SFPL Exclusive Interview: Yandy Smith-Harris & Bianca Bonnie

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With all the drama of the Season 5 Reunion of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta ..


We’ve really been missing our friendlier favorite reality personalities like our fly brown beauty, Yandy Smith-Harris of Love & Hip Hop New York.

We caught up with Yandy and her protegee/mentee, Bianca Bonnie to talk about how they met, this season of #LHHNY and what’s up next for the dynamic duo!

Check out our interview below.

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SFPL Interview Exclusive: Yandy & Mendeecees Harris Talk Season 6, New Book & Skin Care Line..

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Stuff Fly People Like always gets the exclusives, and we recently headed up to the Bronx to visit Aym Studios, the newest venture from our favorite Love & Hip Hop New York couple, Yandy and Mendeecees Harris.


SFPL Exclusive Interview: Sebastian Mikael Talks Chris Brown, Favorite Albums & New Music With SFPL



Fly guy, Sebastian Mikael recently dropped by our studios to chop it up with the Fly People. The Swedish, R&B soul singer chatted with us about his music, his favorite albums and even Chris Brown‘s intruder, step into our videos below and find out why #WeLike Sebastian Mikael.

SFPL's Exclusive Interview


SFPL recently caught up with former member of Xscape, La Tocha Scott about her recent endeavors! La Tocha has just been added to the cast of TV One’s R&B Divas, she’s working on new music & she’s preparing for an Xscape Reunion due to take place in a few weeks during the 20th Anniversary of SoSo Def!

On her absence from the Industry;

I took time to fine life, outside of the group, Xscape. I started raising my Son … just going a head and being a mom. and just finding myself, because I think I got lost for a minute.

On what she has coming Up:

I have a mixtape I’m getting ready to drop, my album comes out this Summer (With her fellow R&B Divas), The tour and then the book … *smiles* I’m Ready!


Check Out The Entire Video Here …

P.S. The SoSo Def 20th Anniversary Concert takes places this week (February 23rd) and La Tocha told us personally that despite Kandi Burress‘ refusal to participate (I’m sure she’ll be somewhere “Prayed Up”…), Xscape WILL be in the building and they WILL SANG!


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[SFPL Exclusive Interview] Stuff Fly People Like Interviews Tamia …

It’s only been four days since Tamia released her fifth studio album, “Beautiful Surprise” and she’s
already on the promotional trail blessing fans with her magnetic voice and graceful presence. The R&B
songstress vocally caressed an audience of about 200 Wednesday night with “Conversations with Tamia
presented by WAMJ 107.5 at Taboo 2 Bistro & Bar in Atlanta.

With this new project, she discussed candidly her writing process with co-executive producer and
two-time Grammy nominated Claude Kelly. “There was a great chemistry between the two of us,
which made going into the studio a pleasure,” Tamia said.

The 11-track LP is simply amazing. From start to finish, there’s not a moment of boredom – just
pure perfection. As soon as the freckled-faced splendor wrapped up her on-air interview, she
freshened up and returned to bless us with a superb performance.

The talented vocalist opened up her set with the lead single off of her new album “Beautiful
Surprise.” Her voice fluidly filled the room as attendees participated with supporting claps, snaps
and anything they could do to celebrate the magnificent performance.

Then she wowed the crowed when she took it back to her beloved balled, “Missing You.” Swarms
of cameras and iPhones filled the air to record the classic record.

Lastly, Tamia performed, “Lose My Mind,” which is the first track on the new project. Its summer-
filled melody had fans swaying from the side to side. It left the room in good spirits and she said
her goodbyes.

Shortly after her performance, SFPL sat down with Tamia and asked her four questions we
had to know the answers to:

SFPL: Your voice is still as flawless as it was when you first recorded “You Put A Move On My
Heart.” What techniques do you use to keep your voice in tack?

