Benny Cassette’s “Entertain Us” Visual Makes Brilliant Use of SnapChat [New Video]

Benny Cassette has released a lyric video for his catchy, critically-praised song, “Entertain Us,” which playfully explores the conflicting parts of our social media-driven culture.

We all know at least one person who uses social media to create a boastful façade, and the memorable hook on “Entertain Us” captures what we all want to tell those people sometimes — “F**k yo’ Twitter, F**k yo’ SnapChat, F**k yo’ Instagram!” The song conveys a powerful message about authenticity and social-media-induced anxiety while still being playful. The featured track is positioned to be one of the hottest songs of the summer and has already amassed 950K plays on Spotify.

The lyric video ironically consists of people from various walks of life singing along to the song…all from video made using SnapChat. It is a fun reflection of the love/hate relationship so many of us have with social media and the virtual insanity that is part of the world we live in.

Just 4 days after the “Entertain Us” video dropped, Perez Hilton shared the song on his site, praising it as a project that, “instantly won our love and praise.” 

Check out the full video above.


The Word: Lauryn Hill Shows Up Late (Again), Gets Roasted By Fan(s), Pens Lengthy Letter…


Lauryn Hill, also known as “The Late Escape”…

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Fly Interview: August Alsina Talks New Music, Love/Hate with Social Media, His Beloved Brother, Usher, 2 Chainz & more with SFPL TV

In the midst of prepping for his forthcoming album release of This Thing Called Life and his current single “Song Cry”, which is taking over the radio waves and charts, singer/songwriter August Alsina stopped by SFPL TV to catch us up on a few about his music, how he really feels about social media, touring with Usher, 2 Chainz being the first to put him on tour, his brother, personal happenings in his life, and so much more.

About his new album #TTCL: 

It’s really, man…”My Journey.” Life has taken me places. I mean, up, down, all around…just taking me places. The good, the bad, i’ve been through it — i’ve dealt with it all. We born, we got put here, we don’t really know what this is all about. We’re all just here trying to figure it out — trying to be a better version of ourselves each and every day. And that’s what my album is, it’s about the Journey. Me trying to figure out “This Thing Called Life.”

What would a conversation with his deceased brother be like today if he were alive:

Ahhhhh…it would probably be very stupid [he says jokily, as he laughs with a huge smile]. You know, my brother always believed in me. Like ALWAYS. To the point where he used to lie to people actually like: “Yeah, my brother got a deal, wu wuu wuuu” — before I even had a deal. He use to just tell people: “Yeah, my brother got a deal, he doing this, and he doing that.” So, I think the conversation would be: “I proud of you n****, like this is dope what you doing.” You know, I think it would be an “I always knew” kind of conversation. I mean, he knew and believed in me before I did; believe in myself.

Check out the FULL interview below:

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This Thing Called Life drops on Dec. 11th.

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The Daily Word: Jaden Smith Deletes His Facebook Fan Page & Quits Twitter



Another bites social platform dust…well, for now. 


Son of the iconic family, The Smiths, Jaden Smith looks like he’s taking a break from social media, following right in the same footsteps as Iggy Azalea (although, she’s back now).



If you followed the young Smithian, Jaden always gave some quite interesting quotes that would make you use that extra brain cell that may have been asleep for awhile. But we’ve always said, Jaden’s presence and mentality was quite older than his official age. It’s like he went from 17 y/o to 60 y/o in just one week.

For example:

Screen shot 2015-05-06 at 1.05.21 PM Screen shot 2015-05-06 at 1.05.37 PM Screen shot 2015-05-06 at 1.06.21 PM

Yup, just let those tweetisms marinate for a minute…

We’re not sure why Jaden decided to just up and log out of the social atmosphere. According to close sources of SFPL, “Jaden is just taking a little break.”

Well, we hope he comes back and so does many of his fans.

He really did though.


See you soon Jaden! Come back to us.


-Stay Fly!

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The Word: Raven Symone Calls Out Her Online Bullies…

“I’m not an African-American, I’m an American.”

These are the words that have been haunting actress, Raven Symone after she uttered them in an interview with Oprah for her “Oprah Where Are They Now?” show.

Ok, Gurl.

As one would expect, Raven has received a lot of backlash from fans (and non-fans) since making the controversial comments. She’s now claiming that she’s a victim of online bullying and has penned an open letter on her Facebook account, addressing the hurtful things people have posted about her online.

She wrote:

I don’t take offense to those that are mad at my personal opinion of myself. Like before, I’m glad there are conversations happening. Our generation tends to stay comfortable ,at times, with issues and topics that need to be addressed.

QUESTION: If we are taught not to repeat history by learning it. Why do we continue to repeat? We must not be learning it correctly.

What does irritate me is the bulling tone towards myself and other opinions in the blog. Keep your disrespectful, mean, hurtful, words in a diary for yourself. Personal attacking is not needed, and no matter what race, nationality, culture, or womb you came out of; strive for respect. Strive to be virtuous, so the conversation can lead to great things, other things.

Our ancestors of all races had the courage to stand up for what they believed in no matter what the fight. Back then I hope the motto wasn’t…”the more haters the better”

We have reached a standstill in our progression as Humans. Let’s have a floor of RESPECT, KINDNESS, OPENMINDED-nESS. Showing your disagreement with my personal comments by using language you were not allowed to use as a child is just.

My momma reads this, and so do others. #bully


Now Raven, we here at SFPL do NOT condone bullying of any sort. But remember…

-Stay Fly!


The ‘Twilight Saga’ Comes to Facebook? Five Short Films On It’s Way…

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 … Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

A new directional flow on technology and film has been implemented on a few media platforms. Now, Facebook is in the mix yet again, for what is to be the next wave of films on a social media networks. Check out more below…

Last Night in NYC


Tuesday Night in NYC, LaLa Anthony & DJ Khaled hosted the launch event for the new facebook game, Gig-It, and boy did the starts come out!



There’s only ONE way to watch tonight’s VMAs, and that’s with the Commentary of Team SFPL !! We’ll be Covering the Red-Carpet and Show from 8pm to 11:15pm … Join Us!

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[Laugh of The Day] @SpokenReasons : Facebook Issues! “Jordan Don’t Even Make High Heels”

Check out stand up comedian J.B @SpokenReasons, as he gives us a glimpse of his “Facebook Issues”. I think we can all relate to this one.



Mr. West paid a visit to the Facebook Headquarters in Palo Alto, CA and performed a few songs off his upcoming album including “Lost in the World,” “Chain Heavy,” “Sweat On My Face”, and “Mama’s Boyfriend”.  He performed acapella in a dapper suit, for what seems like employees of the social network conglomerate.

Not to mention you can now follow Kanye on Twitter at @KanyeWest

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