Ghost quickly picks up on it and asks her what’s wrong. Angela is still worried about their relationship and the”obstacles” they face if you want to be specific, Riq hating her , Paz hating Ghost and the fact that he’s still married.

Ghost lisetning to Angela Worry Power Season 3, Episode 305

All Ghost can do is listen in silence, the conversation is interrupted by text to Angela’s phone from her job telling her to come in immediately. The strategy meeting for Ruiz has been pushed up and Angela has to get there a.s.a.p.

Speaking of Ruiz one particular person is not happy that he’s back in town and that is Lobos.

Lobos isn't too happy with Mike Power Season 3, Episode 305

Lobos is extremely worried and lets Mike know it! Mike informs Lobos that Ruiz will be brought to the Federal Building for questioning. Lobos immediately suggests that Mike somehow get Hugo in there to get rid of Ruiz but Mike quickly shoots that idea down. Mike explains to his boss how extremely hard it will be to get Hugo in and let alone out of the building. Mike tells Lobos that they just can’t risk the unnecessary attention on the both of them at the moment. Lobos is growing very impatient with Mike and threatens to send Hugo to either kill him or his daughter first.

Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Our favorite attorney Proctor is back, and gets a call from Ghost.

Proctor gets a call from Ghost Power Season 3, Episode 305

It would seem what Angela said resonated with Ghost and looks like he’s trying to fix things in his new home. Ghost asks Proctor to get some separation papers ready, looks like Ghost is ready to start distancing himself away from Tasha one step at a time. Proctor tries to warn Ghost but he lets him know that it’s just separation for now, not a divorce. This is news that should definitely have Angela like:

oprah audience gif

Speaking of Angela she goes to pay a visit to her old flame now nemesis Greg.

Angela Meets with Greg Power Season 3, Episode 305

Strictly there to defend her man’s honor Angela tries her best to convince Greg to give up his witch hunt for Ghost and just focus on Lobos. Of course Greg isn’t going to do that cause deep down inside he’s still hurt about losing Angela to him and this is the best way to get back at him.

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Riq is still on suspension for bringing Angela’s gun to school. Tasha tells her son that his dad is there to pick him up to hang with him for the day.

Riq is not too excited about hanging with his dad Power Season 3, Episode 305

Back in the day that would be exciting news for the Tariq but he’s not really feeling his dad at the moment. Tasha explains to Riq that his dad is really trying to make things work and that he should try too. Riq agrees but he lets her know that he really doesn’t want too. Poor Ghost hears everything from the hallway and I’m sure it was just eating away at his heart to hear his son say that.

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The case against Lobos is picking up steam and Mike is looking extremely nervous now that Ruiz is back in town.

Mike is nervous Power Season 3, Episode 305

Angela explain to their boss that their case against Lobos is moving forward and suggests that the priority should be just on him. Mike of course wants more than that!

Greg being slick Power Season 3, Episode 305

He suggests that they also make Ruiz give up the whole operation that includes Ghost and Tommy as well. Of course that only makes matters worse for both Mike and Angela. The boss of course agrees with Greg’s approach to the case, Mike and Angela were both looking like:


Holly is still doing her best to try to convince Tommy to take out Ghost.

Holly annoying the hell out of Tommy Power Season 3, Episode 305

Holly clearly doesn’t know how this life of crime thing works and ridiculously suggests that Tommy should just walk up to Ghost and put a bullet in his head. Tommy (he doesn’t want to do it) shuts that idea down basically because he would get caught if he went out and just shot Ghost in broad daylight. The discussion is interrupted by a loud knock on the door. Who could it be?

Tommy's Mom is in town Power Season 3, Episode 305

Basically the last person on the planet Tommy wants to see shows up on his doorstep… his mom! Much to his dismay Tommy asks why is his mom is there and she points out that mortgage is past-due on her house and she had no choice since he handles that. Tommy quickly tells her that he will get Tasha on the phone and she will write up some checks but not before she notices the bullet wound on his arm.

Kate then asks if both him and Ghost took care of the person that did to him, Tommy tells her no and lets her know that he doesn’t rock with Ghost no more. Kate eventually meets Holly and Tommy introduces the two to each other. Kate is not here for Holly at all and even notices she is wearing her mother’s ring. Kate is immediately not fond of Holly at all.