Tamia: “Well there are certain things I don’t do. I don’t smoke at all. I try to avoid alcohol as much
as possible. And sleep. If you’re tired that’s the first thing people hear. I try to stay cognitive. Do
I have a show today? If so, I try not to talk as much. It’s a pain in the butt! It’s almost like a relay
and you have to pace yourself.”

SFPL: “Lose My Mind” seems to be a fan favorite. Tell us about the writing process.

Tamia: “I actually went to Miami to record with The Runners. They gave Claude and I this song
and we started writing. It’s a feel good song. Immediately we knew we could work with this one. It
was no brainer.”

SFPL: Tell us about remaking Wynona Judd’s break up anthem, “Is It Over Yet.”

Tamia: “I love to sing about drama. I love a song about heartache and that you can picture what’s
going on in your mind while you’re listening to it. I’ve always loved that song and always wanted
to remake it.”

SFPL: You’re an example of the essence of R&B. What have you done along the way to keep
your point of relevancy?

Tamia: “I think you have to stay true to yourself. At the end of the day, I ask myself ‘Can you sing
this for the rest of your life and are you proud of it?’ That’s really it. I don’t think anyone has a
formula. I’ve been in this business long enough that I’ve seen people change their style because
of another artists and that artist isn’t around anymore. So who really knows? At the end of the
day you have to be true to yourself and true to what comes naturally to you and that just comes
naturally to me.”

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[Words & Interview Via Fly Guy Josh]


[SFPL Exclusive] STUFF FLY PEOPLE LIKE Interviews The Braxtons


Sitting down with the Braxtons for an interview is definitely a comical episode within itself. The Braxton sisters, minus Toni who is working on a film, and their mother Miss Evelyn dish the juice on the new season of “The Braxton Family Values” with updates concerning marriages, upcoming projects both solo and collectively, and of course being FLY. One of the benefits to watching the show is witnessing the melodies and amazing harmonies that transpire when the sisters get along long enough for a collaborative performance. Inspired by all types of genres from gospel legends The Clark sisters to sneaking to listening to heartthrobs like the Jackson 5, the Braxtons recognizes being in love with music since birth.

“At first it wasn’t even a choice. We would have to be in the living room rehearsing every Saturday and that’s just what we did in our family. We had no choice and we had to listen to gospel music because we had to know them to sing them every Sunday. As kids I think we fell in love with music because it was a part of our upbringing and our life,” explains Tamar Braxton. Although they are working on individual projects, the “Braxton Album” isn’t completely off the table and the next five years is definitely limitless for the sisters with possible talks of a tour.

“I think it would be great for all of us to tour together. It would be exciting to call it “The Braxton Tour” like “The Jackson Tour”. That would be fun,” says Towanda. Trina also chimes in acknowledging that the Braxton brand is sure to expand their business ventures as well as their image, “I think you’re going to see a bigger brand of the Braxton’s that’s not just singing , not just doing Braxton Family Values, but building and creating business ventures. I think as times goes by everyone will see more to us…We are businesswomen and entrepreneurs.” Advancing to successful entrepreneurs, the Braxtons dish on their secret weapon, which is being FLY.

“It’s confidence; what someone exudes. …It’s when someone has a certain air about them that makes a person fly. Also, accepting yourself, we all have flaws and none of us are perfect and at the end of the day we accept the things that we need to change and we go about changing them in a positive way. That’s SUPER FLY,” says Trina.

Music and confidence aren’t the only things that make audiences tune in each week, but rather the drama concerning the women and their relationships with their men. Miss Evelyn confirms that she is no longer in a relationship with Doc and that they are really good friends. The show has reveals the hardships of both Trina and Towanda’s marriages which they both are taking it in as a learning experiences. “I will say that watching myself back is a growing process because you can look back at yourself and say, Wow is that really me?. Is that who I am?….I’m also realizing that there are some things that I need to work on for Trina that doesn’t include Gabe.”

Towanda also touches on her relationship with Andre, “When you say your vows you really have to honor those vows because you say for better for worse so you can’t just run when the worse is happening. Sometimes “worse” can go on for years.”

