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[The WORD] “Flour Bomb” Featuring Kim Kardashian ….

Ummmm… So when Kim Kardashian showed up on the red carpet at a charity event she was hosting in West Hollywood Thursday, she presumed it would be work as usual. But the ‘Flour Gods’ had other plans …

*ahem* *Que Music Please*

*sings*  Lotus ‘Flour’ Bomb …..

As she was giving interviews for her True Reflection ( Really? True Reflections? #Bye Kim) fragrance launch Benefiting Dress for Success, Amber Rose’s new intern (just my opinion) took it upon herself to throw an entire bag of flour on the Reality Star, which decorated her back from head to toe.

Gives #BOOM a whole new meaning doesn’t it? *snickers*

But just like her boss, the intern couldn’t get it right.


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Allegedly (Air Quotation Marks) the Asian woman yelled ‘FUR HAG’ before she dropped a bomb on Kim. PETA plays too much.

Flex Drop a bomb to that?

-Stay Fly!