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‘Don’t Worry Baby’: Power Season 3, Episode 304 Recap

Episode 304 is by far the season’s most intense episode and keep in mind we’re not even half-way through season 3 YET! The episode opens up with the women in Ghost’s life preparing for the day on separate ends.

Ghost is on the phone with Tasha and the topic of discussion is their son Tariq who got in trouble for bringing Angela’s gun to school.

Ghost on the phone with Tasha Power Season 3 episode 304

Tasha with her tremendous gift of gab rectified the situation without them having to kick Riq out school permanently. Tasha reveals to Ghost that she has to volunteer at the school because of terms of the punishment on top of Riq having to see a therapist. She reassured Ghost that she will talk to Riq and tell him what questions he can answer truthfully and which ones to maneuver around. Tasha asks Ghost if he can pick up Riq from the therapist office but Ghost tells her he can’t do it because he has an important meeting he can’t miss.Tasha points out that the Tariq needs to know his dad is a priority in his life and that he needs show his face at the house every once in a while.

Ghost then asks if they can’t come to him how is he supposed to see them? Tasha lets him know he can see them anytime he wants. They just can’t come to Angela’s house no more, she then adds she don’t need Raina coming home with a switch blade.


Well damn! Angela is carefully listening and is feeling sorry for everything that happened.Once Ghost ends the phone call with Tasha she immediately apologizes to him. Ghost knows she is sorry for what happened and she promises it won’t ever happen it again. Angela then brings up the fact her sister Paz is coming over and if she want’s Ghost to cancel?  He tells her no because he knows how important it is to her.

Now what is *sarcastic voice* America’s favorite television couple up to?


Holly and Tommy Power Season 3 Episode 304

A very intense sex scene of course, what else would they be doing? While Tommy is going to work, Angela looks like she has a thousand things running through her mind. Well we definitely know for a fact it’s the thought her being pregnant and what measures is Tommy taking to Kill Ghost.

Holly suggests to Tommy that maybe he should hire a hitman to take out Ghost. Tommy scoffs at the idea because Lobos insists that he should be the guy to handle the job. Holly was like:

Power Season 2 Finale Recap

Tommy leaves to do some pickups, Holly picks up her phone and dials up the clinic and starts to weigh her options when it comes to the baby.

Meanwhile in D.C., Jukebox got the crew together and they are going over the plans for their job.

Jukebox laying out the plans Power Season 3 Episode 304

Jukebox is one bad ass character might I add, anyway she’s out laying out the roles for each person. Since Wookie is no longer breathing that leaves one job open and guess who wants it?

Kanan is back on his feet Power Season episode 304

That’s right Kanan and he is looking in much better shape, that definitely spells trouble for Ghost. His presence is not immediately well received as he is questioned by Jukebox’s boys. One even goes as far as to call him “gimpanzee” yikes. Kanan let’s the young man know he better chill cause he has no clue who he’s talking to. Jukebox settles everyone down and says the final decision will come from her and no one else. She dismisses the team, but she has some words for Kanan.

Jukebox Challenges Kanan Power Season 3, Epsiode 304

She question’s if Kanan can even handle a gun and he insists he can, she pretty much checks Kanan by saying she is willing to bet he can’t even jerk off yet.

Power Season 2, Episode 8 Recap

Jukebox leaves and that’s where nurse Candie comes in to administer her own form of rehab. Knowing already Candie has developed a thing for Jukebox’s cousin she want’s to see if Kanan can use his bad hand to pleasure himself. Kanan proves Jukebox wrong during the intense self-love session between both him and Candie, Candie then invites Kanan to assist her. I might add this was a very, very and I do mean VERY revealing scene. Kanan is initially worried about Jukebox, but he shouldn’t be worried about her at all.

Jukebox listening to Candie do her thing Power Season 3 Episode 304

Jukebox is in the other room listening to it all go down. Candie comes upstairs and informs her boo that his hands most definitely work.

Back in NYC, Ghost is meeting with his new head of security Dean.

