[Video] Shaq’s All Star Comedy Jam Presents – Gary Owen: True Story DVD in stores and online now

Laugh at Gary Owen as he reflects on his life growing up in a trailer park, overcoming social and racial adversity, and the all too funny situations he finds himself in as a father and one half of an inter-racial marriage.


[The Word] Beyonce will release a DVD for her ‘4 Intimate Nights WIth Beyonce’…

Now I’m happy.

Beyonce has confirmed that she is in fact releasing a DVD based upon her  ‘4 Intimate Nights With Beyonce’ Concert series she recently wrapped up in New York City last week.

The stans (myself included) are very excited and appreciate this. Especially those who were shut out of her intimate performances, as they were sold out in a staggering 22 Seconds!

We can’t wait till it drops, we will provide more info as it becomes available.

Here it from Bey’s mouth after the 5 min mark …

-Stay Fly!