The new season of “The Braxton Family Values” is sure to bring more drama, arguing, and viewpoints from relationship to relationship, but most of all growth. The endearing relationship within the family is sure to be entertaining.

Step into the FULL interview below …


Q: A lot of reality shows don’t get a second season, so for the show to launch season 2.5 as a
continuation of the second season how does that make you feel that people are intrigued by the
Braxton Family?

Trina Braxton: It’s definitely a blessing. I don’t know if it’s out but we also got picked up for a third
season as well. Its’ just so exciting to be able to share our lives and our world with everybody who’s
going through the same things that we are. We just feel very blessed.

Q: We get footage in the pass season of all of you singing in church. When was the first time you can
remember falling in love with music?

Tamar Braxton: Since birth. At first it wasn’t even a choice. We would have to be in the living room
rehearsing every Saturday and that’s just what we did. It was something we did in our family and we
had no choice and we had to listen to gospel music because we had to know them to sing them every
Sunday. As kids I think we all fell in love with music because it was a part of our upbringing and our life.

Q: Who were your music inspirations growing up? Who were the people that that you maybe had to
sneak and listen to?

Trina Braxton: We definitely had to sneak. We can always start off with the gospel greats The Winans,
The Clark Sisters, The Staple Singers, but we use to sneak and listen to the Jacksons and the Jets, but I
think every genre there is an influence for everybody because not any of us listen to just one genre of
music. So we were influenced by so many people and so many greats in the industry. We can’t just name
one, two, or even five because there’s so many of us with so many loves and passions.

Q: So I think the big question is when will there be a Braxton album? Are you ladies doing solo projects?

Tamar: Well we are doing solo projects, but the Braxton album is not off the table.

Traci: It’s in the wind (everyone laughs)

Tamar: We just really have to come together and put it on the schedule and make sure we get it done.

Q: You all have your own style what does the word “FLY” mean to you? When people say the Braxtons
are FLY, what does that mean to you?

Trina: For me I think it’s confidence; what someone exudes. Someone could have on a really really
grungy looking outfit and you’re like “Oh My Gosh that person is so fly”. It’s the way they carry
themselves. It’s when someone has a certain air about them and that’s what makes a person fly. Also
accepting yourself, we all have flaws and none of us are perfect and at the end of the day we accept the
things that we need to change and we go about changing them in a positive way. That’s SUPER FLY to

Q: What are your top fashion must haves?

Towanda: Mascara & Lip Gloss

Traci: AND shades

Tamar: And earring and a little lip gloss you can’t go wrong with that

Q: Where do you ladies see yourselves in the next five years?

Towanda: Braxton Family Values season 10. (laughs). I think it would be great for all of us to tour
together. It would be exciting to call it “The Braxton Tour” like “The Jackson Tour”. That would be fun.

Trina: But I also it’s very limitless. I think you’re going to see a bigger brand of the Braxtons that’s not
just singing, not just doing Braxton Family Values, but building and creating businesses and ventures and
I think as time goes by everyone will see that there is more to us than just singing and doing Braxton
Family Values. We are businesswomen and entrepreneurs. The sky is the limit, we’re very limitless

Tamar: Not even collectively, individually and the beauty about it is that we can work by ourselves and
then we can all get together and work together. That’s a great thing.

Q: Trina how is living out your relationship with Gabe on television? Was it beneficial or therapeutic?
How do you view that?

Trina: I think it was a combination of both…

Tamar: *cough * *cough* I’m sorry there was something in my throat. I just ate *clears throat*

Miss E: You want some water?

Tamar: No. I’m good. Read on Trina. Sorry.