Dean meeting with Ghost Power Season 3 Episode 304

Dean informs Ghost that after a few days of  personal details that his guys didn’t spot anything that Ghost should be concerned about. Ghost thanks Dean for all of his hard work and decides to keep the personal security for a little bit longer just in case. Dean then asks if there should be anything or someone to keep an eye out for pointing out that it would help his team better keep Ghost safe. Ghost reassured him it’s just club matters and nothing more. I got my eye on this Dean guy cause there is definitely something going on with him.


Angela is still feeling bad about the whole Riq and the gun issue and decides to go see Tasha.

Angela meets with Tasha Power Season 3 episode 304

Tasha immediately see’s Angela sitting in her building’s lobby and immediately reacts like:


Knowing the visit is out of the ordinary Tasha immediately assumes the worst and asks if anything has happened to Ghost. Angela tells her that Ghost is fine and that the reason she is there is talk to her, she tells Tasha she got Riq’s record expunged and that she is sorry. Tasha isn’t trying to hear it, she tells Angela that she didn’t do the good deed for Riq or herself but she did it for Ghost. To add insult to injury Tasha tells Angela as long as she stays in “this thing” with Ghost she will be doing things for Ghost for the rest of her life.

The Rock Shares Video Of Broken Finger On InstagramTommy finally catches up with Jae Shin to pick up his payment.

Tommy picking up payment Power Season 3 Episode 304

Jae Shin hands over the money telling Tommy the issue of the stepped on product has been taken care off. Dylan is looking very defeated after chopping off his finger as punishment and shaving his head. Tommy of course realizing what happened rubs it in subtly by squeezing Dylan’s disfigured hand during Dylan’s apology for being greedy. Dylan is clearly embarrassed and looks at Tommy with utter disgust.




‘I Got This On Lock’: Power Season 3, Episode 303 Recap


pisode 303 opens up very interestingly with two “young gentlemen” Wookie and Dirt in a pharmacy. Things escalate quickly when Wookie decides he needs some quick cash and proceeds to hold up the joint. Dirt is totally against Wookie’s decision but Wookie isn’t try to hear it. He tells Dirt to watch the door and to make sure no one is coming. Unfortunately for them a cop conveniently rolls up, how lucky is this pharmacy clerk?

Jukebox Power Season 3

Unfortunately he’s not so lucky at all as we have just met our newest power player Jukebox. She asks the store clerk if he notified the police and he tells her he tripped the silent alarm. Jukebox tells the clerk she wished he hadn’t done that and tells Wookie to shoot him.


Well damn, looks like Jukebox is just a cop to the pay the bills legally, Wookie complies with Jukebox’s command and takes out the clerk. She scolds the two young men telling them how many times she told them not to do a job without a plan? Wookie tries to apologize and explain himself but in right in the middle of his explanation Jukebox shoots and kills him 😮 .

Jukebox don't play Power Season 3

Holy shit, Jukebox has no chill! She looks at Dirt and tells him to get the hell out of the store. In the same breath she scolds Wookie’s corpse for making her shoot him. She calls it in like nothing out of the ordinary happened looks like things will be getting interesting quickly on this episode. From there we head to Jukebox’s home where we meet her ride or die girlfriend Candie.

Jukebox and Her boo Power Season 3

Jukebox breaks down her day explaining why she had to take out Wookie. She then asks about their visitor they have upstairs. Candie tells Jukebox that he hasn’t made a peep since they brought him in from the hospital. Hmm who could they talking about?


Jukebox heads upstairs to check on their guest, and low and behold it’s Kanan laid out in bed.

Kanan back Power Season 3

He’s in really bad shape, suffering from serious burns and a busted side from his last encounter with Ghost but he’s very much alive.

Add that to the growing list of shit Ghost has to worry about in his life. Speaking of Ghost looks like life as being just James is going well. He and Angela are out competitively exercising together and look to be in high spirits after the successful visit and introduction to Ghost’s kids.

Angela and Ghost Power Season 3

The excited couple speak on eventually becoming a family and how they want that for each other. Angela then asks if things are alright at club cause Ghost left her abruptly with the kids to secretly go see Tommy. Ghost let’s her know everything is alright and Angela appreciated the quality time she spent with the kids. After the conversation Ghost challenges Angela to another race to her apartment giving her a head start. She takes off , Ghost immediately texts Tommy letting him know he’s still looking for him. Unknowingly to the both of them suspended officer Greg is watching them.

