Watch: Up & Coming Artist Fvrthr Delivers His Best Bars at Sway In The Morning

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FVRTHR tears it up on Sway in the Morning‘s Friday Fire Cipher on SHADE 45.

Friday, August 12, FVRTHR took to the popular platform to chat with the morning crew about his latest project – GHB Regime, his song Must Be Nice featuring Fetty Wap, his life, influences, & more.

Fvrthr showed off his clever wordplay and melodic abilities; Sway said: “Writer, Singer, MC, you’re an all around entertainer I get it !!!” Check out the Sway in the Morning exclusive session with both Fvrthr & Issa Ali!

Check out Part 2 below:

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In case you missed it, check out FVRTHR song “Must Be Nice” featuring Fetty Wap.


Fly Interview: Meet Universal Music’s Rising Bilingual Crooner Yunel Cruz

Yunel Cruz is a singer and songwriter from New York City who burst onto the scene with his Billboard charting bachata hit “Mi Dominicanita,” in 2010. Born Jofre Cruz, he went on to sign to Universal Music Latin Entertainment‘s Machete Music imprint home to Don Omar and other notable latin artists.

After the release of his Something Different EP in 2010, Cruz went on to land four more records on the Billboard tropical songs chart including two No. 1’s with “Ay Amiga” and “No Vuelve.” Most recently he released his first bilingual record featuring R&B star Ne-Yo and reggaeton artist J. Alvarez; garnering millions of Spotify streams and views along the way.

Back in his hometown of NYC while prepping for his performance at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center for Soulfrito Fest 2017 alongside some of the hottest names in urban and latin music; SFPL‘s own Arlene Danna chatted with the rising bilingual crooner about his career, love for music, working with Ne-Yo and much more.

Audiences first became acquainted with you back in 2010 with the release of your bachata hit “Mi Dominicanita.” Since you’ve landed on the Billboard charts several times including snagging two No.1’s. How has your life changed since you released your first EP Something Different?

Wow, it’s changed a lot. I think that, you know it’s been a journey that you embark on and you don’t really truly know what to expect. When we released that first single, at least for me I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t know the acceptance was going to be so huge. It started off in New York, then the Dominican Republic and then it just went crazy. With that first single I got to travel to places I would have never imagined. I went to Ecuador and other parts of South America. Here in the United States we went to Utah, San Diego, L.A.. So it’s crazy. My life has changed a ton. I got to move from the Northeast in Boston and now I reside in Miami. It’s been a long journey and one that I’ve enjoyed a lot but my life has definitely changed in every way.

Your latest single “Sin Miedo” features reggaetonero J. Alvarez and R&B singer Ne-Yo. How did that collaboration come about? 

The collaboration came about because I had the record. I was working with my producer Lenny Medina. He’s worked with Romeo Santos and Enrique Iglesias. We had the record and the minute I heard “Sin Miedo” I loved it. The beat is crazy, and I went you know what let’s reach out and get this fire. We reached out to Ne-Yo and he sent me his verse and it was amazing. When Ne-Yo recorded his part it was beautiful, but it made the song kind of long. So I was trying to figure out what we were going to do with the record. Afterwards I was like you know what let’s put a reggaetonero on it since it would be my first record that’s both english and spanish. Before all the singles that we released were bachata singles. People don’t know that I do R&B, that I do Hip-Hop, that I do all kinds of music. You know I grew up in New York but it’s like a lot of people don’t know that I have all those other genres in me. So I was like you know what let’s reach out to J. Alvarez. We’re good friends and he’s an amazing artist who I respect a lot. He works independently and I respect that. When I started I was an independent artist as well. Now I’m actually signed to Universal. Been with them for a few years but I respect him very much. We we’re going to reach out to Maluma, but at the time he just finished doing a record with Shakira and Ricky Martin so he couldn’t jump on a third single at the time because the release time wasn’t going to work. So J. Alvarez said I’m on it, he recorded the verse it was fire and there it was, that was the record.

So you immediately had Ne-Yo in mind when you heard the record?

Yes, it just sounded like Ne-Yo to me as soon as I heard it. He’s one of the artists that I grew up admiring a ton. R&B artists are Ne-Yo and Usher for me but he’s one of my top favorite artists that I grew up emulating. For me it was an honor to grow up and actually work with him. You know it’s kind of crazy because when you start making music you don’t know where you’re going to be tomorrow. You just make music with love and from the heart. I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined that I one day I would be recording and working with one of my idols. So that to me was incredible and what made it even more special was how humble and great of a person he is. It’s unreal. We sat down and spent time together. He’s just a unbelieveable soul, so it’s cool.

You guys shot the video in L.A. how was that experience?

I thought it was cool. I wanted L.A. because I wanted a different feel. I had shot “Ay Amiga” in Miami and I wanted a different look and feel to it. It was off the chain. I love the vibe in L.A. I wanted to bring that to the video. It’s kind of crazy because we had a different theme in mind. We kind of wanted to do like a racing thing and then when I read the script I was like okay this is like Fast and Furious no we’re not going to do that. So we went with the party scene and it was dope. Everything worked out.

