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‘THE GAME’ Season 4, Episode 8 RECAP…

The latest episode of “The Game’” was SCANDALOUS!

The episode began with shameless self-promotion. Malik is a guest on the “Mo’Nique Show” — It’s meant to be Malik’s coming out, his Tiger Woods-esque moment when he announces he’s straightening up his life, concentrating on his sport and his new relationship with Jenna Rice, the supermodel Malik met while in rehab. Malik is so happy that he starts hopping up and down on Mo’Nique’s couch, like Tom Cruise did on Oprah’s show.

But later, Malik goes to a nightclub with Jenna only to run into Parker, the wife of Malik’s boss and the closest woman in Malik’s life before he went to rehab. That relationship has always been sexual, and a secret from everyone, including Parker’s husband. Parker comments on Malik’s new glow and suggest his new girlfriend join some of their “festivities.” The conversation is very raunchy!

Later in the episode, as Malik is entering his hotel room after a road game, he sees Parker laying down on his bed, wearing nothing but one of his jerseys. When Malik tries to get Parker to leave, she threatens to call her husband. When that doesn’t work, Parker does the unthinkable. She manipulates Malik to sleep with her by throwing lamps and vases in his hotel room while screaming “Rape.” Malik panics, tells Parker to settle down, and in their very next scene, the two of them are lying side by side together in bed. The whole scene is tacky and absurd. There’s a way to handle the sensitive topic of rape, but to make light of both men who are framed for rape and women who have actually suffered from it by showing a woman faking her cries of rape is just wrong.


After opening numerous pieces of fan mail to Derwin, including some that contain women’s underwear, Melanie realizes her husband is now a sex symbol. At a loss for ways to spice things up on her own, she enlists the help of her fellow Sunbeam, Jazz, for solutions. Jazz’s answer? A threesome.

A threesome isn’t exactly what Melanie had in mind. It wasn’t on her radar at all, but Jazz somehow convinces Melanie she can enjoy it so long as its does it right.  They go to a local nightclub to look for their lucky third member. Jazz warns Melanie on the traps to avoid like getting a woman who is better looking than her. Melanie is about to give up until a stunning woman named Anthea recognized Melanie from her Essence magazine cover. Melanie sizes Anthea up and decides it is with her she and Derwin will have their threesome. (is there a checklist for this kinda stuff?)

Melanie tries to watch as Althea kisses a blindfolded Derwin, but decides to sneak Althea out without Derwin knowing what happened. Althea kisses her goodbye.

Can’t wait until next week!