Greg is watching Power Season 3

We zap to Tommy who we see receives the text from Ghost but of course he totally ignores it. He links up with Holly and his new business partner Tasha.

Tommy, Holly and Tasha Power Season 3

Tasha explains to them exactly how they will clean the money now that Ghost has closed all the laundromats and other businesses. She tells the new kingpin and Holly that they will invest the dirty drug money in hair weaves. Tasha explains to the two that she has a hair connect that will give them a great price if they pay in cash. Of course Holly is a bit slow and doesn’t still understand.

Tommy Breaking it down to Holly Power Season 3

Tommy and Tasha explain to her that since they deal in nothing but cash it’s untraceable and it will be easy to clean by buying the hair in bulk at a wholesale price. They will then sell it to other salons at double the price, basically cornering the hair market cause their prices will be so low salons will have no choice but to come to them. That also means they are going to need more salons to keep up with all of the cash as well and this is where Tasha’s BFF LaKeisha comes into the fold.

Power Season 3 2016

Tasha immediately meets up LaKeisha presenting her with the idea of not just doing hair but selling it as well. Tasha makes a very convincing pitch to her home girl telling her eventually they can start a franchise with the idea making her the McDonald’s of hair weaves. Keisha is here for all of it!

LaKeisha and Tasha talking business Power Season 3

With the prospect of tremendous amounts of cash rolling in Keisha is looking forward to finally buying something for her friend Tasha.


Ghost is still searching for Tommy and stops by his apartment but he’s not there. He leaves Tommy another message letting him know he stopped by to see him. Unfortunately for Ghost he has no clue someone is hot on his trail.

Greg following Ghost Power Season 3

That’s right Greg is still following him around and snaps a photo of Ghost leaving Tommy’s apartment. Uh oh definitely not a good look at all.


Now you know it wouldn’t be a pure episode of Power if there wasn’t a sex scene right? We are thrown into a smash session between Julio and the Korean call girl from the last episode he wanted a piece of. After two intense minutes of “calorie burning” Soo cuts off the fresh off he boat Korean act and tells Julio shes from Fort Lee, Texas. She then indulges in some booger sugar (cocaine) .She asks Julio if he wants some and he respectfully declines but points out that she did some earlier. She tells him not to worry and that she’s a big girl but also points out that the coke is weak as hell. Julio asks where she got it from and she tells him she got it from Dylan, Jae Shin’s son.

Julio makes a discovery about the product Power Season 3

Julio immediately recognizes that they have a problem on their hands and hits up Tommy immediately to let him know the bad news.

Image (2) tumblr_inline_ncbxw5VqAg1qdgk521.gif for post 112994

We head back to D.C. and we see Kanan is really bad shape. Laid out looking like Two-Face from The Dark Knight, Jukebox wakes him, up to let him know she brought him a cane to help him out. Kanan isn’t too receptive of that idea of course. He’s clearly in a lot of pain due to his injuries and asks Jukebox to hand him his pills.

Kanan and Jukebox Power Season 3

Jukebox tells him after he tells her the truth and what exactly happened to him. Kanan tells her that he got into a beef over some territory but Jukebox isn’t buying that story. She tells him she won’t give him the pills until he comes clean with her and she walks out the room with his pills leaving Kanan to deal with the pain. Jukebox is definitely tough cause we don’t see many with the gall to stand up to Kanan without worrying about it.




On The Gram: Hilarious Memes From Season 5, Episode 8 of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta


ove and Hip-Hop Atlanta, our favorite guilty pleasure on Monday’s never seems to let us down. Somehow someway they find a way to up the ante on the ratchetness and outdo the last episode. So let’s do a quick recap shall we? Scrapp is still suffering on the inside cause he can’t see his son, things really begin to weigh on him while out with the fellas and their sons. Tiarra shows she has a heart and brings his son to the play date so he can hang out with his dad.

Scrapps pending jail time is hanging over his head, he eventually finds out the he will probably have to do five years in prison for weed trafficking.