“Sin Miedo” manages to fuse together multiple genres. It isn’t just bachata, or reggaeton, or pop. How would you describe it? 

I would describe “Sin Miedo” as a bilingual latin american song. It’s a dope fusion. If you speak spanish you can vibe to it, if you like english music you can vibe to it. It’s a big fusion of different flavors and that’s what makes it dope. I love the record and people have been responding well to it. If you see the streaming numbers 1.7 million so far, and people on YouTube supporting it; it’s beautiful.

Yunel Cruz at the 2017 Billboard Latin Music Awards

Is this the sound audiences should be expecting on your forthcoming debut Divina Voluntad

For sure. That’s definitely the sound. I’m working very hard to change the sound of what people are accustomed to hearing from me, you know that romantic side. People are going to be shocked with the new records. I have a couple of other special collaborations that people are going to really dig and enjoy.

Are you able to give us any hints on who you’ve been collaborating with?

We have a couple really big collabs that I can’t say now, but I will make sure I get it to you first. It’s going to be cool. I think people are going to dig the new Yunel and the direction that we’re going. I’m looking forward to you guys hearing the new music.

You wrote your first song at age 9 so it’s safe to say that music has always been your passion. Are there any influences in your life that have pushed you in that direction? 

Yes, I’ve been writing my whole life. I think so. When I was younger I started writing because of my Mom. She told me that if I wanted something fun to do that opens your mind just write your emotions. That’s where it came from to write music. I’ve worked with really big artists and songwriters as well and for me I just find I have a passion for writing my own stuff and what I feel. Then to get to perform those songs and to get the support from people it’s pretty cool. You create something from your heart and people vibe with it, it’s one of the coolest feelings ever.

Besides singing do you have any other musical talents? 

I play a little guitar, I used to play the trombone when I was younger. I haven’t played it in a long time. Music is my thing so I try to touch different instruments and enjoy the time when I’m in the studio and just play around with them too.

You’ll be performing at Soulfrito Fest 2017 alongside some of the biggest in urban and latin music like Rick Ross and Zion y Lennox. How have you been preparing for your performance? 

I’ve been just getting myself ready by figuring out the show. On my end it’s a little more complex because it’s not a show that’s set like this is the set that we’re doing. It’s a change and it’s going to be the first time people are going to see me doing my bilingual thing. Singing in both english and spanish on stage it’s going to be pretty cool for me and I’m just really excited. New York is home so it’s going to be a good time.

You can catch Yunel performing Friday June 9th at Soulfrito Fest 2017 at the Barclays Center alongside Rick Ross, Zion y Lennox, Ivy Queen, Young M.A., Fetty Wap, Cardi B, and more!


SFPL Premiere: Fetty Wap’s Artist Fvrthr Drops New Project ‘GHB Regime’

Last year, we were introduced to a fresh sound by way of multi-platinum producer Brian “Peoples” Garcia. This fresh new artist by the name of Fvrthr gave us his introductory project The Fvr, and the buzz began to build.

Following that project, Fvrthr released a string of tracks including the motocross anthem “One Dream To Ride” which grabbed the attention of Fetty Wap and led to Fvrthr inking a deal with Fetty’s Zoo Gang imprint.

Now, Fvrthr is back with a new project GHB Regime with a guest feature from Fetty himself.

Listen to the “GHB Regime” project HERE on Soundcloud.

You can also stream it on Tidal, Apple Music, and all other digital music platforms or Text #GHBRegime to 917-444-5850 to receive your free download.


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Fetty Wap and Monty Covers The Source Magazine


Fetty and Monty clearly have each other’s backs, and we are here for it! Teamwork makes the dream work! 

The Source Magazine sat down with New Jersey natives Fetty Wap and his protege Monty to discuss their business ventures including highly successful mobile gaming app Fetty Nitro Nation Stories and buzzing clothing line Remy Boyz Clothing. The Source also dives into their personal life from the welcoming of new children into their family to moving forward in a positive way after past relationships.

Fetty and Monty also reflect on common musical growth since the release of their first mixtapes.

“Mentally I’ve grown as a man. I’ve developed musically as well…this album is going to be a lot more mature than my first album” says Fetty.

Look out for Monty’s mixtape and Fetty’s album coming soon. For more on this story pick up a copy of The Source Magazine due to hit stands next Friday.

Stay tuned for a very special and powerful second cover which will pay homage to the most impactful and biggest name in Hip Hop.


SFPL Premiere: Demiana Esposito Delivers Powerful Vocals On “Forever”

15-year-old recording artist Demiana Esposito continues to impress with her new release “Forever” produced by Destyn Hill who is known for his contributions to Fetty Wap‘s platinum debut album. The only way to describe “Forever” is an energetic fairytale with A pulsating beat reminiscent of 90’s club music with a modern pop feel.