Trina: Very difficult to see a mirror image of your life and your intimate relationship being played out in
front of millions of people to see. When you open up your life and you open up your situations you also
open yourself up for opinion and everyone thinking that they know the full scope of your relationship
just because they see it for one hour a week for x amount of time. But I will say that watching myself
back is definitely a growing process because you can look back at yourself and you’re like “Oh My Gosh”
is that really me. Is that who I am because you can always see the fault in someone else, especially when
you’re there and you’re living with them. Like “Oh this person is that and this person did that to me, but
what did you do?” I’m not saying that he’s not at fault, but I’m also realizing that there are some things
that I need to work on for Trina that doesn’t include Gabe. I see this as a growing experience and if I
don’t and not grow from it then it’s all for not. I might as well not even do it, because not only am I not
helping myself, I’m not helping anyone else that’s watching it. They’re not benefiting from it.

Tamar: That’s the whole part of us doing Braxton Family Values. Not just to show people how we live,
but people to get something out of what we’re doing so maybe they could change their life for the
better and then with their comments we could change our lives for the better.

Q: Towanda I wanted to ask you the same thing with your relationship with Andre opening up and
playing things out for the world?

Towanda: For me everything is a work in progress and when you get married you say your vows. First of
all there were only two people at the alter saying “I DO” and that was the husband and wife. And then
when you say your vows you really have to honor those vows because you say for better for worse so
you can’t just run when it’s the worst happening. Sometimes worse can go on for years, then you just
have to honor your vows that you have with that person.

Q: Miss Evelyn are you still with Doc?

Miss E: No, however we are good friends.

Q: Traci how is the hair salon coming along?

Traci: It’s coming very soon. I don’t have the date on when I’m going to open it up. I’m still doing the
paper work but it is going to be open.

Q: What would you ladies like to leave with our readers and what should we expect for the new season?

Trina: I think we should leave them with that we are really appreciative of the love and support that
they have given to the Braxtons and The Braxton Family Values for the past seasons and the seasons to
come. We just love them and support them back. For this season coming they’re going to see a lot of
growth from us, and they’re going to see love and support from all of us to each other. A lot of decision
making. They’re going to see the drama, the back and forth and going from sister to sister and from
relationship to relationship. That’s a part of what’s endearing and why people love us and why they
should continue to watch.


Tune in every Thursday 9/8c on WE TV for the next episode.

-Stay Fly!

[Words and Interview By Fly Girl LaParis]

Entertainment SFPL's Exclusive Interview

[SFPL Exclusive Interview] SFPL Interviews Rebecca Ferguson

British sensation, Rebecca Ferguson is fast becoming the next great voice to catapult from across the pound. You know we keep it fresh over here at SFPL, so it’s only fitting that we grabbed the songstress for an exclusive Q&A.

The British beauty chatted with us about her dreams,  her new fame and her future goals, check it out …

How does it feel to look around and see your dreams come into fruition?

Strange – I still find it hard to believe. I am very grateful. It took me a long time but I got there in the end.


It seems as if every writer wants to eventually take a chance at “stardom.” What makes you different from the rest?

I’m not in it for the stardom. I write music and have been given a gift. The fame is not an attraction for me.


When did your love for music start?

Ever since my earliest memory. I don’t remember a time when I never loved music.


Who were some of your musical inspirations growing up as a child? Who are some current artists you gain inspiration from?

As a child I just adored Whitney and Cher. I just wanted to grow up and be them! Currently I really like Sia, Paloma Faith and Lana del Ray.


Who are the Top 3 artists and/or writers you aspire to work with?

I aspire to work with Tracy Chapman, Kings of Leon and Aretha Franklin.


What does the term “Fly” mean to you?

For me, it means cool, confident and knows who they are.


How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is classic. I take inspiration from the likes of Audrey Hepburn.


What are your Top Fashion Must Haves?

A good bag and a killer heel. 🙂


Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Who knows what the future holds. I just hope I can continue to do what I love.


What does a regular day for Rebecca, now, consist of?

A regular day consists of waking up early, getting picked up, the usual interviews, meetings and performances. It sounds a lot more glam than it actually is.


A lot of people do this solely for the fame and fortune. Why are you here?

I do it because I love music and creating a lifestyle for my children that I never had.


Lastly, is there anything you would like to leave our readers with?

I love you ‘Lil Angels.’

-Stay Fly!