READ MOREOn The Gram: Hilarious Memes From Season 5, Episode 7 of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta

Scrapp takes it upon to set up a meeting between his mother Karen King her dog and Tiarra, that turned out to be a bad idea as the meeting went completely south. Two just wind up exchanging threats with each other without coming to a clear solution or anywhere close to being on common ground.


K.Michelle’s album listening party finally arrives and things get pretty interesting. Karlie Redd, Mimi and Rasheeda want no parts of the event but D.Smith and Betty Idol show up. D.Smith was in talks to become a creative director on K. Michelle’s tour. Thanks to some beef between Smith and K. Michelle’s makeup artist that won’t happen when the discussion becomes heated between Betty Idol and K.Michelle. Things get even more interesting when Bambi walks and sees D. Smith and Betty Idol and sh*t quickly hits the fan. They start going at it and eventually D. Smith and Betty Idol leave the listening party.


Scrappy and Joc have been evicted from their bachelor pad, guess the neighbors were over all of the ratchetness going on. Scrappy eventually links up with Jessica Dime and she tells Scrappy about her encounter with his ex Bambi conveniently leaving out the part where instigated everything. The two eventually agree to continue to take things further after Scrappy agrees to take Jessica on a date after she does 5 sorry-looking push-ups.

We also meet another cast member J-Nicks whom is conveniently trying to hook up with Scrapp’s baby mama Tiarra. He is currently on the outs with his exotic dancer girlfriend who we meet later on in the episode at the strip club. She wastes no time putting herself into the fold when she makes advances at Joc, of course he can’t resist and we know how messy this is going to get cause J-Nicks is his friend.


Now we get the best part of the night, that’s right the hilarious memes. Hit the gallery below to see the most hilarious ones that accurately describe foolishness that takes place on this show every Monday.


On The Gram: Empire Season 2 Finale Leaves Us With a Cliffhanger Fans Respond With Hilarious Memes


Empire’s season finale was lit!


On The Gram: The Internet Was Not Here For Momma Dee and Ernest’s Love Scene on Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.21.04 AM


onight’s episode of Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta wanted to focus in on the moms in the spirit of Mother’s Day. Now we are used to the ratchetedness that goes on this show on a weekly basis but tonight Mona took it to another level. Fans of the show were unfortunately treated to an intimate moment” between Momma Dee and her husband Ernest.

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We wished we could wipe that from the memory banks but it’s unfortunately burned in our memories forever cause we are disgusted.


A standard issue neuralizer would be so clutch right now.


SEE MORE: Joseline Plays No Games and The Memes of Course Were Absolutely Accurate

The internet wasn’t here for their “love scene” either and went in on it and let their disgust for it be known. Hit the gallery below for the hilarious reactions to Momma and Ernest’s love scene.


On The Gram: #SnowOut, Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 3 Recap and Hilarious Memes

Jon Snow Season 6 Episode 3


on Snow is back and he’s confused but most importantly he’s angry and that doesn’t bode well for the men (Alliser Thorne and co) and one boy (wack ass Ollie) who betrayed him. Davos does his best to calm Jon down and delivered one of the best lines in the episode: “You were dead. Now you’re not”.

Davys and Jon Snow Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3

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Meanwhile Melisandre who seemed to have lost her way with her faith has found it again after Jon Snow’s resurrection.


We also get an update on Jon’s buddy Sam and his boo Gilly and his adopted son little Sam. They are currently on a boat with Sam’s destination being Old Town to become a Maester. There are no women allowed there so Sam will drop Gilly and the baby off with his family in Horn Hill.

Sam and Gilly Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3

That reunion should be interesting since Sam described his father as a fat-shaming douche that made him join the Nights Watch in the first place. The big awww moment came when Gilly called Sam “the father of her child”  though.


Back in Kings Landing,Cersei and brother/lover Jaime are getting back to their Lannister ways. They pay a visit to disgraced maester Qyburn the man behind Cersei’s zombie bodyguard Sir Gregor.

