On The Gram: Hakeem VS Romeo, Boo Boo Kitty Is A Savage & More Generate Hilarious Empire Memes

Things are quickly getting interesting in the world of Empire with the Lyon family. Andre is not only battling the ghost of his dead wife Rhonda but he’s also battling the law.

Last week he was he profiled by police officers and wrongfully arrested for the “crime” of removing possessions from his own property. He took his fight to court and of course the white judge wasn’t trying to hear what he had to say. Now he has become the posterboy for #BlackLivesMatter but his lawyer doesn’t seem to want anything to do with it.

Boo Boo Kitty is tired of being “trapped” in the mansion for the sake of optics and after Lucious does her dirty she shows him two can play that game. She links up with the attractive USP man in the same fashion Lucious linked up with her former assistant.

Things get very interesting with Hakeem when his former boo Tiana puts on a sizzling performance with Gram (Romeo Miller). Hakeem wasn’t feeling that and hit the studio to make his version of “I Hit It” to let out his frustration.

Jamal’s PTSD is getting worse and paying a visit to Freda in prison doesn’t help matters at all. He eventually links up with Kitty (Mariah Carey) to for an amazing duet to help out the Empire streaming service. Maybe that will help him get back on track musically.

Cookie and Lucious are feuding once again! Lucious isn’t feeling Cookie’s new “woke” love interest Angelo Dubois. Lucious in retaliation takes back control of Empire music from Cookie. Looks like we will be seeing a battle between Lucious and Angelo coming up very soon.

Our favorite part of the night is always seeing the gram’s reactions to Empire’s weekly shenanigans. Hit the gallery below to see the best memes created after tonight’s episode of Empire: