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Our Fly designer, miguel Antoinne has landed over into the world of Taiwan! His Fall 2009 collection was recently featured in ESQUIRE “The Japan Issue”.

“At his second season in NY Fashion Week, Miguel Antoinne, graduated from NYC’s FIT, is recognized with full potential to become a high-end designer. His 47-piece A/W collection is inspired by the macho military uniform and the gentlemen in the 20s.
Using the best fabric and leather, together with the strong/emphasized lapel design that is rarely seen in menswear, he does an excellent job at contrasting black and white colors, where one can see his passion for details on every piece.
To Miguel, clothings are like collectible items, every piece tells its own story. I feel that for guys who wear his design, they must be a true gentlemen in style with great sex appeal.” Local translation. Editorial Leon Yuan- Esquire Taiwan.

A well deserved feature! So FLY!

Keep up the good work Miguel.

-Stay Fly!