The best way to describe the official single is that it’s an energetic fairytale with a pulsating beat reminiscent of 90’s club music with a modern pop feel.

Demiana says:

“I have so many exciting things going on that I can’t discuss at the moment and the support has been amazing. I just want to continue creating great music like “LIAR”  and  “FOREVER” for my friends and supporters to enjoy.”

Get into “Forever” above with the bright young star!


Fetty Wap Introduces Artist Fvrthr Mendoza’s “1 Dream 2 Ride” [New Music]

A new track has hit the Internet by way of Fetty Wap‘s SoundCloud page. The multi-platinum star who normally keeps his posts limited to content from himself or his right hand Remy Boy Monty has a track listed from Fvrthr Mendoza titled “1 Dream 2 Ride” produced by Pb.

The song has been making waves in the Bike community as it looks to be the title track for an Upcoming documentary by the same name. The documentary which is executive produced by Fetty Wap and the Go Hard Boyz will showcase motocross and the dirt bike culture.

The track is a new release from Fvrthr who’s last project THE FVR released in February was executive produced by Fetty’s resident hit maker Brian “Peoples” Garcia. Be sure to check it out above.

With all these connections could THE FVR be joining The Zoo? Only time will tell, but as a follow up to “1 Dream 2 Ride” Fvrthr has dropped some more new heat titled “Harlem” on his SoundCloud for the listeners to continue to enjoy the vibes. Take a listen below:

Twitter & IG: @Fvrthr


Fetty Wap Gets Up Close with Tiffany Evans In “On Sight” [New Video]

The princess of R&B Tiffany Evans has just releases her visual with rap superstar Fetty Wap. The song portrays a flirty song about Evans wanting a guy to make that first move when he sees her in person. She puts the spotlight on him and sees what he does to seize the moment! It’s a perfect showcase for the new Tiffany. It’s a performance video directed by Evans and creative directed by Renzo Henderson that highlights her fun and dance-driven persona. ZooGang makes a quick appearance, including Remy Boy Monty.

Tiffany spoke about how the shoot went down:

The video was initially shot in New York that was supposed to have a street romance storyline. Fetty’s scheduling did not permit for him to shoot with the team in New York.

The New York video was scratched three weeks later Fetty randomly came into town (Atlanta) for a show and his team hit me up and asked me if I still wanted to shoot his scene for the video. That same day we had to plan a whole new video shoot to match what we were doing with Fetty which is why the footage from New York was scratched. All of it was last minute but we got it.

By the time we were ready to shoot it was 1 a.m. and we were still at Fetty’s house. He drove one hour away from his home in his own car to the location just to shoot his scene for me. When we arrived to the location, I had to fix my makeup, hair and wardrobe and him and his team waited in the lounge playing pool like it was nothing. Very sweet guy and humble. Definitely something I will not forget. Fetty and I also got a chance to talk about our kids on set during break.

Following the visual, Evans will release her long-awaited EP entitled, All Me. The collaboration with Fetty is pretty effortless in swag, not too much going on to make you catch the vibe.

Peep the video above.

More On Tiffany Evans:

Fly Interview: Singer Tiffany Evans Talks New Music, Fetty Wap, Ciara, Family and more with SFPL TV


Fifth Harmony feat. Fetty Wap – “All In My Head (Flex)” [New Video]

Taking on the classic hit reggae track “Flex” by Mad Cobra, Fifth Harmony adds their 2016 spin with “All In My Head (Flex)” featuring New Jersey’s own Fetty Wap.

In the X-directed visual, the ladies hit the beach sands flexing sexy bathing suits and chiseled bodies, rocking to the beat of the drum. Meanwhile, Fetty joins Harmony adding a few of his well known lyrics with his distinctive voice.

Peep the full video above.


Fetty Wap Connects With Kid Ink On “Roll Some Up” [New Music]

After linking on DJ Mustard‘s “Promise,” Fetty Wap and Kid Ink join forces once more for “Roll Some Up.”

The breezy track of course features Wap’s signature sound and has him singing the hook in the way only the New Jersey artist can. Ink comes in near the end of the song with a verse that compliments Wap’s breathy vocals.

It isn’t clear whether “Roll Some Up” will be on Ink’s upcoming release Summer in the Winter or on Fetty’s follow-up due out in the Fall. Listen to the latest from these two below.

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Fly Interview: Singer Tiffany Evans Talks New Music, Fetty Wap, Ciara, Family and more with SFPL TV

[anvplayer video=”4244455″]

The talented Tiffany Evans graced us with her presence over at SFPL TV! After a long hiatus, Tiffany is back and working on new music as she advised us in the interview that she has a project in the works. She also spoke about collaborating with Fetty Wap on her current single “On Sight”, Ciara, family and much more.

Check out the full interview above.

You can find more music from Tiffany Evans and her cover of Chris Brown‘s “Back To Sleep” on her Soundcloud HERE.