Sir Gregor Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3

He is now in control of Varys’ little birds (spy network of children) since Varys skipped town with Tyrion. Cersei informs Qyburn that she wants him to place the child spies across the land to find out information. Cersei intends to rub out the High Sparrow with a trial by combat using Zombie Gregor as her champion. The incestial duo also crash a council meeting between Olenna Tyrell, Grand Maester Pycell, Mace Tyrell and the Hand of The King Cersei’s uncle Kevan who like most of us can’t stand her ass. The hilarious part was them busting in the meeting while Pycell was talking about Gregor and he didn’t see them standing there. Only to turn around and see zombie Gregor looking right at him and farting at the mere sight of the menacing creature.

Pycell Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3

Young King Tommen representing the furious Lannisters storms into the Sept and demands that High Sparrow allows his mother to visit Princess Myrcella’s grave. Somehow someway the High Sparrow was able to throw the Tommen off with bevy of compliments.

High Sparrow and Tommen Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3

Tommen clearly wants folks to put some Respek on his name as the King but it’s clear the High Sparrow isn’t here for it.


Danearys has finally arrived to Vaes Dothrak the giant tent city home for the nomadic Dothraki. As we learned last week being that she is the widow of a dead Khal she is to spend the rest of her life with other Khal widows in the tent temple as a Dosh Khaleen. In her mind we are sure her reaction is something like:


She finally meets with the other Khal widows and she isn’t impressed at all.

Daenerys Game of Thrones Season 6, Episode 3

As she always does she makes sure to get out all of her names and we mean every single one of them. The leader of the  Dosh Khaleen isn’t impressed and informs the Mother of Dragons that before she will be accepted as a Dosh Khaleen she has to face the khalasars who will decide her fate. Meanwhile in her abandon Queendom of Meereen, Varys has discovered who is funding the Sons of the Harpy who are raising all types of hell for the unsullied.

Arya is still going through her Rocky like training and getting the life beat out of her with a staff. She finally starts to adapt to her sudden blindness and get the best of her tutor.

Arya Stark Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3

Arya finally convinces Jaqen that she has “No Name” and he allows her to drink from the well of deadly water. Instead of it killing her, the water gives Arya her sight back finally now we hope she goes looking for that girl and smacks her with a stick one good time.

We also see what the new Lord of Winterfell Ramsey Bolton is up to since he killed his own father and newborn brother last episode. Ramsey has gotten both Northern families the Karstacks and the Umbers to get on board with his plan to take out Jon Snow. Ramsey requests that the Umbers bow a knee to him but they refuse and instead have something better to offer. They offer the sadistic bastard Olsa the Wildling and Rickon Stark and as a bonus the head of Rickon’s direwolf Shaggydog.

Rickon Stark Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3

The Stark’s just can’t seem to catch a break as this is just an awful development for them. Another Stark, Bran is still currently reliving past events with the Three Eyed Raven. In the latest flashback Bran witnesses a battle between his father Ned Stark and Arthur Dayne. It’s been legend that his father was a master swordsman and easily handled Dayne but he learns in the flashback that wasn’t the case. Dayne was stabbed in the back by Howland Reed leaving Bran upset at the dishonorable move.

Bran Stark Game of Thrones Season 6 Episode 3

Ned hears a scream at the top of the tower and decides to run to it, before he starts running Bran screams out to the younger version of his father. Young Ned stops in his tracks as if he can hear his future son’s voice. Before thing’s get interesting the Three Eyed Raven ends the flashback much to the dismay of Bran.

Finally we head back to the wall, Jon Snow finally has come to terms with escaping the clutches of death. The men who killed him are set to be hung.

Jon Snow Oathkeeper Game of Thrones Season Episode 3

Jon Snow is tasked with execution the four members of the Night’s Watch for breaking their oaths. This scene is significant as it is very reminiscent to the opening scene of Season one where Ned Stark chopped off the head of a oathbreaker. Snow gives one last look to young Ollie who delivered the decisive blow to Snow when he stabbed him in the heart. The stare was completely replaced with anger as Snow cut the rope sending the traitors to their hanging deaths. After it was all said and done and feeling that his oath has been fulfilled, he takes of the cloak of the Lord Commander and hands it to Dolorous Edd. With that move Snow officially ends his watch.

#SnowOut !


Now that you’re up to speed, hit the gallery below to see the hilarious memes below that followed last night’s episode.