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Last Night In NYC: Uptown Magazine & Dusse’ presents ‘Meet & Greet with Int’l Reggae Artist PRESSURE’


Known for his massive 2007 single-cut “Love & Affection,” reggae artist Pressure is back with more new music for 2015!



This week, the talented artist made his way over to Jay Z‘s very own 40/40 Club to celebrate the upcoming May 2015 release of his album Lovers Rock, intertwined with an official ‘Meet & Greet’ and ‘Listening Session’ for a few lucky fans and NYC’s top-tier press outlets; sponsored by D’usse CognacUptown Magazine, Marriott Resort Frenchman’s Reef & Morning Star and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Pressure also holds the position as Ambassador for Travel & Tourism of the western island. Yes, this guy is doing big tings!


Even model Tyson Beckford was on-hand to celebrate with Pressure, pictured above, along with the artist’s publicist and Tyson’s best-friend, Trevor Julien!

SFPL‘s very own Rae & Gabriel sat down with Pressure to talk music, Lauryn Hill, fashion and more:

What has been up with you?

I just got back from a spiritual trip in Ethiopia and I released 2 albums last year “The Sound” and “African Redemption”. We are trying to get more music for the females, love songs. My first song was “Love and Affection and the females were really feeling that so we are working on more records for lovers.

You learned how to play trumpet at 9 years old but people are not interested in that today. What do you have to say to the youth today about music?

A lot of people see the money before the talent. I started playing trumpet, then the steel drums and then the drums. My dad was a drummer and I wanted to be just like him. I joined jazz bands and played for everyone but I didn’t do well in school so my mom sent me to live with my Uncle. My uncle he stopped me from playing instruments to focus more on my schoolwork, so I started writing. I listened to a lot of Sizzla and Capleton and I decided to write my own music. My friends started to love it so I begged my Uncle to let me go to the studio with my friends. He kept saying no. After I brought my grades up he allowed me to go to the studio. I recorded my first song called “Ghetto Youth”. I sent it to VI and everyone loved it! It made me want to go back home, so I moved back to VI and finished high school. Me and my friends had talent shows at school and people kept talking about us and how they loved our music. We went to the rival high school to perform but then we decided to put our talents together and perform as one. The seven of us put together a group and we opened shows for Beenie Man, Sean Paul, Sizzla. We were the talk of the town! I then decided to go solo and ended up working with a producer from Saint Croix and I got great reviews. Don Corleon heard my tracks and loved it. He called and the sent me 13 tracks. The first track ended up being “Love and Affection”. Women loved it! That song blew up and everyone wanted to hear more because they wanted to hear more about me and what I do.

How does fashion influence your music?

I’ve got to step it up cause its 2015, got to make dem gurls say yea! I like to stay clean and let the people know that we are nice and decent people and let them know that we can all get along!

Reggae has major backing since it has gotten to the US and is its own genre that you have contributed a lot to. How does it make you feel? 

I’m being myself in everything that I do. I like to try things and I’m not afraid to try if it’s going to being change and help me. Lyrically my background is in roots and culture. I love roots and musical inspiration. You will never hear me talk about doing “bad man” stuff cause I am not one, even I come from a “bad man” place. I choose to love women and give thanks to the Lord. Rastafari, roots and culture is my platform.  I am who I am and I’m unapologetic.

What are you bringing to the table that separates you from the ones before you?

Truth, happiness and fun. Music is supposed to inspire, as Lauryn Hill says. Music is about expression and I want to make people feel good. That’s what music is there for. Its supposed to raise your spirit. Its not about getting rich, its to inspire.

Are you and Lauryn Hill going to work together?

I would love that! That is my utmost favorite artist. She is untouchable. She is the female Bob Marley, unapologetic.

We are Stuff Fly People Like so what does fly mean to you?

Fly means get high, high above the sky. The sky is the limit, there are no limitations- FLY!

Congrats to Pressure!

-Stay Fly!

Photos by Bernard “Beanz” Smalls

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Last Night in NYC

Last Night in NYC: Rocawear Previews Their 2013 Holiday Collection.

Yesterday Team SFPL was invited to the Rocawear showroom to preview their upcoming 2013 Holiday collection. Bloggers, stylist and tastemakers sipped on “The Roc” cocktails provided by  D’USSÉ cognac while  previewing pieces from the 2013 collection. Attendees include Datwan Thomas (Vibe Magazine), Marquise Phifer (Stylist), Gary Gentles (Singersroom), Carmegie Dupuy (Stylist), Angel Laws (Concrete Loop), Simone ‘Boss Lady’ Amelia (Hip-Hop Nation) and more were on hand as Rocawear’s creative director Just C explained the inspiration behind the new collection. Just C touched on how he drew inspiration from 90’s films such as ‘Juice‘ and ‘Boyz n the Hood‘ and how he wanted to give the new collection a 90’s feel.  Step into the photos from the event below.

D’USSÉ made the sure ‘The Roc” cocktails were flowing.

One of our favorite pieces from the collection.

#WeLike the camo cargos.

Like the hooded Varsity jacket.

Rocawear creative director Just C explaining the inspiration behind the new collection.

Fly guy Rae Holliday and Simone ‘Boss Lady” Amelia.

Fly guy Gabriel Williams and guests.

Gary Gentles (Singersroom) and Darwon Thomas (Executive Editor of Vibe Magazine)

Marquise Phifer  and invited guests.

Carmegie Dupuy , Just C and Alesha Smalls

Photos Courtesy of SFPL’s own Bernard Beanz Smalls

For more photos be sure to visit our Facebook page.

Stay Fly!

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